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GENERAL UPDATE - January 10, 2020

Congrats to hydef

Due to the quality of his work, IGN saw fit to use hydef's artwork in a recent article about Game & Watch. You can check out the article and video below:

The Lie That Helped Build Nintendo

SITE UPDATE - January 01, 2020

In-Game Artwork: 1 new set

Small update for the New Year!

I read somewhere that it was not possible to use MAME with tilted artwork and tilted screen. I just wanted to show that is incorrect.

Grab the new artwork file mspacmnf.ZIP from the In-Game Artwork page.

  • Run MAME using the following options:
    • video: bgfx
    • bgfx_screen_chains: crt-geom
  • Once in MAME, use the ˜ menu, and change the following options to the listed values:
    • tilt x = -0.90
    • distance to screen = 4.0

That's it. You can now run mspacmnf in the most recent version of MAME, and it will look just like the screenshot as shown on the download page.

However... changes you make in the ˜ menu are not permanent. If you want to keep these changes for this game:

  • Copy the mspacmnf.ini file in the artwork ZIP file to the \ini subfolder of your MAME install
  • Copy the crt-geom_mspacmnf.json file in the artwork ZIP file to the \bgfx\chains subfolder of your MAME install

Now you can always play this game with this artwork view. Hopefully this helps people that are interested in creating new types of MAME Artwork.

If you would like to see it in action, YouTube video is linked below:

SITE UPDATE - December 30, 2019

Google Drive (Link Removed) — MAME Artwork Update 20191229

Linked above is the Google Drive folder for the December 2019 MAME Artwork update. One folder for the artwork; another for the screenshots.

SITE UPDATE - December 29, 2019

In-Game Artwork: 46 new sets; 48 additional sets updated; 34 files removed; 62 files temporarily removed

One more update before the year is over.

First, the tl;dr of why hydef's artwork has been temporarily removed: the artwork is amazing, but I have not had enough time to update this site as he continues to update many of the already completed titles. It is better that I link everyone to the most current versions of the artwork, rather than have an old version here, and the newer version somewhere else. I will keep the extra newspost on my frontpage, along with a current copy of the DAT file, so that everyone can stay up to date.

For those that have been around for a few years, a while ago I collaborated with this one guy who ended up screwing me over by taking artwork that I had scanned, cleaning it up, promoting it on his website, then not sending it back this way, and even actually printing copies and selling it. He even sold a second copy of Space Harrier this year. Live and learn, I guess. Since that time, he has been banned from multiple arcade and emulation websites, yet somehow, he is still active on a particular one today. Hopefully he has learned his ways by now. Anyway…

Space Harrier is done!! I have waited soooo long for this. The deluxe cabinet version of Space Harrier is my all-time favorite arcade game ever, and we finally have full artwork for it in MAME. The marquee we have now turned out way better than the version the other guy did, thanks to the efforts of muddymusic. When you get a chance, go ahead and check out Arcade Art Shop to check out the quality of more of his work. We have a couple more things coming from him in the next update.

Back to Space Harrier… upright artwork is complete for both US and JPN variations. Thank you also to the awesome photos made available by Jodo over at the UKVAC forums, and from Stefano CSW over on Flickr. Also thank you to Vas Crabb for transcribing the text from the JPN version of the instruction card, so that it could also be added.

Atari's Destroyer and Sky Raider both now have full artwork. Thank you to TrevEB for scanning the background artwork and taking pictures of the cabs, and to Comboman for cleaning it up and putting it all together. I did a little bit of extra work on the cabinet artwork, shifter, and trigger button, which are all animated now. The volcano buttons for these, and the other applicable games below, are courtesy of SteelTiger.

Tournament Table and Pong Doubles both have artwork, recreated by Comboman.

The Ladybug bezel has had its colors adjusted. Again. Thank you to Comboman for getting it started in the right direction. After going through tens of pics all over the internet, I think this is finally correct. If you happen to look yourself later and compare different pics, you will see what I mean. While we were at it, might as well add the marquee and the control panel also. I cleaned up the marquee, courtesy of the BYOAC/CAG artwork. Thank you to Nightvoice for recreating the control panel and buttons.

Thank you to Comboman for originally tackling the artwork for Atari's original Breakout. Unfortunately, the bezel needed to be redone because, among other things, the scan suffered from scanner skip, which plagues many of the files from the BYOAC/CAG artwork. Hopefully I can do a write-up on this for the next update to explain the situation, so that people that are using these files to reprint artwork for their real cabinets are aware of the problem. I ended up re-cleaning the entire bezel and marquee, and am now happy with it. Against our usual rules, the bezel and marquee for this game in the artwork set is full-size, ready to print. I would much rather people use this version, than the version that is currently floating around everywhere else. To complete the artwork for Breakout, Comboman recreated the control panel, the start buttons are courtesy of Nightvoice, and the volcano button is courtesy of SteelTiger. I hit some snags on the cocktail version of this, so that will come out next update.

After being made available on zorg's site for so long, UDb23 put together the artwork for the Williams version of 1942. Thank you to 7146aaron for providing the bezel artwork, and for Andykmv for scanning it. Thank you to TheShanMan for providing and scanning the marquee and instruction card. To fix up the rest of the artwork, I fixed the colors up a bit on the Romstar bezel, and added the Romstar marquee, courtesy of the BYOAC/CAG artwork again. The control panel for both versions will be completed at a later date.

UDb23 also recreated the bezel for Taito Volleyball, based on multiple photos, and also cleaned up the marquee, courtesty of the BYOAC/CAG artwork.

After looking at 1942, we took a look at the other games in the series. We added some fun widescreen artwork to both 1941 and 19xx, based on a couple flyers. After looking 1943, it needs to be redone; the current version has some colors that are off, and is actually missing quite a bit of detail. Unfortunately, time ran out, so that should come out next update.

UDb23 redid one of the bezels for the DECO series of cabinets. This had previously been done a while back, but after comparing his version to the current version we had, I noticed that his was symmetrical (all four fourths of the bezel are exactly the same), while the existing version was not, so that has been replaced. After that, we looked at the other version of the bezel, and it needed fixing also, along with some color correction. Thank you also to Nightvoice for recreating the control panel for this, along with the buttons. The version with both the bezel and control panel is now the primary view in the artwork set, while the other bezel is the secondary version.

Something we noticed a while back; the bios decocass is the parent for all of the DECO Cassette games in the MAME driver, which means that the artwork available in the artwork decocass is available to all those games. Rather than have thirty-five copies of the same file, the artwork sets for the thirty-four individual games have been removed, and only the file for decocass remains. In the future, when we add artwork that is specific to one of these games (e.g. the marquee), then the file for that game will be added back in. At the end of the day, this makes it easier to keep things up to date.

Back to the DECO bezel that UDb23 redid, that bezel also applies to Mad Alien and Tomahawk 777, so those have both been updated.

Still not finished, UDb23 recreated the bezel for Crazy Balloon, and cleaned up the marquee available from the BYOAC/CAG artwork. From that same artwork, he also cleaned up the marquee for Sky Soldiers, and also the bezel we scanned for that same game.

Finally, he also finished cleaning up the bezel for Exidy's Crash, which was scanned by TrevEB. Thank you to Comboman for noticing the Bertolino version available at The Dragon's Lair Project. That version has now been added, thanks to vectorization by Spinnhacker. The bezel for Smash, which was previously in the Crash artwork set, has now been moved to its own artwork set.

Thanks to Comboman for noticing that the marquee in APB is animated. I borrowed the marquee from krakerman's version of the artwork to update that here.

Mr. Retrolust continues to send stuff our way, while updating his own work over at the LaunchBox forums. Thanks to him, we now have bezels for A.B. Cop, Alien Storm, and Racing Hero.

The Taito bezel for Space Cyclone was completed some time ago, but before the game had a driver in MAME. Now that it is, we can add the bezel.

Back to variations on the Radar Scope bezel, both the Nintendo upright version of Space Firebird, and a clone of that game, Space Demon, use different color variations of that same bezel. Both have now been added.

Now that Sega's Star Wars Arcade is working in MAME, it seems only right to add the really cool control panel artwork. Man, how I wish I had kept all the pics I took back when I was working on the Control Panel project. The final version of that pic was only 1000px wide. I did what I could for now; if anyone happens to live in vicinity of the Galloping Ghost Arcade, they have the game there. If you are really good with a camera, I would love a newer version of this pic, at the same angle, just way better resolution, if possible.

Small updates to the Star Wars Trilogy artwork and Asteroids Deluxe artwork.

Earlier this year when creating the current generic artwork, I had found another cool starmap pic from NASA's website. Turns out this looks really nice as widescreen artwork in Asteroids. We will add it to other games on the next update.

Also noticed that the flyer for Tempest looks really cool as a bezel, so that has been added. Thank you to Dan at Flyer Fever for the scan of that.

Back when Toys to Life games were still the rage, there was a game called Lego Dimensions, which I spent probably hundreds of hours on, and yes, I have the complete set at home. One of the DLC sets for that game was called Midway Arcade and was really cool, in that it was like a follow-up to Midway Arcade Origins, but all of the artwork in the game was lego-ized. Now that it is no longer for sale, here is the artwork files ripped from the game, to be used in MAME. For the complete list of games affected, you can check the Arcade Compilations page. Note that for Spy Hunter, the artwork for the High Gear was a bit, um, klunky. It looked bad, switching gears, and is noticeable in the real game. That has been fixed, and the fixed version is what is used in the current artwork, but the klunky version is also in the file, for those that would like to experience it. Notes included in the LAY file.

While doing other miscellaneous cleanup, we noticed that there were three more games added to the United Amusements PC Engine driver. The artwork for Blazing Lazers has been updated, and also copied over for Alien Crush, Keith Courage, and Pac-Land for that system.

We are getting closer to moving over and/or replacing the final files from MESS Artwork, so that Stiletto can finally retire the site. Today we have replacement artwork for to7, t0770, to8, to9,and to9p for computers, along with small updates for mo5, mo5nr, and mo6. For game consoles, we have artwork for a2600, famicom, fds, genesis, nes, sms, snes. The genesis artwork is currently only the Nomad handheld. We will add the actual console artwork next update. All console artwork updates thanks to Evan Amos.

The sets a1000n and a500n have been renamed to a1000 and a500, so that they are the parent set.

Thank you to John IV, Robbbert, and Tafoid for reporting and testing some artwork errors found in ccmk1, ccmk2, and ebases. These have all been found and corrected in the updated files.

Chess games have seen renewed interest this year. Thank you to hap for helping update the artwork system so that chess board and pieces can be used in external artwork again. For today, we have fdes2100d, with artwork supplied courtesy of Volodymyr. Hopefully we can add artwork for more chess games going forward.

Added artwork for the following Tiger handheld games that hydef does not have artwork for: taddams, tddragon3, tgaiden, tinday, tmchammer, and trobocop2. Between this site and hydef's artwork, that should cover all the artwork available on Sean's temporary site. If I missed any, please let me know, and we will get that corrected next update.

With these updates, we are only missing three sets left from the old MESS site. Commodore 64, which I already have planned for next update. Gameboy Advance, which I was hoping to receive from someone a couple months ago; I will have to reach out again. And Vectrex. uman has done an amazing job on redoing all of the overlays in hi-res quality, and I have them all here ready to go. I am just waiting for the hi-res pic of the Vectrex system that he has, so that we can complete the artwork.

Finally, for some fun stuff, I noticed a while back that Nightvoice created specific artwork files for some HB MAME games. There are a lot of games I do enjoy in HB MAME, so I thought I would give it a try, and add artwork for a few of these. The bezel for vecbtime was done by Nightvoice. He also did a bezel for Rainbow Donkey Kong. Inspired by his, I did mine slightly different. Also created bezels for galagax (1942 mixed with Galaga), mrdigdo and newdigdo (Mr. Do! with Dig Dug sprites), and stapper (Tapper with Simpson's sprites). Thank you to Robbbert for adding a couple of the games from the Model 3 Tesla, you can play missilet and mmadness while sitting in your car, enjoying the view. Also added the Spice Girls Tiger handheld, courtesy of Pangent Technologies.

Phew! That was a lot. If you are still with me, we have some site updates to talk about.

I reorganized the artwork table on the download page a bit. Removed the column for the LAY files, as it is pretty redundant to have now, and it freed up some room. Added a couple columns to define Artwork type, and redefined this where necessary for all 1400+ artwork files. For a complete explanation of the Artwork Type, Artwork Effects, and Category, you can check the Artwork Category page. Finally, moved the download column from the far right to the far left, and it looks and feels better there. I also figured out a way to create a copy of the Table Header down in the footer, so as you are scrolling down past the top of the table, you can still view the Column Headers at the bottom, so things make sense. It lines up "mostly correct" on my end, depending on the window size. Please let me know if it looks way wonky in your browser.

That will do it for 2019. I know I keep saying it, but I hope to get to updating this site more regularly, real-life work permitting. I was able to get a bunch of stuff out of the way with this update, so I am hoping that will actually be possible for 2020. I also have to get back to scanning more of the artwork I have sitting here, as I promised UDb23 some of the stuff I have sitting here today.

I will add the link for the Google Drive folder for this update tomorrow.

SITE UPDATE - July 1, 2019

Google Drive (Link Removed) — MAME Artwork Update 20190630

Going to try something new here.

I understand the trouble it must be to download files one at a time each time there is a MAME Artwork Update.

I have now setup a Google Drive account, which will contain the most recent files update, along with the snapshots. This should make it easier for people to download each update, and also alleviate a bit of bandwidth off of MAMEWorld at the same time.

Each update going forward, I will replace the existing files with the next future update.

SITE UPDATE - June 30, 2019

In-Game Artwork: 35 new sets; 49 additional sets updated

Fixing old stuff

Today we have more sets being updated than actually new artwork sets. Let us get right into it.

hydef has more Game & Watch updates for us. First, we have the following new files: Balloon Fight, Chef, Climber (Crystal Screen), Fire Attack, Octopus, Parachute, Popeye, Turtle Bridge, and Zelda. In addition, all of the other Game & Watch games have also been updated. Among other fixes, you will notice is that the game cases look more realistic than the previous versions here. I also went through and updated all of the credits in the LAY file for each game; I am hoping I got them all correct finally. (If you donated a game, you get credit for donating the artwork; if you did the actual scanning or cleanup of the artwork, you get credit for that). If I missed anyone, please let me know.

I still have older stuff on my end from other users that I need to get caught up on. First, we have King of Dragons, with complete artwork for the marquee, bezel, and control panel, thanks to Lord Hiryu from Arcade Forever. Much of this was thanks to pencil drawings contributed by Buyatari at KLOV, which were then traced and colored in. Very amazing work on this one. We still do not have the instruction sticker that goes with this version of the bezel today; hopefully it will turn up later at some point.

We have a few submissions from UDb23 today. First, he cleaned up the existing bezel instruction card for Choplifter. With that, I remembered an old thread on KLOV that included a partial scan of the bezel from Nondrowsy. From there, I was able to complete the bezel for this one. That same bezel also covers My Hero and Wonderboy. For Wonderboy, I also cleaned up the bezel instruction card, provided by tormod.

Also from UDb23, he cleaned up the Sega cocktail instruction card for Frogger. I wanted to help make that shine a bit more, so I recreated the rest of the components needed, so that the artwork view looks like a real Sega cocktail table from that time.

Robcfg was kind enough to send in a real nice scan of his V.Smile pocket handheld. I cleaned it up a bit more, and the buttons are all clickable in the Artwork View.

More stuff from Comboman's previously completed artwork. He added realistic control panels with the arcade shifter to many driving games. I started with Outrun. He did a great job with finding good pics of a bezel and control panel. From there, I fixed the aspect on the bezel, so that it would be the right size for a 4:3 game, and did some touchups on the control panel to clean things up here and there. The marquee is courtesy of the BYOAC / CAG artwork, with additional touchups by both Comboman and myself. For the flashing start lamp, I liked the version that Nightvoice did, so that is also in there. For the Cabaret view, I also added the map onto a marquee topper that that version of the cabinet came with. This cabinet had a different control panel, though, so no update on that yet.

After doing Outrun, it only made sense to use the same elements for Turbo Outrun, as one of the options back then was to convert an Outrun upright to Turbo Outrun. Just had to change the start button to a green button, along with Nightvoice's flashing lamp to green, and add the Turbo sticker above it. No marquee unfortunately at this time. You want to make sure that in the dipswitch settings, you set the Turbo button option to Start Button, so that it works correctly.

Spy Hunter was next on the list. The CPO comes courtesy of the BYOAC / CAG artwork again, with the rest of the control panel elements from Comboman. After starting on Spy Hunter, though, I noticed a couple things. One... the lamps did not pop like I would like them to. Two... there were mistakes in the bezel that I never caught when we first added Spy Hunter. The bezel mistakes have been fixed, and the lamps look a lot cooler now. I also added the marquee, for both the upright version, and the cockpit version, courtesy of BYOAC / CAG artwork. (both use the same bezel and control panel). As if that was not enough already, during some browsing around, I saw that there was a Spanish version of the bezel artwork. It is not completely perfect, as this was done basically with one photo, but I think it came out pretty good. Made the Start button Spanish also. Was not sure if the CPO would be different or not also, so I have not touched that yet. If anyone else has ever seen a Spanish cabinet, get some pics so that we can confirm.

After that, I started finishing up Turbo. Comboman found a good pic of an upright control panel. I replaced the gearshift handle, added the sticker to it, and added the sticker in the steering wheel. The original artwork file had the tachometer sitting in the bezel area, which was simply incorrect, plus, when I first created that, it was a VERY long time ago, when I was not as good at Photoshop, so that had to be fixed. I redid the whole tachometer, so it is more accurate in regards to font, colors, and geometry. In the real cabinet, the upright simply had the Control Panel, the cockpit version had a different Control Panel with the tachometer built-in, and the gearshift was down near the seat on the left hand side. I took Comboman's existing Control Panel and tweaked it to match as best I could the cockpit version, and from there, setup both the Upright and Cockpit views correctly. And thank you to Nightvoice for setting up the start button lamp in his version, so I could copy the LAY file code from there.

