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The majority of In-Game Artwork on this site is based on actual artwork from an arcade machine, or in the case of consoles and computers, actual photos of said hardware.

With the rise in retrogaming and console ports of arcade games, those console ports have their own (usually) unique artwork. When possible, we have extracted those artwork files from the actual PC or console ports, for use in MAME. (As a last resort, we may use HD screenshots ingame. If so, it is noted in on the Compilations page, and in the LAY file of that game).

We used to keep this artwork separate from the real artwork on this site, but after many years, we have finally come to our senses and combined the two together. Some of it is amazing, rivaling the actual arcade artwork. Some of it is based on artwork originally hosted on this site. All of it is history, and fun to use for someone somewhere out there, so this really does make the most sense.

In addition, all of the Custom Widescreen artwork we originally had from user Hausjam has also been merged into all In-Game Artwork files. With that said, we are leaving the option open to add more Custom Widescreen artwork in the future.

On the download page, these artworks will be noted by the categories Compilation for artwork from console or PC ports, and Widescreen for artwork that is simply custom artwork for today's widescreen monitors. There are also a few that do not fit into either category; these are simply classified as Other.

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