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Old MAME Controllers - Dual 8-Way Panel

Dual 8-Way Controller

This was the first of the controllers I made, because it was also the one I was going to use the most. With that said, it kind of showed in the end product, as woodwork has never been a strong skillset of mine. When I first finished the box, I wasn't happy with the angle of the joystick, so I recut it, and ended up with a couple knicks, one which is very visible in the next pic below. However, I have always believed in function over form, in which case this particular controller ended up fine. You will probably notice that the buttons are spaced out a little farther than most other controllers. I have big hands, so I felt that this would be more comfortable than other regular arcade joysticks. I also didn not include the fourth Neo Geo button that mose users add on. That worked out okay for me, as most of the NG games I play do not make use of the fourth button. It also would have ended up being in the way of my left hand when playing other games.

In the pic below, you will notice that I also have two buttons on the side, and two on the front of the controller. This was done so that I could also use the controller to play Visual PinMAME games. The yellow buttons are for the left/right flippers, plus the plunger in front. The black buttons are so that you can nudge the table, again on the left, right, and front.
Pinball Buttons

I needed this controller for these DUAL 8-WAY JOYSTICK games:

  • Black Widow
  • Crazy Climber
  • Krull
  • Robotron
  • Smash TV
  • Total Carnage
  • And others...

I needed this controller for these 8-WAY JOYSTICK games:

  • The majority of games in MAME

I needed this controller for these PINBALL games:

  • All games emulated under Visual PinMAME