Once Turbo was done, I figured I would add the flashing Start lamp to the other games in the Turbo driver: Subroc 3D and Buck Rogers. That did not work out, though, due to not having source material that I was happy enough with. But in doing so, I now was not happy with the current Subroc artwork. The sight in the middle of the screen was always "off", and I have seen pics of it where it is lit up red. I just cannot find any video of the actual game in action, so not sure how it really appears in game. For now, I changed the sight to the red version, but left the original in the file if necessary for later updates. In regards to the score bezel above the screen, I noticed some things were off when comparing to actual cabinet pics, and as this was one of the artworks that was simply carried over from the old artwork system 16 years ago, I redid the artwork for it, and I think it looks a bit better now.

For one more from Comboman, we have Ripcord, scanned courtesy of TrevEB. Only thing I changed is resizing the ripcord handle to align with the bezel, similar to the real cab.

We have a couple new things from a new contributor, Mr. Retrolust. First, we have bezel artwork for Truxton, redrawn based on existing pics. We also have a different version of the bezel and instruction card for Shadow Dancer.

Many, many years ago, gregf purchased a backdrop for Tornado Baseball and dropped it off at my house for future inclusion in MAME Artwork. I never got around to it, mainly because at that time, I was still teaching myself stuff on how to cleanup artwork well, and was not confident enough yet to tackle the job, so it sat in my garage for a while, but I never forgot about it. As years went by, I finally got to the point where I felt I could do a good job on this one, but I had a new snag; how to get the picture correctly, when in the original cabinet, it had a blacklight on the display, giving it a whole different look. Ended up being simple enough... I went out and bought a good blacklight, one of those long, skinnny ones, like a fluorescent tube. Waited until after sunset, so it was dark outside, set everything up in my bedroom, turned off the hall light, closed the door, turned off the room lights, and it was completely dark. Turned on the blacklight, took a bunch of pics at different angles, and picked the best one. So now Tornado Baseball has backdrop artwork. Double Play uses the same backdrop, just without the stickers for the scoreboard, so that also has artwork. Somewhere down the line, I also picked up a backdrop for Extra Innings, so that also has artwork (hit all the letters in MIDWAY to extend your gameplay). There was still one more Midway baseball game left from that time, but I did not have the backdrop for that one. I tried editing one of the other two backdrops to match, but the end work did not look natural when I was done. Then one day when going through some older pics of stuff, I found that at some point, I had taken a picture of an Extra Bases somewhere. Using color matching in Photoshop with one of the others as reference, the result came out pretty good. Not as good as the other two, but acceptable for the time being. You need to make sure to set your dipswitch to a black and white monitor to use the backdrop artwork correctly.

I have a bunch of stuff from Etienne and other members that frequent the Dragon's Lair Fans website. For today, we have the marquee for Star Wars Trilogy. The game is not completely working at this time, but I love this marquee.

I updated Cheyenne by mistake, forgetting that it was already done the last release.

The View names in the Gameboy file were updated to be the actual names of those color version back when it was released. I am not happy, though, with the current regular Gameboy view, so that is going to be updated next update.

Almost eleven years ago, I first setup artwork for the various Beatmania games. Again, this was back when I was still new at stuff. Long story short, the artwork was setup incorrectly, and has been wrong all this time. smf was kind enough to point out to me some time ago that lamps were done incorrectly. The current artwork, both the left and right lamps flash blue for any keypress. The way it was supposed to be, the left lamp is for Player One, the right lamp is for Player Two. It flashes blue if you hit the note correctly; it flashes red if hit the note incorrectly. The speaker lamps flash based on the rythm of the current song. I had never noticed before he told me that, having never played the game, and still learning at this. Unfortunately, getting good pics of a machine turned into a very long waiting game. Finally, I found an arcade that had a machine in very good shape, and I was able to take good pictures at. The artwork for all games looks WAY better than before, and works correctly. The marquee between the speakers is still faked, using the title screen as a basis, but I put more work into them this time, so they look closer to the actual marquees than the previous versions. All existing artwork has been updated, and we now have artwork for the games where it has been missing for some time: 7th MIX, Club MIX, and THE FINAL. I also put the artwork for the two hiphopmania games in their own file.

In working to finish up replacing the remaining files from the old MESS artwork page, we are ever so close; we are down to thirteen after this update. I moved over the existing artwork for mdndclab as-is, originally done by Bad A Billy. Updated the computer artwork for trs80 and pro128. Also updated the artwork for mac128k and macplus, but I guess these drivers do not currently work, so hey, at least the artwork is now there for when it does. Updated the four Sharp Pocket Computers; all four also have working clickable artwork. Tomytronic Tron has a fresh artwork file also. Also, for the Thomson computers that are currently done, I added back in the old artwork, reason being that the author of the MAME driver is the one who specifically created that artwork, and I am assuming it was for good reason he wanted it. No reason to throw it out just because the new one is "shinier," so it is back in as an option. When we update the remaining Thomson computers, same thought process will hold.

On the console side of things, first we have artwork for Sega Game Gear. The site where the original rendered file was hosted is no longer around, or available on From there, SteelTigers adapted it and finshed it up into fantastic artwork, along with four alternate color variations. All buttons are also clickable in the artwork.

We have more Gameboy artwork, based on the work by BLUEamnesiac over at DeviantArt. As I was adding in the artwork, I noticed little things that I had not seen the first time around, so I had to spend a good bit of time fixing things for each version. For the Gameboy Pocket, the fonts for Select, Start, A, B, ON, OFF have been corrected, the GAME BOY pocket logo has been corrected, and the font and graphics for POWER have been corrected. For the Gameboy Light, corrected the fonts for Select, Start, and the On/Off switch, plus fixed the orientation of the Select and Start buttons and the Nintendo logo, along with the POWER font and graphics. For the Gameboy Color, fixed the font for Select, Start, and COMM, the size of the Nintendo logo, and the POWER font and graphics.

In total, there are eleven variations of Gameboy Pocket, three of Gameboy Light, and seven of Gameboy Color. As I wanted to add something special, I also added in a special edition of each Gameboy type. For the Pocket, I added the Hello Kitty version. For Light, I added the Pokemon Center Tokyo version. For Color, I added the Pokemon version with Jigglypuff and Togepi. Trivia note: the colors in the C-O-L-O-R part of the Gameboy COLOR logo are the five colors that the handheld was first released as.

The Gameboy Light has a color overlay to try and match the effect of what the screen looks like with the light on, based on various pics and videos that I could find. As there is no separate file for the Gameboy Light at this time, that artwork is built-in to the Gameboy Pocket artwork file.

That is it for today... I was hoping to have the Gameboy Advance done along with the other three, but the things that need to be fixed in that one are going to take a bit more work. I have reached out to someone who at one point had a bunch of GBA stuff done for another area of the internet, but things happened, and it never got released. I am hoping he answers back and will have second thoughts. Also hoping to have the old MESS Artwork remaining to be zero by next release. Vectrex will be done if I ever get that last missing piece (hint hint). See you soon.

SITE UPDATE - March 24, 2019

In-Game Artwork: 289 new sets

What happens in MAME, stays in MAME.

This is going to be a short news update, but a large set update, at the same time.

Back in June 2018, Divemaster started working on some nice bezel and button artwork for some casino games in MAME. Each game has a nice generic widescreen bezel, along with the different colored buttons for each game. All lamps are animated.

He started off with 12 games back then; thru March 2019, he has worked his way up to 444. Today's update contains 289 of those.

Many of his files already had clickable buttons already coded in, but that stopped at some point, so I have been going through and adding that in for the remaining games. I could add the other 155 sets today, but they would not have clickable artwork yet, so I will get to those as soon as I can. If you map the coin input to one of your mouse buttons, you can play all of these games using just your mouse, if desired.

How many games is 289 new sets? This now adds external artwork for the following casino games:

  • 3bagflvt, abnudge, ampoker2, amusco, anibonus, apple10, arcwins, autmoon, babydad, babypkr, baddog, bingo, bingowng, blckjack, blkrhino, bonuscrd, bottle10, brasil86, brasil87, brasil89, bsuerte, buttdeli, cgold2, chry10, chrygld, cmaster, cmv4, cmv801, coralr2, crystal, crystalc, draw88pkr, eforest, eforsta5, elephfam, falcnwld, fb2010, ffortune, fhunter, fvrpitch, gldnpkr, goldenc, goldnpkr, goldstar, gtroppo, kgbird, kkotnoli, lucky8, megadpkr, minemine, nc96, ncb3, nfb96, ns8lines, pebe0014, peip0028, peip0031, peip0041, peke1001, pekoc766, pekoc801, pekoc802, pekoc803, pekoc804, pekoc806, pekoc818, pekoc819, pekoc822, pekoc825, pepk1024, pepp0001, pepp0048, pepp0054, pepp0120, pepp0127, pepp0158, pepp0232, pepp0250, pepp0294, pepp0295, pepp0434, pepp0450, pepp0452, pepp0514, pepp0542, pepp0775, pepp0816, peps0014, peps0021, peps0042, peps0047, peps0090, peps0239, peps0280, peps0296, peps0308, peps0358, peps0366, peps0425, peps0470, peps0629, peps0708, peps0716, pex0002p, pex0006p, pex0040p, pex0042p, pex0045p, pex0046p, pex0053p, pex0054p, pex0055p, pex0057p, pex0060p, pex0124p, pex0150p, pex0158p, pex0171p, pex0188p, pex0190p, pex0197p, pex0203p, pex0224p, pex0225p, pex0242p, pex0265p, pex0291p, pex0417p, pex0426p, pex0430p, pex0434p, pex0447p, pex0449p, pex0451p, pex0452p, pex0454p, pex0455p, pex0458p, pex0459p, pex0508p, pex0514p, pex0515p, pex0516p, pex0536p, pex0537p, pex0550p, pex0557p, pex0568p, pex0578p, pex0581p, pex0588p, pex0725p, pex0726p, pex0727p, pex0763p, pex0764p, pex0838s, pex0998s, pex2002p, pex2010p, pex2016p, pex2017p, pex2018p, pex2021p, pex2024p, pex2025p, pex2026p, pex2027p, pex2028p, pex2029p, pex2031p, pex2033p, pex2034p, pex2035p, pex2036p, pex2037p, pex2038p, pex2039p, pex2040p, pex2042p, pex2043p, pex2044p, pex2045p, pex2066p, pex2067p, pex2068p, pex2069p, pex2070p, pex2111p, pex2121p, pex2127p, pex2134p, pex2143p, pex2149p, pex2150p, pex2152p, pex2172p, pex2173p, pex2178p, pex2179p, pex2180p, pex2211p, pex2236p, pex2240p, pex2241p, pex2244p, pex2245p, pex2247p, pex2250p, pex2251p, pex2252p, pex2270p, pex2272p, pex2275p, pex2276p, pex2279p, pex2283p, pex2284p, pex2287p, pex2297p, pex2302p, pex2303p, pex2306p, pex2307p, pex2308p, pex2309p, pex2310p, pex2312p, pex2314p, pex2315p, pex2374p, pex2376p, pex2377p, pex2386p, pex2412p, pex2419p, pex2420p, pex2421p, pex2440p, pex2461p, pex2478p, pex2479p, pex2480p, pex2485p, pexm001p, pexm004p, pexm005p, pexm007p, pexm008p, pexm009p, pexm013p, pexmp011, pexmp013, pexmp017, pexmp022, pexmp026, pexmp030, phantomp, phantpay, pokonl97, potgame, pottnpkr, rollfr_4, royale, roypok96, schery97, segajw, silverga, skill98, snookr10, swhr2, swhr2a, swtht2nz, topgear, tortufam, trpdlght, vegasslw, videopkr, videtron, wildone, witchcrd, witchgme, witchjol, wldangel, wldwitch, wstrike, wtchjack, wtigernz, wupndown.

If you have already downloaded any of these games from Divemaster's Google drive, you do not need to download them again here. You can simply download this file, which contains the updated LAY files for all of the above games, then use ClrMAMEpro to update your files. Also, many of these games need to be initialized is some way before the first time you run them in MAME. Again, Divemaster has you covered. Click here for a copy of starting NVRAM files for all of the games he currently has available, and extract to your \mame\nvram folder (this is for both the above games, and the ones we have not gotten to yet).

That is it for today. I am aware that there are additional Game and Watch games to add. Those will be in the next release, along with a bunch more new stuff.

SITE UPDATE - February 25, 2019

In-Game Artwork: 54 new sets; 11 sets updated

We have a whole bunch of different stuff tonight, so let us just get started:

Scanned by TrevEB and cleaned up by Comboman, we have Cheyenne and Side Track.

Also scanned by TrevEB and cleaned up by Comboman, we have Electric Yo-Yo and Star Cruiser. I followed up with some detail work on Yo-Yo, including the instruction card and fixing some colors, and also did some touch ups on Star Cruiser.

Again, scanned by TrevEB and cleaned up by Comboman, and some additional touch up by me, we have outer and inner artwork for Cops 'n' Robbers. This one is a little unique:

  • In the manual, on the parts page for the color overlay on the monitor, it states:
    • The playfield is to be adjusted smaller so that the two solid inside lines are just covered by the yellow strips.
  • And in the manual, is a picture of the overlay on the monitor.
  • It does not stretch across the whole monitor.
  • Which makes it seem like... the game is not supposed to be run at a normal 4:3 ratio; it is actually supposed to be squished.
  • After playing with some settings, I got this set to where I think it is supposed to be.
  • Coincidentally, the game screen now looks similar to the game screen shown on the arcade flyer.
  • Doing so also lines up the game screen pretty closely to the inside artwork (not perfect... I could not get it set to be exactly lined up). This also matches the flyer.

Comboman noticed that our existing bezel artwork for Gunfight was incomplete, so he fixed that, along with fixing some colors.

Comboman discovered there is a second color variation of Meadows Lanes, so he took the existing bezel, and added the color variation.

Comboman did an outstanding job cleaning up the bezel for Karnov, contributed by the BYOAC/CAG artwork. I did some additional cleanup, and also added in the marquee from the same group.

Steeltigers cleaned up artwork and added in lamps for Super Simon. This artwork is also clickable.

Duane Huseby submitted some very cool artwork for the PDP-1. You can now play the first video game, Space War, with some very realistic artwork of the system. For instructions to play the game, I have started a MAME Game Tips page on this site. Head on over there for instructions.

BLUEamnesiac over at DeviantArt gave us permission to use artwork he has created for the various Game Boy systems. Today, we have the original Game Boy, along with six of the color variants that it was released as. There is also a cropped view included to give you a larger playing area. You can check out his page here. We will release the other versions that he has created in the next update or two.

Lee Robson does not just do Game $amp; Watch artwork, he created artwork for a lot of the Tiger Handheld games also. This update includes tapollo13, tbatman, tbtoads, tbttf, tdummies, tgoldeye, tgoldnaxe, thalone2, thook, tjpark, tkarnov, tnmarebc, trobocop3, tsddragon, tsf2010, tsfight2, tshadow, tsharr2, tskelwarr, tstrider, ttransf2, and txmenpx. Also included is artwork for Thief in the Garden. And let us not forget thanks to Sean Riddle, hap, algestam, and ICEknight for getting these dumped and the backdrop artwork scanned in the first place. (And please, if I missed someone in this group, please let me know so that I can update this).

Lee also added Game & Watch artwork for Fire, Rain Shower, and Snoopy Tennis. Fire and Snoopy Tennis will not be supported in MAME until 0.207 comes out, but I am guessing that will be very soon, so now you will be ready ahead of time. He did recently update artwork for all of the other games, here and there, but I did not have time to add all of that to this update. Look for it next update.

We are getting closer on being able to retire the old MESS Artwork page. Today, we have added replacement artwork for pcw8256, oz750, mo5, mo5nr, mo6, and the available backdrop artwork for many of the current Konami handheld games.

Also replaced is the artwork for both versions of the Neo Geo Pocket (original and color), thanks to pics by Evan Amos.

With that, we are down to 26 titles we still need to convert from the old MESS page.

I noticed recently that MAME has a bunch of skeleton drivers for games that do not have a working driver, but the skeleton is there, so that there is a way to catalogue the game within MAME. With that done, the artwork that was previously listed on the Unemulated Artwork page has now been moved to the regular artwork. This includes Desert Patrol, Jet Fighter, and Monaco GP. I did not move Tank II over, and in fact deleted it from the other page also, as the cleanup job on it needs to be redone.

Over at the Hyperspin website is a very talented artist named krakerman. He has been creating widescreen artwork for use with MAME and Hyperspin for some years now. I asked, and he has given us permission to add some of his widescreen artwork here. For today, we have Widescreen artwork added for Green Beret (Rush 'n' Attack) and Battlezone. Click Here for his profile page to check out some of his work. And you can check the instructions in this thread to find out how to download all of his artwork.

I finally found good enough pics of an original Gaplus bezel, and the instruction cards, so I was able to recreate that for this release.

For some more Widescreen artwork, I found good pics of the Atari 2600 artwork for Journey and Phoenix, and made them into WS artwork.

Gamecom was updated to give credit to Evan Amos for the pick. I understand that the driver was updated for this, so the LAY file needs to be updated (thank you Robbbert), but I ran out of time for this release; it will be done in the next round.

In the if at first you don't succeed, try try again category, we have updates for Super Pac-Man, Popeye, and Donkey Kong Jr. For Super Pac-Man and Popeye, it was simply fixing the background color of the bezel. For Donkey Kong Jr., first it was fixing all of the colors. As I went in closer, though, I found multiple errors that we had not caught the first time around. Speckles everywhere, a few spots that were simply not cleaned up, and multiple stitching issues, where you could see in areas that the scans were not stitched together correctly. This should deliver a much better MAME experience for users (for now, until we finally add in the marquee and control panel). As I have said before, I am our biggest critic, and have no problem going back in and fixing something that was supposedly already finished over twelve years ago.

I think that about covers everything for this artwork release. I am also slowly updating outdated pages on this site. If you get a chance, head on over to our updated About MAME Artwork page, to get a better understanding of what this project is really about.

SITE UPDATE - January 22, 2019

In-Game Artwork: 28 new sets; 5 sets updated

Game & Watch is fun! I am trying to figure out how I was an '80s kid, but I never had a Game & Watch. In fact, I had not even heard of them back then, that I can remember (though I do remember the Tiger LCD games that came out around the same time).

