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Old MAME Controllers - Trackball & LS-30 Panel

Trackball Controller

For many games in MAME, you can hook up a gamepad and still have good control over the game. For the games that this panel is geared towards, it is hard to get that precise control that the real controls give you. This was one of the more fun controllers to use, and it was also the most expensive to build. I was able to get the Betson Trackball and the Ikari joystick at a reasonable price, but I also opted for the Happ USB trackball interface, and Druin's Rotary Interface still cost $70 when I bought it. I ended up combining the two control schemes into one panel, since neither one had games that use more than three buttons (that I could think of), so I saved on making one more box.

I needed this controller for these TRACKBALL games:

  • Ataxx
  • Centipede and Millipede
  • Crystal Castles
  • Gimme a Break
  • Marble Madness
  • Mini Golf
  • Missile Command
  • Quantum
  • Reactor
  • Slither
  • Wacko
  • And others...

I needed this controller for these ROTARY JOYSTICK games:

  • Front Line
  • Gondomania
  • Guerilla War
  • Heavy Barrel
  • Ikari Warriors series
  • Midnight Resistance
  • Xybots
  • And others...