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MAME Game Tips

This page is for help on specific games in MAME. More content will be added as time permits.

PDP‑1 [pdp1]

To be able to play the original Space War in the PDP‑1 system:

  • Unzip this file to a convenient folder on your computer.
  • Start pdp1 in MAME
  • At default MAME key settings:
    • [SCROLL LOCK] to enable the MAME UI
    • [TAB] to bring up the MAME Config menu
    • Navigate to File Manager
    • Select punchtape1 (ptap1)
    • Navigate to the folder where you saved spacewar.rim, and load that file
  • You will see all of the green lights for the switches start flashing, while the tape loads.
  • After a few moments, you will see the graphics for Space War on the monitor (assuming you are using the In‑Game Artwork from this site).
  • Check the Input (this machine) menu to see the available inputs to control the game.
  • Check the README file included with the RIM file for additional tips