Today, we add artwork for eighteen Game & Watch games:

  • Black Jack, Boxing, Climber, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Donkey Kong II, Egg, Green House, Lifeboat, Manhole, Mario Bros., Mario's Cement Factory, Mickey Mouse, Mickey & Donald, Oil Panic, Super Mario Bros., Squish, and Tropical Fish
  • Thanks go to Sean Riddle, hap, Ryan Holtz (MooglyGuy / Just Desserts), algestam (hal3000), ICEknight, and ChoccyHobNob for donating, scanning, and cleaning up those scans
  • Thanks to Lee Robson (hydef) for additional scan cleanup on many games, and recreating the beautiful outer cases for these games
  • Thanks to Ryan Holtz and Magnus Nyström for donating and scanning instructions for those games where they were included (for now: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong II, and Mario Bros)
  • Full credits for each game are in its individual LAY file
  • Note that Black Jack, Lifeboat, and Manhole were completed after MAME 0.205 was released. You will either need to wait for MAME 0.206, or track down the necessary files to play those games early
  • And there is still more to come: in the time putting this update together, Rain Shower has already been completed (for purposes of this site, it will come with the next artwork release)
  • Additional Note: people requested that there be an option of not having the "3-D Shadow Effect" on the artwork for these games, and Lee Robson has obliged; for each game above, there are two views: the default view has the shadow, but there is also an optional view where there is no shadow on the backdrop
  • Additional Note 2: Lee set things up right the first time, in regards to being able to display things how you want: turn off the backdrop layer, to get rid of the white background that fills the screen; turn off the bezel layer, if you want to see just the game with the backdrop and no case. For the dual-screen games, we have added an extra view, that is backdrop only, so that the screens will be closer together (compared to if you simply turn off the backdrop and bezel)

On the arcade side of things, I am still playing catch up:

  • Comboman finshed artwork on some games:
    • Cosmic Alien, Cosmic Monsters, and Cosmic Monsters II now have bezel artwork, thanks to bezel scans by TrevEB and header scans by Sam Grech
    • Cosmic Avenger bezel is courtesy of rohan
    • The backdrop for Dark Planet has been added (note to Stiletto; do you know where this came from?)
  • One more from Comboman:
    • Solar War was a planned sequel to Atari's Video Pinball, but was never widely released; only five prototypes were created
    • Comboman found some good pics, and created bezel and backdrop artwork for the game, and uploaded it to the forum back in 2015, during my "hiatus" time
    • When I finally got around to looking at, I noted that some things needed fixing before it could be added here, but at that time, I did not have the time
    • During last month's release, there were some users that posted, rather than saying thanks for what was recently added, instead complained inquired about stuff that was not yet added
    • So I figured, why not, let's look at Solar War again; the following items have been corrected
      • Fixed the playfield perspective, so that all elements of the video screen line up correctly over the backdrop, based on videos of real machine gameplay, and multiple play-thrus in MAME; video screen perspective also fixed to proper 3:4 ratio
      • All of the lamps in the LAY file have been correctly identified based on multiple play-thrus of the game, details on the backdrop, and instructions listed on the game bezel
      • The current MAME driver only had 28 lamps identified in the driver; thanks to hap for updating the MAME driver, all lamps will work correctly in MAME 0.206
      • Redid the CREDIT, MATCH, etc. text at the bottom of the playfield, so that things lined up correctly on the left and right of the screen
      • Fixed the text for "3 TIMES BONUS"
      • The red circle in the kickback lane at the top-left of the playfield is not a lamp; this has been corrected
      • A lamp was missing above the Advance Bonus section, to notate the "5000 when lit"; this has been corrected
      • Found a better picture of the top part of the bezel; used that plus Comboman's existing work to redo the outer bezel
      • Spruced up the file for the lighted lamp, so those look a bit better now
    • And now... I like this game even more than the original Video Pinball; a shame that it was never widely released; compared to VP, this games feels much more like a real pinball game, with the drop target completion bonuses, advancing bonus multiplier, advancing reward on the top kickback, etc.
  • We have a new member that is helping to work on artwork cleanup: alexs; his first contribution is the bezel for Capcom's 3 Wonders. Embarassingly, I do not remember who originally submitted this, I just know I was not the one who scanned it, and I cannot find notes in older emails or PMs about this one. If it is you, please let me know.
  • From udb23, Strato Fighter has bezel and marquee artwork now, thanks to scans from the BYOAC / CAG Artwork
  • Thank you to haynor666 for letting me know about the error in ncombat. Seems I must have edited the file at some point, and deleted a line, causing the game to crash in MAME if you had the bad artwork file (a bug was even filed on MAMETesters about this error at one point). This is now fixed.
  • While going through Solar War, I revisited Video Pinball, and noticed that a couple things were not set right in the LAY file, causing the backdrop and video screen to not look as nice as they should; this has been corrected, and the nicer lighted lamps have also been added
  • Happened to be watching videos of Sea Wolf on YouTube; noticed a couple things that were not displayed right in the current artwork (how the explosion lamps flash, and the color of the overlay); these have been adjusted
  • Not sure when this changed in MAME, but artwork file ddpdoj has been renamed to ddp3, since that is now the parent file

And finally, a few more LCD Handheld updates:

  • Realized that what I was trying to do with the artwork for tsharr2 and kblades was the wrong thing to do, so converted them back to how they should be displayed on screen
  • And then, Lee Robson decides to create a bunch of cases for the Tiger line of LCD games currently in MAME. tsharr2 is added for now; the rest will be in the next update.
  • Nu, Pogodi! is a Russian clone of Nintendo's Game & Watch Egg; thanks to Igor, we have backdrop artwork for this game

So this was nice... two artwork updates about a month from each other, like the old days. I may have finally found the work/home/MAME balance I need to keep all three things running smoothly. Cross your fingers.

For those users that want to know why "Game X" has not been added to this page yet, I will just get this out of the way now:

  • I am, truly, forever grateful to the donators and contributors who, over the last thirteen years, have helped to make this artwork collection what it is today
  • With that said: I am the lone person who actually posts updates on this site
  • There is no "official" MAME Artwork site, as far as the official MAMEDev site is concerned, similar to how the old site was never the official site way back when
  • Over the years, general public opinion has decided that the MAME Artwork Project on this site is the "go to" site for MAME Artwork
  • In my opinion, this is due to the quality control standards we have had in place, and have continued to improve upon over the years
  • Which means... just because an artwork file is posted for download on the MAMEWorld forums, it does not necessarily mean it is ready to be posted on this site... and that could be for a various number of reasons
  • I am going through, as quickly and accurately possible, all of the files that were completed while I was on "hiatus." But if something is not up to standard, it needs to be fixed or corrected as needed. (As example, see Solar War above). If it is something I can take care of quickly/easily, it will get done first; if not, it will go to the back of the line, until I get back around to it.
  • If you are a creator or donator that is upset by this mindset, I am sorry I took a break some time ago, and it is taking this long to catch things up. But I am not sorry for anyone that thinks they get to decide what is priority and what should be next in line. If you are impatient and not happy with how things are currently being done here, AntoPisa has a nice "Alternate Authors Artwork" download on his site, that includes all these files, in their current state. You can download that pack of artwork to use it in MAME today. I am trying to be fair as possible to both those that posted stuff over the last few years, together with those that are posting new artwork today. It is a balance.
  • I have bezels here at my house that have been waiting years to be scanned; there is other artwork that has been scanned for over ten years, and still has not been cleaned up yet; I have hundreds of pieces of Japan instruction cards and artwork, that have never been posted publicly, including some rare Neo Geo mini marquees, that have yet to be scanned. If we are supposed to do things in order, then I should drop everything and work on the remaining Solar Fox files that anoid scanned from his own cabinets twelve to thirteen years ago during the first year of the project, to complete the upright and cabaret artwork for this game.
  • I do not want to discourage anyone from donating time or resources to this project, but I am not at a point in time yet when I can make promises of when things will be completed, either. Things are getting back on track, but things also take time. As a favorite person of mine originally coined: Just sit back and wait for cool things to happen.

See you next update!!

SITE UPDATE - December 15, 2018

In-Game Artwork: 198 sets new or updated

Everything old is new again... sort of.

Took a break from "old MESS" stuff to reorganize things a bit here; main goal to get rid of the separate "Other Artwork" section, by combining everything into one database:

  • 185 files; 306 pieces of artwork; combine everything into the existing files
  • Playtest everything, to ensure everything was done correctly
  • And good thing I did; needed to fixed a lot during playtesting
  • Rename all the screenshots

This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now, as it really was a bit of a pain actually using "Other Artwork" and keeping it all separate. This makes it easier for me, and makes it easier for the MAME user, so win-win. With that, everything from the "Other Artwork" page is now part of "In-Game Artwork," with the exception of Monaco GP. As this is not emulated by MAME yet, it has been moved to the Unemulated Artwork page for download. The artwork file does work with HBMAME.

Not content with this being the only thing in the update, I had to put some new stuff in, seeing as I am still behind and playing catch up:

  • Originally, I planned to add in the LCD handheld stuff next; I started with tsharr2 and kblades. The interesting thing about how the artwork for the LCD games works, is the backdrop artwork has to be setup as an overlay. This has the side-effect that, if only setup as an overlay, you don't see the entire backdrop on screen. I figured out a workaround for that, which is included in these two games, but I do not have the patience right now to setup every game that way. Next update, I am going to simply add everything else in as they are already setup, for the most part. Huge thanks to hap, SeanRiddle, and others that have being doing a ton of work getting these preserved.
  • Added the bezel form the Euro version of Black Widow, cleaned up by lamprey, based on pics from Alpha1
  • Added marquee, speaker grill, and cpo artwork for Crystal Castles, cleaned up by Nightvoice; I adjusted the colors so all three pieces matched the original cabinet
  • Added bezel and inner artwork for Dog Patch, cleaned up by Comboman; colors adjusted as needed
  • Added bezel and marquee for Outzone; bezel scan supplied by Smitdogg; artwork cleanup by udb23
  • To test out some of the layout changes Vas Crabb added in 0.200, updated the artwork for aim65
  • Fixed the gearshift in chasehq; thanks to ArcadeShadow for the heads up
  • Just for fun, added some widescreen artwork to the four Gradius games and Space Harrier.

The Generic Artwork has been updated with instructions on how to use fallback and override artwork, thanks to the update added in 0.194 by phulshof. The artwork example used on that page is based on the Lagoon Nebula photo from HubbleSite, just because I thought it was a cool photo. These are now also part of In-Game Artwork, listed as genhorizontal and genvertical.

Other site updates and fixes:

  • Fixed a bug on the In-Game Artwork page, where the screenshot view links for some games were listed in descending order, rather than ascending order
  • Fixed a bug on the In-Game Artwork page, where sets that had more than one category-type artwork showed as two separate entries on the page.
  • Updated the totally out of date Compiling page, and moved it to the MAME section of the site menu. For now, it simply points to the Tools page of, as that documentation is already well-written.
  • Moved the Other Artwork page to the MAME Artwork section of the site menu. Added pages with more info on Game Compilation, Widescreen, and Other Artwork.

I know I said it last time, but next update really will be adding in all of the handheld artwork that hap and Sean Riddle have been working on. After that, I need to get better at time management, so that I can clear the backlog of need to do stuff; I still have artwork that has been sitting here for years that still needs scanning.

SITE UPDATE - September 15, 2018

Download Issues

If you navigate to this site from Google or another search engine, https will be appended to the beginning of the URL. This is causing downloads to give a 403 error.

To fix for now, change to just http, and downloads will work fine.

Download errors due to the above issue have now been fixed as of 2018-12-16

On a separate note, downloads for the Other Artwork page are currently broken, due to a recent server move.

Since I was planning to anyway, all of these files will be merged into the normal In-Game Artwork page. I'm about a third of the way done now... give me a couple more weeks to finish

All Other Artwork files have been merged into In-Game Artwork as of 2018-12-15.

SITE UPDATE - June 03, 2018

In-Game Artwork: 3 systems updated artwork

Whoops... made a couple mistakes with the BBC files that I thought I had already corrected. These are fixed now and have been re-uploaded. DAT file has been updated. Thank you to pernod and Tafoid!!

SITE UPDATE - June 02, 2018

In-Game Artwork: 56 new systems; 3 systems updated artwork

Well that took longer than I thought it would. I was in a groove, then I hit one of those "personal life / work life" road blocks that pop up every so often. That is okay, though, because in the last two weeks, my two oldest kids graduated city college with their AA degrees, and my youngest graduated high school. Fall semester, I will have three kids attending 4-year universities.

This update takes care of a large chunk of the old MESS Artwork page. After today, there are only 36 files left to go so that the old page can officialy be retired. This also adds a bunch of stuff that I just happened to add in along the way:

  • Added PasoGo; cleaned up the pic just a bit more.
  • Added Cybiko Classic; replaced the file with a new pic. Also added Cybiko Xtreme. Added correct color overlay to both.
  • Added Pokemon Mini; replaced the file with a new pic, and added the correct color overlay.
  • Added Game Master; cleaned the pic up a bit more.
  • Added the five HP calculators already part of MESS artwork; all existing pics were replaced with larger, clearer pics. Also added the HP38G and HP49G. Annunciators for all files were redrawn, based on an HP manual. Artwork is clickable in all of these files.
  • Added Mega Duck; replaced the file with a new pic. Also added the Cougar Boy variant.
  • Thank you to pernon for letting me know about the error on the BBC artwork last update. All three have been updated with more realistic artwork. I understand the Compact came with its own monitor, but I have not been able to find a good picture source for that one yet, so that still has the Cub monitor for now. Lamps have also been added to the floppy drive for bbcm; just need a driver update to use them.
  • Added WonderSwan and WonderSwan color; replaced the pic in WonderSwan, and added the correct color overlay. On both, added the additional layouts needed so that when you play a vertical-oriented game, the artwork will automatically rotate with the game screen. The original WonderSwan supposedly had annunciators similar to the HP calculators, but I cannot find any more info on these. I do not know what they look like, and cannot tell if they are hooked up in the driver. If a kind soul could point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated.
  • Added Otrona Attache, just because it looked cool.
  • Added Kaypro II; replaced existing pic. Also added Kaypro 10.
  • Added Osborne-1; replaced existing pic. Also added the Vixen and Excecutive while I was researching the Osborne.
  • Added SYM-1; replaced existing pic.
  • Added TEC-1; added missing capacitor and speaker.
  • Added Tiger; replaced existing pic.
  • Added the four Sinclair computers from the old MESS page; replaced existing pics with higher quality full pics, and added a data recorder to each. Also added the +2, +2a, and +3. All seven use an old tv for the monitor, tuned to the correct UHF station as noted in the manual.
  • Added the seven existing Texas Instruments calculators from the old MESS page; replaced all existing pics. Also added TI83, TI83pse, TI84, TI84pce, TI84pcse, TI84pse. Pics for all of the preceding are courtesy of Wabbitemu. Also added the TI92, TI92p, and the Voyage 200. All TI calculators have clickable artwork, except for the two Color versions (the driver does not work at this time, anyway).
  • Added 005, simply because it is the first file in MAME's game listing; I did this before I started working on the code for the new page, and wanted to ensure things worked correctly. File currently has a generic bezel similar in dimension to the actual one, which I don't have a scan of. I am working on the actual marquee, which will be added at a later date.
  • Added Adventure Vision; I could not help myself adding at least one new thing that did not exist yet.

And breathe.

If you have not seen it yourself already, there is a guy by the name of Evan Amos who has spent a good amount of his time creating the ultimate reference gallery for old video game systems. A lot of his stuff will be used here for future updates.

  • First off, we have both versions of the Atari Lynx. Each version also includes the additional layouts needed so that when you play a vertical-oriented game, the artwork will automatically rotate with the game screen.

Game Console artwork... I had been debating internally for a while on how I wanted to approach artwork for Game Consoles here. I did not want to just create some widescreen artwork, simply to fill the screen, with random related graphics of each console brand. After finding Evan's site, I kind of had an idea of what I wanted to do. Growing up, playing console games was me sitting on the floor, console brought out from the shelf under the TV enough, so that the joystick will reach without pulling. I wanted to create that "sitting on the floor" idea. Between Evan's gallery, and a good pic of the right TV, I could do something simple; problem was finding a real good pic of a TV that I was happy with. My favorite tube TV that I ever had was my Sony Trinitron; I wanted something like that. By chance one day, I found the pic that I had in my head, and I am happy with it.

So as we add Game Console artwork here, whenever possible, it will be pics from Evan's site, along with the shiny new TV. Today we have:

  • Sony Playstation; also added in the PSOne lid monitor from MESS artwork.
  • TurboGrafx 16; added in both the original, and Turbo Duo versions. Also added a better pic of the Turbo Express handheld artwork, which was previously labeled under PCE on the MESS page.
  • NEC PC Engine; added both the original and PC Engine Duo variants. Also added the PC Engine LT (similar to the PSOne flip lid) and the PC Engine GT, which is the JPN version of the Express.

That is it for today. Next update: Finally adding in all of the handheld artwork that hap and Sean Riddle have been working on. After that, the last of the MESS artwork. And somehow, I need to make some time to fit some actual arcade artwork in here also.

SITE UPDATE - February 26, 2018

In-Game Artwork: 35 new games; 1 game updated artwork; update to page layout

Now that the site is back up and running, it is time to get to the next step in the plan: moving all of the existing MESS Artwork to this page.

We are going to do it in phases. The current MESS artwork page has about 100 files that would be considered current artwork. On top of that, there is all the handheld artwork that the team over at Bannister's forums has been working on, plus some recent stuff posted at the Artwork forums. If we released all that in one shot, we probably would not break MAMEWorld, but I would rather not take the chance.

In addition, much of the current MESS artwork needs work before it is moved over here. There are certain standards that I try and maintain here (which I should probably actually put in writing... coming soon). With that said, I am going through each file, doing what needs to be done, and then I need to run each of those systems in MAME, to ensure the artwork file actually works and to take a preview screenshot. To do that, I need to understand how to start each system in MAME, load software, etc.

Prior to this week, my experience with non-arcade systems in MAME has been almost none... and in retrospect, I have been missing out. There are SO many different systems that are in MAME now, it truly is amazing. I feel like I have been learning a little bit of computer history as I have been working on everything these past few days. The interface for computer and other systems, which intimidated me in the past, is actually quite intuitive to use, once you have run thirty different systems on it, some of them requiring software to be loaded. Do it over and over enough, and it really is as simple as "regular" MAME.

At first, I was simply going in alphabetical order, but that got boring, so I ended up skipping around using one criteria, then another, then another, and by yesterday, I had 34 new files to add. For historical purposes, I have put a somewhat copy of the current MESS artwork page here, minus any artwork that was marked as updated in 2017. Those were the biggest files, and have already been moved to the current artwork page.

When all is said and done, just like the previous iteration of the old MAME artwork page, there may be a few files from the current MESS page that will not be added to the current artwork page. I am thoroughly trying to find replacement images for each file that needs it, and I have not fallen short yet; we will see how things progress in the next few weeks. With that, here is what we have for today:

  • Added the artwork for Speak & Spell, Speak & Math, Speak & Read, and Wiz-A-Tron. Scans were by Lord Nightmare, and artwork cleanup was done by Comboman. I fixed the crooked E and O keys in snspell, as those were setting me off every time I looked at the file.
  • Added Simon, again thanks to Lord Nightmare and Comboman. I tweaked things in the LAY file for this one, so that the actual area of each lamp is the clickable part of the artwork; no more, no less.
  • Added the artwork for Milton Bradley Dark Tower, completed by The Flying Ape.
  • Added the version of Amstrad NC100 completed by Retro27.
  • Added the files for 4004clk, 990189, a500n, aim65, and ccmk2 as they were, with very minor changes to the LAY files (simply to standardize how everything else is on this site).
  • Added Alien Chase, thanks to AntoPisa.
  • Added alnattck, apple2e, a1000n, c64p, c128; replaced previous pictures to improve perspective.
  • Added bbcb and bbcm; replaced the Cub monitor in both of those with a better picture. Also added bbcmc, which would have used the same monitor. Looks like I have a mistake in the LAY file for two of those, though, so they will be updated again next release.
  • Added kim1 and junior; replaced both with an improved pic; fixed the LAY file for kim1 so that clickable artwork works again.
  • Added ccmk2 and ssystem3; replaced pics in both files with improved versions.
  • Added dmv; cleaned up the pic a bit more; reworked the LAY file to use the Group function for the Status Lamps and Diagnostic LEDs.
  • Added avigo and palmiii; replaced pics in both files with improved versions; added an overlay to avigo to better match the actual screen color.
  • Added svision; added an alternate version of the hardware, and added an overlay to better match the actual screen color.
  • Added mpf1 and mpf1b; replaced pics in both files with improved version; replaced chip on mpf1b to differentiate it from mpf1.
  • Added mpf1p; replaced the pic to show correct version of the hardware; fixed the LAY file to show correct LEDs and clickable buttons (though this driver is currently not working).
  • Added the larger version of gamepock; cleaned the pic up some; fixed the LAY file, so that screen ratio was correct; added an overlay to better match the actual screen color.
  • Updated sc2drwho; I forget why I was looking at this, but I noticed something in it that needed fixing and fixed it.
  • Added 005, simply because it is the first file in MAME's game listing; I did this before I started working on the code for the new page, and wanted to ensure things worked correctly. File currently has a generic bezel similar in dimension to the actual one, which I don't have a scan of. I am working on the actual marquee, which will be added at a later date.
  • Added Adventure Vision; I could not help myself adding at least one new thing that did not exist yet.

Finally... added a column to the page to add detail for Clickable artwork, as that is an important feature in many non-arcade systems in MAME.

Next update: Part II of moving over MESS Artwork.

SITE UPDATE - February 22, 2018

In-Game Artwork: Artwork page - Code update

Somehow during the last site update, the artwork page broke. Literally... it was not working; or would load, but incorrectly. It was flat busted. I was already planning on recoding it soon, but now I had to fix things ASAP.

Way back in 2007, when I first realized how much artwork was going to end up on this site, I realized I could not continue updating everything by hand. Up until that point, the whole site was just HTML pages with some CSS sprinkled in for good measure. Everytime there was an artwork update, I had to manually add the HTML for each game. I reached out for help, and the amazing Pi came to the rescue. By November that year, the artwork page was running on PHP and MySQL, and I could spend more time on getting artwork done again, without worrying how long the next site update would take.

It was clean code, also. I did not know anything about PHP back then, but he wrote good clean code, with comments for each section, so that I could still make sense out of it, and over the years, I was able to update it three more times as things changed around here. The issue with the page, though, is he made things so user friendly for me, the way it was designed was actually starting to slow things down as the size of the artwork database got bigger.

Since I did not know how any of that worked back then, the code was written so that all I had to to update the database was upload a new text file when new artwork was released. The page would query the text file; if the date of the text file was newer than the last date of the last database update, then it would update the database, and present the updated page. Not a big deal on normal days, but during release weeks, it seemed like things would slow down a lot. Not sure if this was due to the constant querying of the table, or if it was simply my own fault, after updating things three times. I do not think I ever touched anything important, but you never know.

Anyway, it had been ten years since the original code was written, and PHP and MySQL had multiple updates since then, with new features added that were not available back then. There were a few changes I needed to make, to start adding non-arcade (MESS) artwork, and a few changes I wanted to add in, that I was never able to before. While at a used bookstore a few years ago, I bought a book - PHP/MySQL for Dummies - and kept telling myself I was going to read it, so I could learn to update the site myself. Now was the time.

I planned a week vacation for last week, just for this. From the week after the update, until before vacation started, I spent all my free time reading and planning on how I wanted the site to look. I was determined to at least learn the basics necessary to be able to fix things here and get back to actual artwork stuff. Once vacation started, I spent my entire time, day thru night, coding, failing, coding, succeeding, searching, reading, etc.

I started on Monday with the basic MySQL stuff... setting up the database from scratch, adding a table, adding data, updating the data. During that first day, I got that nailed down... I could add, drop, delete, sort, and filter, and everything showed up on screen as expected. From there, it was on to PHP code, to get all the functions working and making things pretty.

This was where things got fun. The book only covered basic stuff; some of the things I wanted to do were not covered, so it was off to the internet, to search, read, code, try, repeat, until things started shaping into the page that I wanted (which, for the most part, was only going to be a little different than before). And again, the good part was that Pi wrote everything so well the first time around, with comments, so that I was at least able to take the concepts he originally added, and keep them, just with newer code.

By Wednesday, things were almost there. I was actually editing two files at once: one was what was going to become the new page, the other was the current page, as I methodically stripped certain components out of it, but still left it functioning. I did it this way (slow and steady) so I would not lose my place during the whole rewrite. Wednesday afternoon, I had the whole page mostly working as before, just without filters. Did some more research and reading, and figured out the code I wanted to use. I finally finished just before midnight Wednesday night.

At the end of the day, I just wanted to keep things simple:

  • By default, display all artwork available on initial page view, sorted by most recent date, as most people are usually coming here to see what the lastest artwork is.
  • Be able to sort by either set name or game name, and be able to filter to the first letter of a set or game name. I prefer this method to the old paging method... before, if I wanted to find Puckman, I would have to click on the page number where I thought the game would land; now, I can simply filter to P, and there it is.
  • Got rid of the source quality columns, as they were mostly redundant. All of that information is already in the LAY file; no one is really coming to the page to see which artwork was based on photos versus which ones were based on scans.
  • Added a column and filter for Category. As MAME is no longer solely an arcade emulator, people are going to want to come and see readily which type of artwork each file is for (is this for an arcade game, or a calculator?)
  • Added a column for Clickable Artwork. This is a very big deal with the non-arcade artwork that we are going to start adding. And looking forward, it is going to apply to many arcade artworks, also.
  • No need for combining multiple filtering/sorting methods (e.g. filter to Handheld Artwork, with just Overlays, that start with P, and sort descending). I do not need things to be that complex; pick one filter, and use [CTRL + F] from there.
  • When new artwork is added, simply upload the new data, update the table, and be done with it.

So, that is my story. I tend to be self-sufficient at things. If I have an idea, but do not know how to do it, I take it upon myself to figure it out if I can. It kind of goes with the whole take it apart to see how it works mentality, I guess.

After uploading all the new code, everything seems lightning fast now, compared to before. Initial page load might take a second or two sometimes, but once you are there, you can filter to your heart's delight, and most of the time the page loads with the requested settings in just tenths of a second. And, everything is still phone and tablet friendly, too.

If you notice anything weird, stop by the Artwork forum at MAMEWorld and let us know, so that it can be fixed.

SITE UPDATE - January 30, 2018

In-Game Artwork: 8 new games; 6 games updated artwork; 3 games other updates

So a week or two ended up being almost seven months this time... and I am truly, truly sorry for that. Lots of real-life stuff happened... again... cross your fingers that this is the last time for a while.

I am determined to "be back" for good this time, and for the long haul. This past couple months especially, I have felt excited working on this stuff again, more so than I have in a very long while. I can sit for hours in Photoshop until the wee hours of the morning again, without that lack of sleep feeling. So many things circling in my head of what needs to get done this year and after that... I plan to be very busy this year.

As mentioned last time, there has been a TON of artwork completed that I need to get to. I'm working on it, and will get it all out as fast as I can. I feel like this year we are going to hit that 1000 artwork files mark. Here is what we have for now:

  • Fire One bezel artwork is complete. Thanks to the scan from TrevEB, and clean-up work by comboman.
  • Comboman was kind enough to touch up and fix the colors on the bezel for Devil Zone... it looks much much nicer now. This also updates Magical Spot and Magical Spot 2, as all three games used the same bezel artwork.
  • Based on multiple high quality photos, comboman completed the bezel for Shuuz.
  • The Blue Print bezel is another scan from TrevEB. Comboman also cleaned this one up. We had a scan of the marquee for this, thanks to the BYOAC / CAG artwork, so I cleaned that up to go along with this.
  • Circus has absolutely beautiful artwork. TrevEB scanned this some time ago. Newcomer JB did an amazing job cleaning this one up. I touched it up just a bit, fixing the colors, and adding the rest of the parts of the control panel, thanks to contributions from Nightvoice
  • .
  • JB was not done yet, though, and he tackled the bezel for Bank Panic. Once completed, I figured we should add in the control panel also, so that is also included. Both thanks to the BYOAC / CAG artwork.
  • We have a second newcomer, RaspBear. You will see him credited as udb23 in the notes. He has previously done artwork for the RetroPie crowd, and has now started to help out over in our little corner of the internet. First up is P-47... bezel and marquee are both completed, thanks to scans from the BYOAC / CAG artwork, plus a bezel scan that I completed. Had to finish the game up again, so I found as many decent pics as I could of a working cabinet, and created the control panel to complete the game.
  • As I started getting in the groove for this stuff again, I found a few really good pics of the bezel for Lock On, got bored one day in November, and finsihed that one up.
  • I promised Shoegazr that he would have Rygar usable before the end of 2017... it is done as well as can be for now. Comboman did the bulk of the cleanup work on the bezel some time ago... I did a few more tweaks to that, along with the marquee and control panel. All three pieces courtesy of the BYOAC / CAG artwork. There are still some areas on each piece that are kind of dirty, but this will work for now.
  • Timber has bezel artwork now, thanks to comboman, and a little color adjusting on my end. This one is based on a photo, so it is not perfect yet, but still very nice. I forget who sent me the photo for this... whoever did, please please... message me, so that I can update the notes for the game.
  • MAMEWorld user gginelli was kind enough to let me know that the shifter was not working in either Pole Position game. When I went to go fix it, I figured I should do it right, and also add in the whole control panel, as the current artwork was kind of hokey. As I got that done, I found other things that needed fixing: the colors were off on the cockpit bezel, and the Atari logo section was not an equal circle on the upright artwork, which also had the colors off a bit. Some time around when I started working on this, Nightvoice had posted a TON of artwork he has been working on for the past months, and it inspired me. A lot of what he had done really aligned with the ideas that I have had for some time now on how each game should look on screen. I ended up going all out on Pole Position and PP2, and cleaned up everything. Full cockpit and upright artwork for both games is done, along with the Euro version of PP2. Of the new artwork added, the marquee and both cpos for PP1 are from the BYOAC / CAG artwork, as is the bezel for the conversion version of PP2. The cpo and bezel for the Euro PP2, along with the gauges for PP1, the various stickers for PP2, and the steering wheel, I created based on multiple photos. The marquee for PP2 was vectored by zorg some time ago, along with the steering wheel logo. All items for all games were color matched together. We are now Prepared to Qualify. For those that only want to see bezel artwork on the screen, but still want the gearshift, I added in extra views that you can apply by going to Video Options while in-game.
  • The bezel for Donkey Kong 3 was completed ages ago, but I was never told who scanned it. By chance, I came upon a post at BYOAC which cleared that up... so thank you to bobbyconover at BYOAC!! LAY file has been updated with past due credit.
  • Two games changed names since the last update: fantasy is now fantasyu, and twc96 is now twsoc96.

That seems like a lot... but I want more... we need to keep adding more artwork.

Next update will see a change to the download page, so that we can start including non-arcade artwork that is now supported with the merger of MAME and MESS some time ago. Lots of good stuff coming soon for that side of the business. Also, I am going to squeeze in some "life lesson" stuff here and there, just to elaborate on why things were somewhat dormant here recently.

Stay tuned. Lots of good things are coming in 2018 and beyond.

P.S. almost forgot... thank you to Vas Crabb on MAMEDev for adding layout groups to the artwork system in 0.189... this makes setting up various Control Panel parts SOOO much easier at the end of the day.

SITE UPDATE - July 2, 2017

In-Game Artwork: 8 new games; 6 games updated artwork; much other stuff fixed

It has been three and a half years since artwork on this site had any type of update; almost five years since we had regular updates. That stops today. We will save the "where have I been" news for another day, and get straight to the artwork.

NOTE: this is NOT all the artwork that has been released on the forum in the past three years... there is way, way more that I still have to sort through. I figured it would be best to update what I have looked at now, and continue to go through the rest as quick as I can.

  • Starship 1 has full artwork. Thanks to pics and scans from TrevEB, it is like playing on the full cabinet. Update includes marquee, all inner artwork, control panel with flashing start button and working speed shifter, and outer bezel. comboman did the bulk of the cleanup here, including the LAY file, and I touched up a few things at the end.
  • Antny did an outstanding job with the bezel for Clowns. And gregf was kind enough to supply scans of the various instruction cards that are taped to the inside of the bezel. All of the different variations are in the artwork file, but I have not added all the different views yet (which simply changes the card). That will come next update.
  • comboman was able to completely revamp the artwork for Drag Race. TrevEB supplied a scan of the outer bezel, which comboman cleaned up nicely, and I touched up a bit more. comboman added the text to the inner bezel. The game has a whole control panel now, including blinking start button, working gear shift (which he also submitted a code change for) thanks to pics by blinddog, and working tachometer (which works thanks to a code update from hap... in 2014).
  • With Drag Race done, comboman was able to apply the gearshift artwork to Sprint 1, and gave it a whole control panel. This also adds gear shifters to the view for Sprint 2.
  • comboman recreated the bezel for Aztarac, as best as it can be done for now, based on some pics we had lying around.
  • I plan to overhaul all of the Neo Geo games at some point... for now, Metal Slug 2 and the generic MVS file are done. The mini marquee is a better scan, cleaned up; it includes a new generic bezel provided by N.I.B., and the buttons have been updated, thanks to a posting at Deviant Art by atebitninja. The quality on the buttons is almost perfect, but they are currently raster copies of the pic posted there; if he ever gets back to me, that will change. We will also be able to use these buttons in all forthcoming control panels in MAME Artwork.
  • As it is now in base MAME, the artwork for Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition has been added to In-Game Artwork. (I have not updated the Other Artwork page yet.)
  • Added the Taito F3 bezel to spacedx; added files for dankuga and dariusgx, as they were made to parent games in 0.182.
  • Added files for cocean1a and cfboy0a1, which are new DECO Cassette games added since the last artwork update.
  • Updated the overlay for Solar Quest, to include a scan of the actual sunburst in the middle, thanks to, um... I am not sure. I know where I got the scan from, but do not remember who originally supplied the scan. I will try to find out and update.
  • Updated the LAY file on the following games, as overlay settings in these were incorrect, and I finally noticed last year: armora, astdelux, invaddlx, invaders, omegrace, seawolf, seawolf2, solarq.
  • Many games where the filename was a clone, these have been renamed to the current parent, with slight LAY file changes. The current names for these games are: cobra, decocass, fantjour, feversos, grindstm, kingdmgp, nvs_machrider, redearth, secretag, sstriker, travrusa. This also resulted in deleting two files where the game is now the clone of something else, and the artwork in the file was already duplicated: cobraseg and trivia12. I am not sure if I had them "wrong" this whole time, or if parents for these games changed in the last couple years. The rule I try to use is: all clone artwork goes in one file, named after the parent game. The exception is if the artwork for the clone is made specifically for EXACTLY one clone only, and keeping that artwork in a separate file makes sense. (Subject to change without notice).
  • I was missing a bunch of screenshots here and there; this should all be fixed now.

That will be all for tonight. Happy downloading!!! I will post in a week or two, just to update what I have been up to, then the artwork updates will continue for a good long time.

NOTE: mirror2 link for new files is not working at the moment... looks like I need to get a new password.

SITE UPDATE - July 31, 2016

Slowly getting back on track - Artwork updates will resume August 2016

So it has been two and a half years since the last artwork update; or any other update, for that matter. That is a long time, and I do apologize. Just to fill you in real quick, here is what has happened in my life the last two and a half years:

  • I had a falling out with a particular person that was helping with artwork. In the end, he was only here to help himself. For anyone that has frequently visited sites like KLOV, BYOAC, Dragon's Lair Fans, etc., you may have seen other antics he has performed, and consequently gotten himself blacklisted. This was not the main or only reason I have been gone, but it did put a sour taste in my mouth for a while. Later this year, if I find the engergy, I might post some fun to read email chains.
  • My daughter graduated high school. Two down; one to go. Well, as far as high school is concerned; all three still live here.
  • I decided to buckle down and finish school.
    • I started classes at the local Community College in 1991. I went for a year, then had to put things on hold to work more and raise my family.
    • I went back again for a year in 2004/2005 for a Certification for my job back then. I also took a few more classes to work towards earning an AA degree. Work became too much, though, at that time, so I had to take a break again once I completed the certification.
    • At my current job, there is a training program that I wanted to get into, but you have to have at least an AA degree to qualify for it. I went through the classes I took already, and figured I could finish it in a year. Summer 2015, I took one class. Fall 2015, I took five classes for 17.5 units. Spring 2016, I took the last four classes for 12.5 units. I graduated with honors May 2016 with an AA in Business Management, a second AA in Retail Management, and also passed my CompTIA A+ certification. Yes, I am an overacheiver.
    • I am debating at this point if the Bacherlor's Degree is worth it at this point. For now, though, I am going to take a school break, as I really over-extended myself this past year. On top of school, I was still working fifty hours a week. I was happy to finish, but I was also really tired at the end.
  • My wife experienced an injury last November, and has not worked since then, so we are making due with living on less money coming in to the household.

With everything else going on, I just needed to put the artwork thing on hold for a bit. Artwork updates will resume in August, starting with work that has been posted to the forums the last two years.

For starters, this site is now up to date with fresh, clean code, which fixes a lot of weird things that were wrong with the old site, including some stuff that I had not noticed until I rewrote everything. Everything is HTML5/CSS3 compliant, as far as I can tell. If you still notice anything weird, please let me know. On that note, though, I did not make an effort to support old browsers. Recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari should be fine, along with IE11 and Edge. In IE10 and prior, things might not look as pretty, but everything should still be functional. I just do not have time right now to do all the extra little tweaks necessary to make things work with 0.5% of the MAME population. Everything I rewrote, I did looking toward the future.

Regarding phone browsers, I have not had time to test that out yet. I do at least want this site to work better on phones. That will come later, though, as most people that come here are coming for artwork downloads anyway, and that will be on a computer.

The MAME Artwork FTP, which was previously hosted on MAMEWorld, is now hosted by me, on a box that I have at home. If you would like to assist the MAME Artwork Project, contact me at MAMEWorld, and we can go from there.

That is it for now. Enjoy the new site, and we will have those Artwork Updates for you next month.

-- Mr. Do

SITE UPDATE - July 19, 2015

Rumours of this site's demise are greatly exaggerated.

So it's been, what, 18 months? Damn. Need to do something about that. Still have 100s of pieces of artwork to introduce. Stay tuned.

SITE UPDATE - January 4, 2014

In-Game Artwork: 6 new games; 4 games updated artwork

Wow... only one update in all of 2013? That's gotta get better. Sorry guys, 2013 was a helluva year. Good part is I work for a company that seems to actually appreciate me. Bummer part is I had to really work hard to give them a reason to, which cut into my artwork time. Anyway... I finally put everything together this week, so let's get on with it:

  • Antny again did an unbelievable job cleaning up the bezel for Astro Invaders. (You'll find it listed as Kamikaze, since that is the parent game).
  • Antny also cleaned up the bezel instruction card for Space Harrier, so that's been added. He also cleaned up one of the parts of the control panel, but we didn't realize until later that there's two parts to that, so we'll get that in later. Also, I've got the bezel in the garage; I should probably photograph it and add that in later, also. I'd like to add in the marquee, as it was cleaned up back in July 2012. Sadly, there seems to be some miscommunication in that partnership.
  • Speaking of which, Mikonos cleaned up the bezel for Guerilla War, from the BYOAC/CAG artwork.
  • Mikonos also cleaned up my scan of the Super Dodge Ball bezel. Then I followed it up and fixed a few things that he missed.
  • Many moons ago, zorg vectored the artwork for the stickers on a Tron bezel. Nightvoice then took them, and made artwork for a much nicer looking Tron bezel, replacing the previously photographed version.
  • Right after the last update, I finished up the artwork for Two Tigers. It had been so long, I thought I included it in the last update, and almost didn't add it here. So... it's here.
  • I also took some of my free time last month to check off one from TrevEB's list: Kram. What I liked most about this one, is this is the one that finally made me feel like I've actually gotten pretty good at this artwork thing. You see, back in 2006, when I started this gig, I wasn't the guy creating any of the artwork, I was just the guy keeping it all organized, and I figured out pretty quickly how the LAY files worked. My Photoshop skills were "meh" at best (self-taught, like most everything else I've ever learned). It was a pretty gradual process from that point to where I'm at today. Ah, but now I'm rambling; we'll save that story for another day. Let's continue. Wait... almost forgot... zorg vectored the Kram marquee some time ago, so that's in here, too. NOW... let's continue.
  • Happy days!! After seven years of waiting patiently, the moon from the Taito version of Space Invaders popped up on eBay last year, and I snapped it right up. That moon was one of the last remaining pieces of low-res artwork left over from the old site (the previous version was basically cropped from a screenshot of a picture of the inside of the cabinet). So I got that all cleaned up, added it in, and... ugh. MAME doesn't play nice with multiple backdrops. In the previous version of the artwork file, I used a mask to make the backdrop and moon blend together correctly. I don't know if something changed again in MAME, or I just hadn't noticed before, but it just looked... bad. So... I said screw it, and went back to the old way of how I had it a few years ago; with the moon and backdrop combined in one file, so it looks cleaner on screen. Don't worry, the full pieces are also in the ZIP file, for integrity's sake. Also, while I was at it, I fixed the little red top hat issue that John IV reported after the last update.
  • joey35car pointed out some glaring errors in the current Solar Fox artwork. After I took a closer look, I found even more. Amazingly, this went unnoticed for about seven years. So, it's all fixed up now. It's probably time I finished the rest of the artwork for this game now, so I can make anoid happy. (He's gotta be one of the most patient guys ever, waiting this long for me to finish this game up).
  • Thanks to the kind folks that created Midway Arcade Origins, I noticed that our Joust 2 bezel, while cleaned up nicely, was a little faded, especially after I went and scoured around checking a few cabinet photos and flyers. It's a bit more polished up now.
  • Finally, screenshots for crater, espgal, vstennis, and ddpdoj have been created and/or updated, as reported by scythe.
  • EDIT: Two more quick things: the LAY file for frogs changed, so grab that. Also, ddpdojb was properly renamed to ddpdoj. Thank you MASH.

But wait, there's more. Keep reading for Other Artwork updates.

Other Arcade Artwork: 19 new games; 17 games updated artwork

  • Back in March 2013, a very cool father fulfilled his daughter's request and hacked the 2010 NES version of Donkey Kong so that you play as Pauline, rescuing Mario. You can see video of it on YouTube. Clay Cowgill thinks hey, that's cool; I can do that for the arcade version. So he does. Rich from This Old Game gets requests to make up some artwork for the new game. So he does. Robbert gets requests to add the hack to HBMAME. So he does. I then get requests to add the artwork to the HBMAME version. So here it is. (I'll add the marquee later).
  • A few years ago, when a 39-in-1 board was dumped, then later emulated, it was the first version of MAME emulating a pcb emulating MAME. Not wanting to be left out of the meta game, the artwork from the game Midway Arcade Origins has now been added. We now have MAME Artwork ripped from a game that was itself made with MAME Artwork. I can definitively say that the artwork for the following games was adapted from already existing MAME Artwork: APB, Joust, Joust 2, Rampage, Robotron, Satan's Hollow, Spy Hunter II, Stargate, Super Sprint. A couple others may also, but those are the ones I'm sure about. Oh, this also adds Other Artwork for the following games: 720, Arch Rivals, Bubbles, Championship Sprint, Cyberball 2020, Defender, Gauntlet, Gauntlet II, Marble Madness, Pit Fighter, Rampart, Sinistar, Smash TV, Spy Hunter, Super Off Road, Tapper, Toobin, Total Carnage, Vindicators, Wizard of Wor (this could have actually been improved with MAME Artwork), Xenophobe, Xybots. I still have to go back later and add in the lamps for Spy Hunter, though.
  • In addition, I finally ripped the artwork from Namco Museum Essentials for PS3 (both the retail and demo), which gives new cool artwork for Pacman, Galaga, Xevious, Dig Dug, and Dragon Spirit.

Well... that's it for this update, along with also updating all the other link pages on the site. Hopefully I'll get better at my time management, maybe some other people will start helping also, and we'll see more artwork releases in 2014. Also, expect updates to the Samples page later this year.

SITE UPDATE - May 11, 2013

In-Game Artwork: 10 new games; 3 games updated artwork

Yay, more artwork...

  • Omega Race cockpit is complete. Thanks to TrevEB for borrowing and scanning the artwork, and Antny for the outstanding job cleaning up the bezel, marquee, and the trippy backdrop artwork.
  • Mikonos cleaned up my Shadow Dancer bezel scan, along with the Wrestle War artwork from the BYOAC/CAG artwork
  • Roberto Fresca created artwork for Janken Man Kattara Ageru... but I forgot to include it with the last update. Sorry, Robert... it's here now.
  • Retro27 purchased the cocktail instruction cards for the Japan Space Invaders cocktail, and sent the scans my way. These are all cleaned up and pretty, now.
  • Retro27 also pointed me towards some artwork that had been posted over at Gamoover. Thank you to bat968 for the instruction cards for Daytona USA, and to Iro for the instruction card to Sega Rally Championship.
  • gregf showed us a picture of an Extra Bases cocktail, which used the same screen overlay as Space Zap, so that has been added in.
  • Now that it is in official MAME, the artwork for Williams Multi-Game has been moved from the Other Artwork page to the Official Artwork page.
  • Got a copy of the instruction card for Water Match from a nice MAMEDev resource. I did a cleanup job on that one, so there you go.
  • Thanks to joey35car for pointing out that FHMC QBert needed it's own copy of the bezel. That's done.

I also updated the Other Artwork page with similar code to the regular artwork page, so that it will be easier to update all of that. Thanks to Pi for making the code so easy to read, so that it was easy to update.

SITE UPDATE - December 12, 2012

In-Game Artwork: 4 new games; 6 games updated artwork

For admirers of arcade artwork, Christmas comes early this year. I finally hunkered down, and got a whole bunch of stuff done in the last few weeks. Here we go...

  • So a LONG time ago, alien_mame bought and scanned the bezel for the JPM version of Monopoly. Half the fun of the game is the different lamps around the gameboard as you play. To actually make the lamps work properly, I took a different approach, and created the bezel in layers, so that the lamps would stick out better. Don't worry... the full version of the bezel is in the file, for prosperity.
  • I've been wanting to add the proper color overlay to Space Zap for a long time, once a collector contacted me that there was a B&W version, but then that collector never got back to me with the artwork. Recently, joey35car pointed me in the direction of someone that had that cab. I reached out, and he obliged, so a big thanks to Keith at Keith's Arcade for scanning his overlay and sending it to me. It really does look nicer now.
  • Trebor had pointed out a small glitch in the bezel for Ghosts 'n Goblins this year. When I went to look at it, I realized just how BAD the bezel looked. It totally wasn't up to snuff compared to the stuff that we normally release. So... I re-did it. And it was good practice for me; seems like I know what I'm doing now, so now that almost no one is left helping me, I'll still be able to churn out really good artwork regularly.
  • This year, Dave at restored his Space Invaders II cab. He scanned and vectored the bezel/control panel, and was kind enough to send it to zorg for safe keeping at his site, so this is now in MAME.
  • KombatMAME at BYOAC scanned and cleaned up the marquee and instruction card for Wrestlemania; these have been added.
  • Just found out that in the Taito version of Space Invaders, the overlay for the saucer area is purple, not red like the Midway version. This has been fixed. You don't have to download the whole file; you can just download the new LAY file and replace it.
  • I took a bunch of pictures at CA Extreme last year. One of the games that stuck out on me was Gee Bee. The actually overlay is different than what is in MAME today. I verified by checking a few other cabinets around the internet. Looks a lot cooler now. I'll submit it later to update the internal MAME version, with some slight alterations (since there are diagonal shapes in it).
  • Found a good photo of the instruction card for Alpine Ski, which has been missing since forever, so that's fixed now.
  • So right after I finished GNG, for some reason I decided to go back and look at Super Pac-Man. And... O M G... there were so many things wrong with it... just click here to see. Sad thing is, even the official repro that is sold today has some of these mistakes. At least it'll be right when you play it in MAME. And since I was at it, I had good photos of the cabaret version, so I added that one in also.
  • And to end the year of with a bang... I think Video Pinball has been "the community's" most requested artwork since everything changed in MAME 0.107 over six years ago. I've been holding off on adding it all this time, because someone has been "working on the perfect version" of this artwork since before I started on this project. I'm tired of waiting, and the game is simply unplayable without artwork, so I'm doing something about it for now.
  • Thanks go to TrevEB for taking some pretty good photos of the backdrop lit up in a cabinet. I tweaked it as best as I could to line it up with the game screen (good thing with the game in service mode, it lights up nine spots that show you how to line the screen with the artwork). Also, thanks go out to Andy Welburn for scanning the bezel so long ago for us, which zorg finished some time ago. So now, we can all play Video Pinball again.

    When the perfect version is finally finished, I'll more than happily replace this version.

That's probably going to be it for 2012 (unless Mikonos finally sends me the four pieces he finished four months ago). Have fun with the new stuff, and we'll have more goodies coming soon.

SITE UPDATE - October 20, 2012

In-Game Artwork: 7 new games; 1 game updated artwork

Sorry fellow gamers... work kept me pretty busy this summer. Luckily, some other people found time to get stuff done...

  • Thanks to Mikonos , we have:
    • A cleaned-up bezel for Exerion, scanned by me
    • A cleaned-up bezel for Bomb Jack, provided by the BYOAC/CAG artwork
    • A cleaned-up bezel for Street Smart, scanned by zorg
    • A cleaned-up marquee for Hammerin' Harry, scanned by Mikonos himself
  • Thanks to Lord Hiryu from Arcade Forever for cleaning up the marquee and bezel for Ring King. Marquee thanks to BYOAC/CAG; bezel provided by myself, and scanned by TrevEB
  • My apologies to Roger Coltrane... he scanned and submitted the instruction card to Pit Fighter some time ago, but I, uh, forgot about it. So here it is now (and I cleaned it up a bit more, also).
  • Got an instruction sticker for Hydro Thunder that I completed some time ago; game doesn't work in MAME yet, but the sticker sure is pretty ;-)
  • And now that MAME supports Pong, the real bezel artwork can be moved from the Other Games page to here. Originally vectored by jcroach, on loan from Vintage Arcade Superstore.

That's about it for today. Still eagerly awaiting the finishing touches for Omega Race from Antny (which he'll get to when time allows), and some more completed pieces by Mikonos, which I'm just waiting to receive back from him.

SITE UPDATE - September 9, 2012

MAME Compiling Page: updated for 0.146u5

Compiling page has been updated:

  • Information updated to build 0.146u5
  • Information updated for building MAMEUI
  • Added a batch file to run a command prompt with Administrative rights, so that you won't get patch.exe errors and don't have to rename the file

SITE UPDATE - May 28, 2012

In-Game Artwork: 12 new games; 11 games updated artwork; 5 code updates

Been what, four months now? Too long again, sorry 'bout that. Let's get on with it...

  • Added in a bunch more stuff from Nightvoice: marquees and control panels for all of the Trivial Pursuit games, control panel for Chicken Shift, control panel for Circus, control panel for Liberator, control panel and marquee for Depth Charge (marquee is thanks to the BYOAC / CAG artwork), complete artwork for Wheel of Fortune, and the instruction card for Point Blank 3 (though the game currently doesn't work).
  • We've got two new bezels fron Antny: APB, on loan from Vintage Arcade Superstore, and Cosmic Guerilla, scanned by TrevEB. Also, thanks to drewcifer for fixing the perspective on the APB bezel.
  • Thanks to Gamestone at Gradius Home World, we have totally awesome cocktail artwork for Gradius II.
  • Thanks to Mikonos, we have a new bezel for Kid Niki, on loan from Vintage Arcade, and he also touched up Psycho Soldier.
  • Thanks to jibmums for pointing out that our Zektor bezel was missing some stars. Nightvoice also took care of this one.
  • Metal Slug 2 has buttons on the control panel now. You might notice buttons in a bunch of the other files listed above, also. You'll notice that the buttons work, and are clickable, too. Special thanks to wol-nz at BYOAC for rendering those.
  • Added files for the four recently added Deco Cassette games.
  • Renamed ddp3 to ddpdojb. You can simply replace the LAY file for this one.
  • New LAY files for nam1975, kabukikl, breakrev, that I forgot to update last time. You can just replace the LAY file for these, too.
  • New LAY file for scdrwho, which uses the new REEL system. Thanks to James Wallace for the file, and to Haze for adding in the reel system. (Note: this won't work properly until 0.146u1)

And I actually updated all the screenshots this time, including the ones I missed from the last update =D

SITE UPDATE - January 29, 2012

In-Game Artwork: 31 new games; 125 games updated; 1 deleted; ALL LAY files changed

First, let's start with the main updates...

  • Nightvoice did a lot of work on marquees and control panels for the last year and a half. It's about time I start adding this stuff. For today, we have the control panels for Orbit, Starhawk, and Gravitar. With the artwork there now, these games are a bit easier to understand.
  • We have some new friends over at Arcade Forever; Lord Hiryu and Tapule have been cleaning up artwork on their own for awhile now, which you can see over at A4E. I'll be incorporating some of their stuff in the next updates, and they've agreed to start helping clean up more artwork that we have waiting in the wings. So with that...
  • Mortal Kombat I and II have been updated. After seeing this post at BYOAC, and then looking back at the artwork, I realized I did a crap job on both of these. So... I redid the instruction cards for both, and added the improved marquees from Lord Hiryu, along with the control panels (all scans originally from the BYOAC / CAG artwork).
  • Tapule did a real nice cleanup on the artwork for Ikari Warriors; bezel has been replaced, and marquee and control panel added (all scans originally from the BYOAC / CAG artwork).
  • To show off what he's got, Lord Hiryu cleaned up the bezel for Power Drift, which has been added.
  • I updated Armor Attack and Superman. Armor Attack was never set up correctly in the LAY file, so this has been fixed. On Superman, the colors always bugged me a bit; I think I've got it right this time.
  • I cleaned up and added the marquee for Mr. Do!'s Wild Ride, scan courtesy from the BYOAC / CAG artwork. After the work I spent on it, I picked up a better version of the marquee =P. Well, I'm adding it anyway for now, and I'll go back and improve it later; leaving it in as a reminder to not "rush stuff out the door."
  • Thanks to Bad Boy Billy for pointing out that the clones on DECO Cassette games weren't referencing artwork. I figured out this was due to how MAME treats the parent-clone relationship of games that use a BIOS. It's not something that recently changed in MAME, it's just something that I never noticed before =P. So anyway, has been deleted, and there are now individual artwork files for each DECO Cassette game. BUT WAIT... don't download them all just yet... see the update file below.
  • All of the currently existing Neo Geo games have had artwork added for the bezel and control panel. BUT WAIT... don't download them all just yet... see the update file below.

WAY back a while ago, as of MAME 0.110u1, Aaron made a change to the artwork layout loading, so that a game will also look for "default.lay" rather than "gamename.lay. In the end, this makes things easier to update, play around with other artwork files, etc. For whatever reason, I never changed everything over back then. Well, now they're done; the LAY file in every game has changed from gamename.lay to default.lay. PLEASE DON'T download every artwork file again; you'll waste 1.49GB of bandwidth. Just grab the update file below (along with the 10 games that show updated 2012-01-25) and use the current DAT file and CLRMAME to fix all your files. The file below also includes the DECO artwork and Neo Geo artwork mentioned above, so CLRMAME can fix those for you also (and save you from downloading 152 files).
(since updated)

While I'm on the subject of Aaron, it's dev gush time ;) For those that weren't around six years ago, or don't remember six years ago, I just want to remind everyone that a LOT of thanks goes out to Aaron for getting the ball rolling on a lot of things to lead up to the current state of the MAME artwork project:

  • Aaron updated the artwork system back in May-July 2006 to handle hi-res artwork
    • In fact, going back even further to July 2002 is when Aaron first added generic support so that any game could use artwork. Prior to that, artwork was handled on a per-game basis.
  • He was the first to convert existing artwork to the new system:
  • He was the first to purchase and scan artwork "specifically" for use as MAME artwork
  • He was the first to borrow artwork from an arcade collector "specifically" for use as MAME artwork

All of that, in addition to Ad_Enuff grabbing existing bezel files from The Arcade Art Library and posting to MAMEWorld as new artwork files, is what inspired me to put the site together, start co-ordinating everything, making new contacts, etc., to get things the way they are today. Also thanks again to all the people listed here.

Oh... one last thing. I haven't made any new screenshots yet for this release, so if someone wants to volunteer... =D And I'll update the INI file next time, too.

SITE UPDATE - November 1, 2011

There was an error with mrdo and with one of its screenshots. Both have been updated, along with the DAT files. Both were just naming errors, so you can just grab the DATs and let ClrMAME fix it.

SITE UPDATE - October 31, 2011

Mr. Do's Arcade: Site update in progress


I've been wanting to update the site for quite a while, actually. Finally got around to doing it. On the outside, it may just look like new colors and a slightly different design, but on the backend, all the code is cleaner, and it will be easier for me to add and update stuff now (which was the big thing for me). If anyone notices if I "broke" anything, let me know.

In-Game Artwork: 8 new games; 8 games updated

More than five months since the last artwork update; sorry about that. Part of that was due to the site update, and part due to "other stuff." Anyway, it's here now, so let's get started:

  • Mikonos brings us some more goodies. Today, we have Prehistoric Isle and Dyger from the BYOAC / CAG artwork, Juno First, and the Journey bezel has been updated to the real thing (the last one had the bottom cut off). Thanks to Gene at Vintage Arcade Superstore for loaning that one out.
  • TrevEB noticed that the bezel for Us Vs. Them is almost identical to M.A.C.H. 3. So with photo evidence in hand, he took the current artwork for M3 and adjusted it for UVT.
  • Trevor also scanned the bezel for Warp Speed some time ago. Antny took it upon himself to complete the task, and even started working on it before the game was added to MAME.
  • Roberto Fresca added some new roulette games to MAME over the past few months that work better with artwork, so he created it. Grab the files for re800v1, re800v3, and kas89.
  • Thanks to inspiration from kelly, I gave the Mr. Do bezel the proper treatment. I taught myself how to use the pencil tool properly in Photoshop, and based on the scan from the BYOAC/CAG artwork, and various photos, I'm finally happy with the end result. We also learned that the original Mr. Do bezel had a pink border around the screen; the blue border version is for conversions. This updates the files for mrdo, docastle, sraider, and jjack. Mr. Do also includes the marquee, which is based on zorg's vector work, the BYOAC/CAG version, and photos, to make sure that I got the colors and alignment on the inside of the marquee correct. I'll add the control panel and instruction sticker later, once I finish them correctly.
  • Grab the files for Seawolf and Seawolf II. I took the uncropped artwork from the "other" page and stuck them in there, for reference.
  • Earlier this year, code was added to MAME for marquees and control panels. Metal Slug 2 has been updated to finally use this, so you can see what kind of plans I have for this. It includes every piece of artwork on the cabinet (except for sideart). Default is all artwork on. If you wanna just use the normal bezel view that has always been around, simply turn off marquees and control panels. There is also views included that only show the marquee, control panel, and instruction card. These are there for people that have a second monitor to display this info to, or if you just wanna pause the game and read the instructions, they are now available. I plan to also have moving sticks and buttons on the control panels later, so stay tuned.

Other Arcade Artwork: 50 new games; 31 games updated

On to the other artwork... back in February, hatefulgravy pointed me to this site here. With the advent of widescreen monitors, everyone's always heard complaints of the gamescreen not taking up all space on the monitor. Well, here was a guy that wasn't happy that the artwork wasn't taking up the whole monitor, so he took exisiting arcade artwork, and created custom widescreen artwork for 80 of his favorite games. After downloading everything and checking it out, I thought it was pretty cool. I contacted hausjam to ask his permission to add it to the "other artwork" page, and he agreed. So head on over to the other artwork page and check it all out.

So back the the site update now... I don't ever want to go six months again without an update. Mostly, it's not fair for contributors that finish artwork to have to wait so long before artwork is officially "released." So now that the update is done, I think it's safe to say that I will now be able to "release" artwork soon after it is completed, instead of letting it pile up and having to do a whole bunch of it at once (which kills me).

SITE UPDATE - May 15, 2011

In-Game Artwork

There's a new player in town...

But first... Gatinho goes PG-13 on us, and gives us Cheeky Mouse. Not only did he clean it up, he was kind enough to buy it in the first place for scanning.

In other news... Nightvoice continues to churn them out. This time, he's vectored Sega Championship Boxing, scanned in by TrevEB.

Now... everyone say hi to Mikonos. In just the past week, he's already fixed up four bezels: Hippodrome, Last Mission, and Last Duel, from the BYOAC / CAG artwork, and also Gunforce. Hopefully, he plans to stick around for awhile.

Looks like some games got renamed (again). batrider, bbakraid, gekiridn, and sbomber. You can simply grab the LAY files for each one and let ClrMAME work it out. Thank you Roman, for the heads up.

Two more simple updates, that you can just grab the LAY file for: Seems I put the wrong LAY file in Dr. Who while testing something awhile ago. This has been fixed. (Later, I'll also have Connie's version available; just need to work things out to have both versions available). Also, for Atari Tetris, I added a view for the cocktail version, which has a vertical screen.

EDIT: If you grabbed the DAT file within the first few hours, it inluded two files that I was testing with (which you wouldn't have). Corrected DAT now uploaded.

SITE UPDATE - April 23, 2011

In-Game Artwork

I love surprises. The day after the last release, I receive an email from LASooner, with an attachment called And I quote:

I made this for my own purposes, but thought I'd share it with the community if you want it. The cabinet is a composite of multiple images I found on the web.

I dropped in my artwork folder and played. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I dug around and found the Star Wars scans from the BYOAC / CAG artwork, sent them back his way, and asked if he'd mind making it look even better. He took up the offer, and the end result is fantastic! So, we now have really cool artwork for Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back. Each file includes the full view, and a cropped view. Later, I'm gonna try the full view on my living room tv, rotated =)

Thanks again to LASooner. Maybe he'll grace us with some more surpises in the future.

SITE UPDATE - April 16, 2011

In-Game Artwork

Here's some new stuff for 2011...

  • After all this time, Time Pilot was a real group effort. Aaron Giles first purchased and scanned this over three years ago. Ad_Enuff took care of the background and color matching, zorg vectored all the vehicles, jcroach vectored all the clouds, and thanks to my job laying me off for a week, I was able to finish up the asteroids to complete it. (Yes, I'm already back to work now).
  • Thanks to NightVoice for vectoring Zektor and Victory, which were scanned by TrevEB.
  • Thanks to zorg for getting in contact with Etienne over at Dragon's Lair Fans. He scanned and vectored the Italian version of the Namco Galaxian bezel.
  • Thanks to jcroach for vectoring Slither, which was scanned by TrevEB, and Hustle, which was based on a very good photo in an eBay auction
  • Thanks to zorg for vectoring Turtles, which was scanned by TrevEB.
  • Set maintenance - I redid the snap shots for venture and kick, as there was something wrong with each of them.

If you go over and check out the Artwork WIP Page, you'll notice that it's actually up to date now. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and you can also see stuff that I have scanned, but still need to stitch before cleanup starts.

Job is stable again, so I can probably put some more needed time into this stuff. Plus, we may have another helper waiting in the wings, so stay tuned.

On a final note, I would like to extend my apologies to DaPlumber. He contributed some stuff awhile ago that I had shot down, simply because I was, shall we say, really anal for no reason, and was wrong. I'm pretty sure I rubbed him the wrong way, and he hasn't been back since, though I have seen him pop his head in at MW every so often. Hopefully he reads this, or someone that knows him will forward this along to him. I'd be more than happy to welcome him back to help out artwork wise. And if anyone has the versions of Karnov and Blood Bros that he previously posted on MW, could you please send them my way, so that they can be in the next release as they should have originally been some time ago.

--- James

SITE UPDATE - January 14, 2011

In-Game Artwork:

Seems I forgot somebody... the Q*Bert Qubes bezel scan was kind of faded. But, thanks to pics that Shoegazer sent me some time ago, I had a picture of a proper bezel with correct colors. So... many thanks to him for allowing us to have a correctly colored bezel. Go ahead and grab the new LAY file. DAT has also been updated.

Also, I want to thank Dan Hower at TAFA for being an artwork mirror and supplying gigabytes upon gigabytes of bandwidth these past 4 1/2 years. As you may have already heard, TAFA is going to have big plans in 2011 and beyond. Dan did alrady offer his own personal webspace to continue hosting artwork, but Twisty has recently assured me that MAMEWorld will be able to handle the load now. So going forward, MAMEWorld will be Mirror 1, and ProgettaEMMA will continue to provide Mirror 2.

SITE UPDATE - December 29, 2010

In-Game Artwork:

I figured I should take a break from BFBC2: Vietnam, and get together one more release before the year's over...

  • Zorg came back for a bit, and gave us a beautiful bezel for Blue Shark, scanned and vectored by him.
  • Antny continues to contribute, giving us Frisky Tom, scanned by TrevEB.
  • Kiltron's still pumping them out, too, with his newest contribution of Cal 50.
  • TrevEB continues to contribute more full bezel scans. And I have another new toy to help clean artwork up, so for today's batch, we have bezels for Sundance and Q*Bert's Qubes (dedicated to Angela, the biggest Q*Bert fan out there).
  • Also using the new toy, I took the existing bezel for Crazy Kong, and created the "more offical" version of it, based on multiple photos I've seen on arcade and restoration websites (dedicated to Chris, the biggest Crazy Kong fan out there).
  • Cleaned up the instruction card for Lethal Enforcers II; thanks to Vintage Arcade for loaning it out for scanning.
  • Lastly, added instruction stickers "por tres juegos de cueva." See the LAY files for credits.

There's still lots to come for 2011 and beyond. Seems that Trevor isn't going to run out of stuff to scan anytime soon. It's just a matter of getting to the grindstone and getting them all cleaned up now. Got some more stuff for the Other Artwork page coming later, too.

SITE UPDATE - September 6, 2010

In-Game Artwork:

It never gets old. After four years of doing this, I still get excited the first time I see a new piece of artwork running in MAME. For this update, I got to do that thirty times. =D

Kiltron was on a roll, churning out bezels at whim, it seemed, these past few weeks.

Nightvoice decided to join the fun, and took on a few of his own. But he had to be different, and do all his work in Corel Draw, so now, I know how to use Corel Draw. ;-)

Jcroach finished his labor of love, Antny chipped in, too, and I snuck one in at the last minute myself. Let's get to the games:

  • The instruction stickers for Ms.Pac/Galaga Reunion are done, thanks to Kiltron. 25th Anniv. Pac-Man also uses this same artwork.
  • Alcon is done, thanks to Kiltron for cleaning, and to zorg for sending in the bezel to be scanned
  • Alien Syndrome looks amazing, thanks to Kiltron for cleaning, and to CADWeazle and jcroach for purchasing to scan
  • As I was finishing up the update, I came across some photos from the Seven-Up Spot game that I took at Vintage Arcade some time ago, so I added in the marquee and bezel for that.
  • Bump 'n' Jump is done, thanks to Kiltron. This was one of my favorite games to play at Eddie's Liquor, back when I was twelve.
  • CENTIPEDE!!!!!!!!!! After much labor and sweat, jcroach finished up Centipede, and we can finally throw out the old version. And by taking the same AI file, and photos available on the 'net, I've also added in one of the Euro versions of the bezel (where much of the green detail is red).
  • Cyberball instructions are done thanks to Kiltron. The main view is dual-screen (since that's official), but I also added in options to view the artwork with just the left or right screen.
  • Donkey Kong II was recently added to official MAME, so that's been removed from the "Other Artwork" page, and added in to the dkong artwork set.
  • I love when new people show up out of the blue. The upright bezel for Eliminator is complete, thanks to Nightvoice. Hopefully he'll stick around awhile to keep helping.
  • Nightvoice also got Gals Panic II cleaned up. Note that the game is currently not working MAME.
  • Bezels for Heavy Barrel, Street Fighter, Strider, Victory Road, and Vigilante are also done, along with the instruction card for Return of the Jedi, thanks to Kiltron for cleaning.
  • Midnight Resistance is done thanks to Kiltron, and to the BYOAC/CAG artwork
  • Joust 2, Lode Runner, and Sarge are complete, thanks to Kiltron for cleaning, and to TrevEB for acquiring the bezels.
  • Amazing Maze is pretty much complete now, thanks to Nightvoice finishing it up, based on pictures from Seth (pong) from his own cabinet.
  • King and Balloon is done, thanks to Kiltron for cleaning, and to Old Wolf and jcroach for purchasing the bezel.
  • Maze Invaders has shiny new artwork, thanks to Antny for fixing it up, based on pics supplied by Scott Safestuff
  • Monte Carlo is complete, thanks to Nightvoice, and again to TrevEB for acquiring the scan of the bezel.
  • Some time ago, Vintage Arcade had a Red Baron cockpit. jcroach finished up the bezel awhile ago, but I hadn't gotten around to fixing up the pics I took of the shroud. I passed them on to Kiltron, who was kind enough to finish it off. (btw... if anyone knows where the gunsight used in the artwork in this game came from, please let me know; all I know for sure is that it wasn't part of the real game).
  • Spiders is done, again, for real this time, though. Vectored by jcroach, from a scan by TrevEB.
  • Almost four years ago, rohan had loaned me a bezel for the Bud version of Tapper. Nightvoice took care of this long overdue piece.

Wow!! Thank goodness for summer vacations.

Also, awhile back I added in built-in gear shifters for most of the driving games in MAME. But, I neglected to also add them to the external artwork for the games that had them. So go ahead and grab this LAY file update (since updated), which adds them in to the five driving games affected, plus also fixes the real artwork for both Pole Postions, which broke some time ago due to a source update. Also, you'll need to grab the whole file for Laguna Racer, as I fixed up the artwork for that "just a bit," in addition to adding in the shifter.

The WIP page is also up to date, knocking off all of the above updates. I made a small change to it, to distinguish what's been done, and what's pending (as long as you're using Firefox; I can't get it to work in IE).

EDIT: Almost forgot... Dany69 let me know that two games changed parent sets. I changed them on my end, but had forgotten to upload them. They are there now. You need to grab sranger and lightbr to get your set back up to date.
EDIT2: For some reason, Centipede didn't upload right the first time. It's fixed now.

EDIT3: Because of the parent set change, the snaps for those two have also changed. DAT has been updated, and fix uploaded.

SITE UPDATE - August 5, 2010

In-Game Artwork:

I had a couple other mistakes in the screenshots (2 unneeded files; 2 misnamed files). DAT has been updated... again. Thank you Morkai.

SITE UPDATE - August 4, 2010

In-Game Artwork:

I messed up the filenames for the screenshots for Elevator Action Returns. These have been corrected, and DAT has been updated. Thank you etabeta.

Other Artwork:

Here's some stuff for the Other Artwork page that I had sitting around before my hiatus...

  • I still haven't figured out how to rip files from a Wii game yet, but I can at least do texture dumps with the Dolphin Emulator, so we have artwork from Namco Museum Remix, and the Gamecube version of Namco Museum (added just to show how far artwork has come since then).
  • Added the backdrops from Raiden IV. As this won't be emulated for some time, I've added the files to Raiden for now.
  • Added the bezel for Q*Bert, from the Playstation Network, as it seems it's since been removed from the service. Based on a screenshot.
  • Added artwork from PSP version of Taito Legends. Doesn't have that "wow" factor, but I was able to get to it, so I had to add it ;-)

SITE UPDATE - August 2, 2010

In-Game Artwork:

Well, looks like I'm back now. Let's see what we have today...

  • Right before I disappeared, TrevEB had sent me a scan of the bezel for Smash (Crash clone). This is now complete. (And I hear he has other stuff coming on the horizon, also).
  • Kiltron cleaned up the bezel for Super Chase (marquee to come later). He also re-created the bezel for Poly Play, based on available pics.
  • Based on the flyer from TAFA, Nightvoice hooked us up with some nice artwork for The Amazing Maze. Note the bezel is missing some text. I've contacted Dan to get a hi-res scan, so that NV can finish it up.
  • zorg did a fine vectoring job on Mazer Blazer.
  • Now that Frogs and Spiders is in MAME, the bezel is added, too.
  • A bezel that I got in a bulk buy some time ago also had an instruction card for Time Pilot '84. This has been added.
  • Thanks to MASH for sending in the correction to add the overlay to Meadows Lanes.
  • Thanks to ChuckH for pointing out that the Moppett bezel was used in other games, so it's been added to Noah's Ark and Tugboat.
  • Thanks to Tafoid for pointing out that I had the Vs. Sky Kid artwork attached to the arcade version of Sky Kid. This has been corrected.
  • Instruction cards for Rushing Heroes and Road Burners have been added. Note that Road Burners is unplayable, though.
  • Added the instruction card for Atomic Robo Punk to the Dynablast set. Thanks to Star Worlds Arcade for the scan.
  • Re-did the overlay for Subs, based on better photos.
  • While going through some other stuff, I noticed that I did a REALLY crappy job on the Taito F3 bezel. I re-did it properly this time. Also, awhile ago, I noticed that the bezel is used as normal for horizontal games, and rotated for vertical games. The bezel comes with a black sticker to block out the extra logo, depending on the orientation, so that's all been implemented, too. And I figured that since I was at it, I should clean up the instruction cards for the F3 games that had them (especially Bubble Symphony, which had that awful crease in the middle).

And with that, I would like to announce that I am back in the artwork game full swing. You can all look forward to regular updates soon.

If you're wondering where I've been, click here.

SITE UPDATE - February 22, 2010

In-Game Artwork:

Kind of a mini update, but there's one surprise in there ;-)

  • Antny did an outstanding job cleaning up a pretty dirty M.A.C.H. 3 bezel. Hope you enjoy it.
  • Gregf pointed out an auction for a Taito Phoenix bezel, which looked a lot like Rock Climber. After checking through The Arcade Flyer Archive, it seems there quite a few Taito Japan games that used this type of bezel, just with different colors. So, based on the TAFA flyers, there are new bezels for:
    • Indian Battle
    • Marine Date
    • Qix
    • Phoenix
    • Polaris
    • Space Seeker
  • ChuckH pointed out that Mad Alien uses the same type of bezel as the DECO Cassette games. It turns out that Tomahawk 777 does also. These are both added.
  • MASH noticed that Tin Star was smudged in the screen area, so he took care of that one for us, along with a little more cleanup.
  • Until such time that zorg finishes up vectoring the Mr. Do bezel, I figured I could at least semi-correct the current vector version, so the Universal bezel has been brightened up and replaced for Mr. Do, Mr. Do's Castle, Jumping Jack, and Space Raider.
  • Surprise!!! Some time ago, zorg scanned and vectored a Xevious bezel. It's now time to share, so here you go. =D

SITE UPDATE - December 7, 2009

In-Game Artwork:

Two updates in less than four weeks? Amazing... First, the new stuff:

  • TrevEB got excellent scans of artwork for Star Fire. I included a second view that is just the shroud, in case the full view makes your screen "too tiny." ;-)
  • Kiltron did a sharp job on Panther, which was on loan from Gene at Vintage Arcade
  • Some time ago, I asked Dan at The Arcade Flyer Archive to send me a hi-res scan of Midway's Bowling Alley. I finally got around to using it, so the game's artwork now has lamps like it should. Special thanks to Twisty for helping identify the font.
  • My New Year's resolution is to get my computer organized. I have four different hard drives in my computer that have different artwork folders on them (since no one drive has enough room for all the artwork). I'm banking for a good after-Christmas sale so that I can treat myself to a 1.5TB, and get all this stuff in one spot. Anyway, here are some games that I had completed some time ago, but never got around to adding them in ('cause I "lost" them for awhile):
    • Breakthru, with bezel scan courtesy of anoid
    • NBA Jam TE, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork
    • Surf Planet, thanks to Star Worlds Arcade
    • NFL Blitz, including '99 and 2K
    • Pinball Action
    • Area 51 / Maximum Force Duo
    • Great Sluggers '94

Now, some existing games that got updated artwork:

  • I was able to borrow a Warlords backdrop from Gene some time ago, and played around with it and a blacklight. One of the photos came out just right. Hopefully, this gives an "improved player experience."
  • Kiltron cleaned up the buttons artwork for FAX/FAX2, courtesy of ranger_lennier. I also went ahead and made the artwork "clickable," so you can click on the actual buttons on-screen when playing the game (clickable artwork is my "new toy.")
  • TrevEB sent in a good photo of the instruction card for Bullfight, which has been added. Special thanks to Connie for helping identify the font.
  • Thanks to some great photos as Derek's Basement Arcade, I added in instruction cards to the bezels for Nato Defense, Motorace USA, and Lunar Rescue. Also found the instruction card for Wild Western in the BYOAC / CAG Artwork.
  • Space Invaders was updated for no other good reason than I finally had a better way to render the moon and backdrop together. The end-user won't notice any difference whatsoever, other than the file size went from 11MB to 6MB.

Lastly, I uploaded new snapshots for badlands (which had a bad screenshot), and cobram3 (the last snapshot was taken before the game was playable).

SITE UPDATE - November 15, 2009

In-Game Artwork:

Just two games, but one's a doozy...

  • Kiltron cleaned up Buster Bros., thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork
  • Triple Hunt is done ?!? This is one of those cases where the artwork REALLY adds to the game. Thanks to:
    • Kiltron for doing all of the cleanup, and also for finding a decent photo of the bear back backdrop
    • TheGuru for scans of the Witch Hunt artwork
    • Aaron Giles for a scan of the bear/racoon backdrop
    • Andy Welburn for a scan of the Shoot the Bear bezel
    • Dan at The Arcade Flyer Archive for a hi-res scan of the flyer, to finish up the Raccoon bezel, which was based on the Shoot the Bear bezel.

DAT and INI files have been updated this time =D

Other Artwork:

Added DAT files for the other artwork, and an INI file for MAMEUI, EmuLoader, etc.

SITE UPDATE - October 23, 2009

In-Game Artwork:

A couple quick ones here...

  • Jcroach found another missing piece to the Discs of Tron puzzle, which gives the game that much more "oomph."
  • Kiltron did a nice cleanup job on Extra Bases, which was on loan from Vintage Arcade. Backdrop to come at a later date (hopefully).
  • DAT and INI files have NOT been updated yet. I'll get to those in a few days.

Keep Reading... there's more stuff below...

Supplemental Artwork:

During my "research" for the project noted below, I found a new font that has become my new MAME font: HGGothicEPRO. It's not fancy or anything, just a basic font; it just has that "fresh" feeling to it. Anyway, this font is fully-loaded, as it also contains Japanese and Chinese characters, along with other special symbols, so it will take time to create the cache file the first time you run a game with it. After that, things will run as normal.

Other Artwork:

OK, so now for the "quick" update that just seemed to get larger as I went along...

A couple years ago, Retro27 sent me some bezel artwork from some of the X-Box Live Arcade games that he had created using screenshots. I thought they were pretty cool, and added them to the "Other Artwork" page here.

Fast forward to Summer 2008, and I got an X-Box of my own. The first thing I noticed when playing, was that these weren't really bezels, but full backdrops, and the middle game area was simply masked. You just never noticed until after exiting a game back to the dashboard, where you would see the full backdrop flash for a split-second. We didn't have the "full" artwork (gasp!).

As a perfectionist/completionist type of guy, something HAD to be done; I just didn't know what to do yet. My first idea was to get a capture card and record a movie when exiting a game, then take the frame that had the full art, but I scrapped that when I realized how much an HD capture card would cost (and for me, composite "simply wouldn't be good enough."). So, I just stayed focused on the regular artwork, but always with this little nag in the back of my head, especially every time I played an XBLA game. At the same time, I've had this disc for "Atari: 80 Classic Games in One" sitting around for some time, and wanted to implement that artwork also. Each arcade game in the collection had separate BMP files for artwork, including artwork for certain control panel buttons in each game.

Finally, it occurred to me that the XBLA games were likely just like the Atari games, and simply contained a file for the artwork backdrop (duh!). Now, the question became of how to read encrypted X-Box 360 files on a PC (???).

You really can find anything with Google if you try hard enough. I got stuck at one point, but Master Stilleto was kind enough to help point me in the right direction to continue my journey. That's when the "small project" became much larger. You see, my original plan was just to do the artwork "that I liked." But now that I had all this knowledge, I had to "do the right thing" and get ALL the artwork from ALL the games. So in the end, we have artwork from the following games:

  • All XBLA games (except Ikaruga, which I couldn't figure out)
  • All games from Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade
  • The three games on Raiden Fighters Aces

The ones that I need to go back and figure out later:

  • Namco Museum Remix (Wii)
  • Namco Museum Essentials (PS3)
  • Ultimate Genesis Collection (X360)

For downloading everything, please try this trackerless torrent first to save bandwidth: Other Artwork Torrent (Link Removed)

Sometimes this works for people, sometimes it doesn't. It depends on your client. If it doesn't work, then you'll just have to get them the old-fashioned way. Oh, and I'll make DAT files in a few days.

While it's downloading, you can read my boring notes about things I "found interesting:"

  • Where necessary, games use a mask to "cut out" the game screen area, so that the original artwork stays intact. Though the XBLA games use a squared-off rectangle screen window, I went with a rounded window (personal preference). Also, all games play with a proper aspect ratio of 3:4 or 4:3, which isn't always the case with the actual X-Box / Atari Classics versions.
  • For the majority of the X-Box games, the artwork files are TGA files, which were part of an XPR archive.
  • First ones I got done were the NM:VA games. Each game includes a backdrop for both 4:3 and 16:9. What's strange is that for some games (e.g. Galaxian), the 16:9 backdrop is simply a cropped version of the 4:3 version. Also, sadly, a few of the games have the most important details in the middle of the backdrop, hence, you never see these parts, because they are behind the game screen (e.g. Pacmania). This was one of the main reasons for doing this; to appreciate the full artwork.
  • The XBLA versions of Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Battlezone, Missile Command, Centipede, and Millipede, are based on screenshots from Retro27. I couldn't figure out a way to extract the backgrounds from these games. In addition, the Asteroids games probably aren't static backdrops anyway, as the backdrop is "in motion" on XBLA.
  • The Discs of Tron backdrop is used in the "enhanced graphics" version of the game, but I thought it was cool, so I added it in as an option.
  • The Castlevania backdrop is technically for Symphony of the Night, but again, I thought it was cool, so I added it in to both Castlevania games (remember, this is unofficial artwork anyway, so I allowed myself some artistic license).
  • The Neo-Geo games frustrated me for a bit; I couldn't find the backdrops for a few of them. They ended up being compiled inside the main executable file (default.xex). I tracked down a program called Dragon UnPACKer, which has an option to scan a file and find any audio or image files within that file.
  • Metal Slug confused me further, because running it in MAME looked different than XBLA. It was a couple days later when I realized that the XBLA rotates the backdrop 90 degrees, and splits it in half, instead of using it as a backdrop like the other games. So that works like it should now.
  • The Namco XBLA games' artwork were located in BIN files, which confused me for about ten minutes ;-)
  • Two of the last ones I figured out were Robotron and Joust, which were two that I really wanted. The artwork ended up being in an .SR archive. Again, Dragon UnPACKer to the rescue.
  • Double Dragon had me worried. It was pulled from the marketplace back in June, and I had already deleted the demo off my X-Box. Luckily, my Google-fu has been getting better, and I was able to track it down.
  • Really, Konami? That's the best you could do for Super Contra?
  • Yes, most of the XBLA classic games are running on emulation; the roms are in there, though not always as separate files. Makes me wonder what version UMK3 is. On a side note, if I'm correct... MvsC2 is using a GD-ROM image. (Dreamcast emulator for X360?)
  • All three Raiden Fighters games use the same backdrop in-game, but I found alternate backdrops for RF2 and RFJet, so those were also included.
  • At first, I was simply going to include the backdrops for the Atari Classics games, but the "completionist" attitude kicked in, so I had to go and add in the "flashing LED start button" artwork also. This works in all games, except for Red Baron and Space Duel (not sure what's wrong there).
  • After finishing all the Atari games, completionist attitude kicked in to overdrive, and I had to go back in and add the clickable start buttons. So as you play these, you'll notice that when you press start, the button artwork shows that the button is pressed down. You can also click on the start button with the cursor to start the game. This was good practice to learn how to give an element more than two states (in this case: off, flashing, and pressed).
  • Super Breakout used a file to play the game in "enhanced mode," which gives the blocks some texture. I had a heck of a time figuring out how to make it work in MAME, but it's there, and it's cool.
  • The "pressed button" artwork doesn't work in MisfitMAME for now, as Misfit is based on an older source tree which didn't yet have this feature.
  • In Millipede, the middle isn't masked out when playing the PC version, so the background on every level is teal. I liked the black better, so I fixed that with the mask file.
  • In Warlords, make sure to choose the right artwork view to match your dipswitch settings (upright or cocktail). The start buttons are arranged differently for the two versions.
  • Yes... the vertical version of Centipede really does look that bad. That is the original file. I purposely did not clean it up for posterity reasons ;-)

SITE UPDATE - July 28, 2009

In-Game Artwork:

Okay, you've waited long enough. Here we go...

  • Kiltron got busy this summer and recently cranked out:
    • Great 1000 Mile Rally
    • Led Storm (listed as parent Mad Gear)
    • LSA Squad, on loan from Gene at Vintage Arcade
    • Rally X cocktail, from the BYOAC/CAG artwork
    • Rough Ranger
    • Space Invaders (Midway Cocktail version), also on loan from Gene
    • Trivia Quiz
  • I got some work done myself:
    • Altered Beast and Arch Rivals, from the BYOAC/CAG artwork
    • Badlands, thanks to a scan by zorg
    • Instruction cards for both G-Net versions of Psyvariar, thanks to scans by tormod
  • As the AGEMAME games are now part of baseline MAME, the artwork should be also, so added are:
    • Dr. Who, done by JWallace
    • Sidewinder, done by pembo and Tiburoned (Zomb1)
    • Deal Em will be done later, when I can get it looking a little prettier ;-)

So... assuming I can tear myself away from the XBox long enough, I need to get myself back to scanning all this stuff here.

CD/DVD Artwork:

Antny finished up some more DVD labels for your current (and future) laserdisc backups: Freedom Fighter, Interstellar, Laser Grand Prix, Us vs. Them

Supplemental Artwork:

Back during the 0.131 cycle, Derrick Renaud improved the crosshair system in MAME. I finally got to updating the page to include these. I also added a few more UI fonts: Helvetica LT and Bold, MK3, Rockwell, and Deftone (the font used in Burnout Paradise).

SITE UPDATE - May 3, 2009

In-Game Artwork:

The ever-watchful eye of dany69 at MAME Extended made me aware of a few naming and clone changes:

  • rename:
    • batrider ---> batrid
    • bbakraid ---> bkraidu
    • buggybjr ---> buggyboy
    • chplft ---> choplift
  • delete:
    • trvwz3v clone of trvwz3h
    • trvwzv clone of trvwzh

You can simply grab the newest DAT files, along with this LAY update (since updated) to update everything. The INI file for MAMEUI and frontends has also been updated to 0.131.

SITE UPDATE - May 2, 2009

In-Game Artwork:

New stuff by new people...

  • Antny did an awesome job on the really flaky Lunar Rescue, which we had courtesy of the BYOAC/CAG artwork
  • Shoegazer was out taking pics one day at Hershey Park, and got a good shot of a Blasteroids a while ago. A day after JC posts the picture on the forum, Kiltron cleans it up to perfection.
  • And Gatinho has his first submission: an outstanding job on the cabaret version of Battlezone, thanks to a photograph by the ever popular "unknown."

The artwork project is not dead...

A couple months ago, I was, how shall we say, downsized at work. My prior office position was gotten rid of, and I'm back to where I was at store level, including my salary (40 percent paycut). So I basically spent the last six years at my job accomplishing stuff, and received a big fat f**k-you in return. Gee, thanks for the ride.

Downside: VERY hard to keep up financially right now. Upside: back to hourly, so I'm working less hours. Plus I have less stress. And I've lost thirty-five pounds in ten weeks, since I'm not sitting on my ass at a computer all day anymore.

So anyway, I've pretty much not been in the mood for a doing anything. I'll be coming back strong, soon, there's still lots to do.

As for everyone else... we have a person that is going to work on Super Cobra, but it may be a while. Time Pilot, Centipede, and Mr. Do are still "coming soon" from the rest of the team. I think they are also all a bit burned out, and although there is still stuff to work on, I'm holding a couple of them up with some pending scans that they are still waiting excitedly to do.

SITE UPDATE - February 17, 2009

In-Game Artwork:

Lot's of cool stuff, but I'm exhausted today, so I'll make it quick...

  • Antny has cleaned up his first piece of game artwork: Cobra Command for the laserdisc version. Only bummer is the game doesn't work yet, so all we can do right now is look at the pretty artwork =D
  • Kiltron got extra busy this past month. Here we go:
    • Arabian
    • Carrier Air Wing, courtesy of the BYOAC/CAG artwork
    • Clash Road
    • Guzzler
    • Kuri Kinton, courtesy of the BYOAC/CAG artwork
    • Mr. Do's Wild Ride
    • Operation Wolf 3, thanks to Star Worlds Arcade
    • Quartet, thanks to Star Worlds Arcade and Lachlan Keown.
    • Samurai Nihon-ichi, courtesy of the BYOAC/CAG artwork
    • Slick Shot, thanks to Star Worlds Arcade.
    • Swimmer, courtesy of the BYOAC/CAG artwork

I still need to update the WIP page, I'll do that later this week. And Antny has some for DVD covers ready to go. My apologies to him, I'll also get to those this week.

SITE UPDATE - January 10, 2009

In-Game Artwork:

Small typo in fax2. File updated, along with DAT file.

SITE UPDATE - January 9, 2009

In-Game Artwork:

New year; new artwork; new "types" of artwork now possible. Lets go...

  • First, we FINALLY have Congorilla (a version of Crazy Kong) done, thanks to Ad_Enuff, who went through some blood, sweat, and tears to get this one done. I say finally, because this was the VERY FIRST outside artwork donation purchased specifically for the project (not counting Aaron or myself), from way back in October 2006. Many thanks to Gor for picking this one up and shipping it to me for scanning.
  • Addy also gave some love to Tac/Scan. For those keeping track, that's 3 of 5 bezels for Sega vector games. Eliminator is scanned waiting cleanup. All that leaves is Zektor, which could easily be redone with a good photograph of the whole bezel and instruction card. (Hint hint to anyone reading that knows where to find one).
  • Kiltron did his thing again on Night Striker and Revolution X (sorry Arbee, it had to be done).
  • Kiltron also took care of Wizard of Wor, which comes courtesy of the BYOAC/CAG artwork. Probably one of the best (and few) classic-era games that I never got to enjoy in an actual arcade setting.
  • FAX and FAX 2 have been separated into two separate files now. (Thanks RL).
  • A couple versions back, I missed that Haze had fixed the LED in Gridiron Fight (which is needed to select plays). I've now added in Control Panel artwork for it, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork. Putting in the whole CP artwork leaves the screen kinda small, so I added in a "mini/cropped" version also. If I were going to do it completely right, I'd have the CP at the top (for Player Two) and the bottom, which would make the screen even smaller. So for now, the left LED is Player One, and the right LED is Player Two.

Lastly, I almost missed a pretty cool update that just took place in 0.129 (which Aaron was kind enough to point me at). It seems that a few weeks back (specifically, 0.127u3), Nathan Woods updated things so that artwork can be hooked up to pretty much any input bit. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities (if you use your imagination). So anyway, Aaron took the first step, and added a basic built-in gearshifter to Pole Position and Pole Postion II. And since I already had the other pics done, it only took a couple minutes to hook up the external artwork. So go and redownload Pole Position I and II, and you'll now finally know what gear you're always in.

Once I head back out with the camera and take some more photos (or if someone out there has some), you'll see more shifters added to games. In the meantime, I'm gonna spend some time on adding internal artwork to all of the other driving games in MAME. One thing that's always driven me crazy is not knowing what gear I am in a driving game.

SITE UPDATE - December 27, 2008

In-Game Artwork:

Couple days late for Christmas. Didn't even make it for Boxing Day. Oh well, enjoy your presents =D

  • Ad_Enuff got busy with Kingpin, kindly scanned by drewcifer
  • Addy also took care of Fax and Fax 2, the latter which was scanned by ranger_lennier. Some time later, we'll add the lighted buttons to this.
  • Kiltron also knocked a few bezels out this month:
    • 10-Yard Fight, Astro Blaster, and Pole Position 2, which were on loan from Gene at Vintage Arcade
    • Cabaret bezels for Outrun and Turbo Outrun, and a bezels for Thunder Fox
    • Pscyho Soldier and Devastators are courtesy of the BYOAC/CAG artwork
  • Awhile ago, Jeff Rothe sent me a photo of the instructions for the Frenzy bezel. This has finally been added.
  • From a post at KLOV, I learned that War of the Bugs was created as a conversion kit for Galaxian, so this game gets that bezel.

Well, that knocks a few off of the WIP page.

Finally, Antny has updated his laserdisc covers collection. He's added three new titles to choose from, and has also added in jewel case covers for all titles. You can grab those from the CD/DVD Artwork page.

EDIT: I forgot to change the date on the In-Game page for Frenzy. I'll fix this next update. (Anytime I try to update the page more than once in a day, it goes all wacky).

SITE UPDATE - December 1, 2008

In-Game Artwork:

New stuff... new WIP...

  • Kiltron got his wish, and finally got to restore a Super Contra bezel
  • Addy continues his hot streak. First, we have Moon War, an early game from Stern...
  • ... and then, for use in an upcoming version of MisfitMAME, you can pick up the Multi-Williams bezel from the Other Artwork page.

Finally, I spent practically the whole last week stitching and cropping stuff, so that we could have a bunch of stuff in the pipeline again. With that, take a look at the updated Artwork WIP page. Honestly, the last page sucked; this one is WAY better. Easier to navigate, and completely up to date. I can also keep track easier of when stuff is completed. Enjoy =D

SITE UPDATE - November 22, 2008

In-Game Artwork:

More good great stuff from Addy this week. And, a guest appearance from a MAMEDev.

  • Excellent artwork; strange game. Jack the Giantkiller bezel was cleaned up by Addy. Thanks to rohan for the loan (been what, two years now?)
  • Invaders Revenge is a cool twist on Space Invaders. Another cleanup by Addy. Thanks to Andy at Andy's Arcade for the scan.
  • A loan from Vintage Arcade gives us Nichibitsu's Moon Shuttle, cleaned up by Addy. Note that we are missing the instructions for this one, so if you have a copy, or access to one, let us know.
  • Roberto Fresca was kind enough to create external artwork for Ruleta RE-900.
  • Before I forget, we need to give a thanks to Old Wolf, who has been kind enough to donate toward some recent purchases.

And we have a new page on the site, dedicated to CD/DVD Artwork. Right now, we have all of Ad_Enuff's previous work from the MAMECovers page, and Antny is just getting started on making DVD labels for all of the Laserdisc games that MAME is starting to support.

I've also gotten busy scanning again, so that the team doesn't run out of stuff to do. So hopefully, the updates keep coming and coming.

SITE UPDATE - October 29, 2008

In-Game Artwork:

Looks like Ad_Enuff's getting back into gear again (woohoo!). He's cleaned up three more for us this time around:

  • Another 80's Williams classic, in the form of Moon Patrol. This was borrowed from Vintage Arcade.
  • Awhile ago, Timothy from Outerworld Arcade scanned his Tailgunner bezel for us. This is now complete.
  • Addy also took the existing Moon Cresta artwork, and cleaned it up quite nicely.

In addition to the above, we have two minor changes due to game relationship changes in MAME (thanks to dany69 for the reminder):

  • The artwork for umk3 has been moved into its own file
  • gdarius has been renamed to gdarius2

SITE UPDATE - October 13, 2008

In-Game Artwork:

Still need to get in to gear. To be honest, I've just been having fun lately playing games instead of "making games pretty." But, I need to end this break; I've got inventory that's piling up, and artwork artists that are eager to get to work.

  • Ad_Enuff's back?!? After a long hiatus, it looks like Addy's computer is all fixed and ready to get back to work now. First up on the list is the loooooong awaited bezel for Berzerk. Pictures speak better than words, so just download it. Right up there with Addy's previous quality work.
  • Looks like I wasn't paying attention on invad2ct. Zorg was kind enough to fix it proper and vector the whole thing. Looks much better now =D
  • And lastly, waaaay back when, Kiltron re-created a bezel for Spy Hunter 2. I, however, could not figure out a good way to split the screen between the two halves of the bezel. I figured out a way that somewhat worked, and it came out OK, I think (not that SH2 is a good game in the first place).

SITE UPDATE - September 18, 2008

In-Game Artwork:

Minor update. Looks like I messed up the lay file for Vs. Tennis somehow. File has been re-uploaded on the mirrors. If you've already grabbed the file from the torrent, grab the LAY file from the website. DAT file has been updated.

SITE UPDATE - September 17, 2008

In-Game Artwork:

It's been summertime; I got lazy, and I got an XBox 360. Time to get my ass back in gear.

To save stress on the servers, please use this torrent file for the NEW artwork: artwork_20080917.torrent (since updated)

I guess we can call this the "Nintendo Fanboy" release. Up for grabs today is every piece of artwork I have for the Nintendo "Vs." games. For the cocktail instruction card, I had some good photos, but nothing seemed to work out to something I was happy with, so I just "drew" the cabinet, and added in the coinbox for the final touch. It looks pretty neat. Included is artwork for the following games:

  • Sky Kid
  • Vs. Atari R.B.I. Baseball
  • Vs. BaseBall
  • Vs. Castlevania
  • Vs. Dr. Mario
  • Vs. Duck Hunt
  • Vs. Excitebike
  • Vs. Gradius
  • Vs. Gumshoe
  • Vs. Hogan's Alley
  • Vs. Ice Climber
  • Vs. Mach Rider
  • Vs. Stroke & Match Golf
  • Vs. Super Mario Bros.
  • Vs. Tennis
  • Vs. The Goonies
  • Vs. TKO Boxing
  • Vs. Top Gun

For all of these games, the cocktail is the main view available. There is also an option to just have the instruction card without the cabinet. Where available, I also added another view for the marquee (as it includes instructions on it also). And for Dr. Mario, I added the bezel that phetishboy made for his original Nintendo cabinet. A few other people have also installed this bezel on their cabinets, with happy results. Now we just need to wait for someone to fix the washed out colors in the Vs. games ;-)

In addition to the instruction cards for the Vs. games above, there was also a conversion kit to install a Playchoice-10 system in the red tent cocktail. That instruction card is also included. This kit used the single-screen bios, so make sure that you use the switch -bios single when playing a PC-10 game with this artwork. The kit also came with a 4-digit LED that you stuck up in the top right corner of the game, so you could see how much time you had left on your credits. I've added this in to the LAY file, but it won't work until the driver is updated. Right now, the driver still uses the old type of "text on screen" overlay for the timer.

Note that the artwork file for the PC10 game will work with ALL PC10 games. Also note, though, that because the artwork is in the BIOS file, the views for the external artwork are not at the top of the list by default, they are a bit of a ways down the menu. For the Dual-Screen bios, I also added in two extra views: one that simulates a smaller top screen, and one which crops off the top part of the screen except for the timer.

Almost forgot. All of the Vs. Instruction cards, along with a few of the marquees, are thanks to the Playchoice Games and Resources website. The remaining marquees are from the BYOAC/CAG artwork. And the photo of the Tent Cocktail I took while I was at Star Worlds Arcade.

Oh, and that dang artwork.ini file is finally up to date again.

SITE UPDATE - July 26, 2008

In-Game Artwork:

Well, now that everything else is caught up, I can concentrate again. Almost everything in this update is new stuff. Here's the details:

  • Again, this update's a bit big (99.7MB). To save stress on the servers, please use this torrent file for the NEW artwork: artwork_20080726 (since deleted)
  • Bezels added this release:
    • mrclean was able to track down someone that had a bezel for Journey. One of my ALL-TIME favs. Thanks Mr. C !!!
    • Between the CAG Artset and a bezel I bought a LONG time ago, we have a cool bezel for Ninja Gaiden.
    • Double Dragon has been a PITA to find a good source of. Every one I've ever seen is REALLY faded. The CAG set had one, but it was also really faded. I was able to at least find a good photo of one as a basis to what it should look like awhile ago, so I took a shot at fixing the one I had. Hope you enjoy it.
    • Another favorite of mine that was bought awhile ago finally got some love: Majestic Twelve
    • Also thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork, we now have Atari Basketball, Caveman Ninja, Demolition Derby, MotoRace USA, and Relief Pitcher
    • Thanks to a loan from Vintage Arcade, we also have a bezel for Super Pang.
    • Sometimes you get a bonus when you buy a bezel. Again, awhile ago, I got a bezel for The Pit. That one isn't done yet, but it also had a nice instruction card for Mega Zone stuck on it. So I got a 2for1 deal, and we get artwork for one more game.
    • On another disk that I forgot I had artwork sitting on, I found the TRUE overlay for War of the Worlds, which Tom M. from ionpool had made a scan of a long time ago. I took another shot at it, and it looks pretty good this time.
  • Funny story. Tormod sent me a BUNCH of instruction cards a long time ago. You've probably been seeing them added in every so often. Well, around July of last year, I had completed a whole bunch of them, but then had a computer crash, and they ended up on the "spare" hard drive by mistake. I found them again going through a cleanup. So thanks to tormod, this week we have:
    • Sonic Wings (JPN version of Aero Fighters)
    • Black Panther
    • Carrier Air Wing
    • Gals Panic
    • Green Beret (EUR and GER versions)
    • G-Darius
    • Gallop Racer 2 (note this game is not working)
    • Gundhara
    • Knights of Valour 2
    • Land Maker
    • Lode Runner - The Dig Fight
    • M.I.A.
    • Outfoxies
    • Out Zone
    • Penta
    • Pootan
    • Puckman Pockimon
    • Puyo Puyo Sun
    • Raiden Fighters
    • Raiden Fighters 2
    • Raiden Fighters Jet
    • Radiant Silvergun
    • Rolling Thunder 2
    • Space Bomber
    • Shienryu
    • Space Invaders DX
    • Space Laser
    • Tekken 3
    • Tetris Plus
    • Twin Eagle II
    • Viper Phase 1
    • Wonder Boy
    • Xevios
  • Guru sent me a bunch of scans of instruction cards he did a while ago. For today, we have:
    • JPN version of Bonze Adventure (hi stephh)
    • P-47 Aces

On the last update, I put the two Inst. Cards for Raiden as two separate views, not realizing that they were supposed to be a set. You can simply grab the LAY file and add it to your existing set.

Finally, note that P-47 isn't in the torrent, you will need to download it the normal way. It was a last minute addition due to the *ahem* total number of artwork files there would have been if I hadn't added it ;-)

Oh, I keep forgetting about that dang artwork.ini file =P That hasn't been updated yet. Give me a couple days, for that, please =D

SITE UPDATE - July 9, 2008

In-Game Artwork:

Ready for the biggest update ever? I'm just glad this is done, and I'm sorry it took so long. It's been what, six months since the last update? There have been SO many little things here and that were in the current artwork that needed to be fixed, that I just had to go and fix them all, so I could forget about them, put my mind at ease, and get back to getting to the newer stuff again. Many fixes are changes that the average person may not have even noticed if I didn't say anything, but I noticed them, so that was enough to cause me irritation.

Note that EVERY file has changed, but you DON'T have to download every file. For most of them, only the LAY file changed, and there will be a link below for those. Also note that I didn't change the "Last Updated" date on any files that simply got a new LAY file; I only changed the date for any files where the actual artwork was changed.

As I realize many people can't bother reading all the "what's new" (though I'd like to think that they do; this one was a LOT of work), here are some download links:

  • To save stress on the servers, please use this torrent file for the NEW artwork: artwork_update (since deleted)
  • To update your remaining files, download this set of LAY files, and update your existing sets using ClrMAMEPro: (since updated)
  • If you use the preview snaps for your frontend, here is another torrent file: artwork_preview (since deleted)

Before I forget, I want to thank the following people who have donated via PayPal since the link first went up, or have sent in artwork or photos since the last update.

  • Fujix
  • Gor
  • Gyrovision
  • jcroach
  • italie
  • Shoegazer
  • TheRemoteViewer
  • the_collector
  • Trevor B.
  • Twisty

Originally, the plan was to thank these people when their artwork, or artwork that was purchased with their donation, was released. Seeing as how that could, um, take awhile, I will start thanking donators as stuff comes in.

So without further ado, here we go. First, the new stuff. This includes artwork for new games, and additional artwork that was added to previous games:

  • Astron Belt bezel, scanned and vectored by zorg
  • Added artwork for beatmania 3rd Mix
  • Centipede now has cocktail artwork, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork
  • Continental Circuit (Circus?) now has a bezel thanks to zorg
  • Contra gets a marquee from the BYOAC/CAG artwork, and the control panel instruction card thanks to anoid
  • Added the marquee for Crystal Castles, just cause it looks cool, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork
  • Dead Eye, which was originally done by MASH for the original artwork, based on the flyer at TAFA
  • Re-created the bezel for Demon, thanks to pics available at ionpool
  • Added the missing instruction card to Die Hard, thanks to Smitdogg
  • Dig Dug now has cocktail artwork, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork
  • Double Dragon 3 bezel, scanned by anoid
  • Added the bezel and part of the frame for Drag Race, based on photos from Smitdogg (still missing the marquee part of the frame, and instructions on the bezel).
  • Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters now has the original bezel, scanned by anoid
  • Espial bezel, thanks to jcroach for tracking down a real good photo on an eBay auction and vectoring it
  • Fire Truck now has a Smokey Joe bezel (one-player version of the game), based on a photo from Star Worlds Arcade
  • Added cocktail instruction cards to Frogger, thanks to a loan from Gene at Vintage Arcade
  • Added instruction card for Gradius IV, thanks to tormod
  • After a long search, Gus finally tracked down an instruction card for Gunsmoke, scanned by nocashvalue
  • Added cocktail artwork to Midway Space Invaders II, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork>
  • Added the single-player bezel to Karate Champ, based on zorgs earlier vector, and some good photos from Bobby Tribble
  • A LONG time ago, ThePinnyParlour sent me a scan of a Lupin III bezel. The scan was a bit soft, and the original source is no longer available, so I did the best I could with this one. (Didn't want TPP's hard work to go to waste).
  • Mad Dog McCree bezel, scanned and vectored by zorg
  • Added the bezel instruction card to Mat Mania, scanned by anoid
  • Added cocktail artwork to Millipede, based on the frame of the Dig Dug cocktail, with photos and corner artwork courtesy of Mike's Arcade
  • Added cocktail artwork to Missile Command, vectored by zorg
  • Marquee and instruction card for Mortal Kombat 3 (and also UMK3), thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork
  • Marquee for Mortal Kombat 4, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork
  • Added the Gleeb Company version bezel to Mr. Do, scanned and vectored by Jeff Rothe. Also found part of a conversion overlay, and was able to recreate the conversion bezel I had played on so long ago.
  • Added back in from the bootleg bezel of Space Panic, based on a photo by TheGuru. (Not sure who finished the final artwork, though).
  • Added the JPN cocktail instructions for Puckman, courtesy of arcadegeezer, and the EURO cocktail instructions, courtesy of tormod
  • Instruction cards for Raiden and Raiden II, thanks to tormod (side cards) and Gene at Vintage Arcade (bottom strip)
  • Added the inner bezel to Rip Off, thanks to Gene at Vintage Arcade Superstore
  • Dedicated bezel for Samurai Showdown II was scanned and vectored by zorg
  • The marquee and CP instruction card for TMNT are thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork
  • Added the Bally/Sente bezels for Trivial Pursuit Genus I (set 2)
  • The 6-player version of X-Men now has nice bezel artwork that was MADE for widescreens, thanks to fine photography and vectoring work by jcroach

Wow!! Until I wrote that up, I didn't realize how much new stuff had been added. Now, the stuff that had to be fixed. This was only possible because of experience gained over the past two years. I still need to force myself to learn more in Illustrator, though. At least now, I know how to change colors and bend things around in existing files:

  • I kind of fluked up the Armor Attack overlay awhile ago. It's been restored to how it should have been before.
  • Replaced the control panel pieces for Atari Football with the full CP artwork, courtesy of the BYOAC/CAG artwork. And thanks to zorg for creating some cone buttons for it. (Note that the driver needs to be fixed for the cone buttons to work).
  • Made the Bubble Bobble homebrew bezel a little more "bubbly" in the frame area.
  • I could never figure out why the radar never lined up quite right on Battlezone. Well, it's because the circle for it isn't actually a circle. Used source from the BYOAC/CAG artwork to correct the existing artwork.
  • Back when I was trading artwork with who used to be known as ClassicArcadeGrafix (which is now the BYOAC/CAG artwork), I simply took on word that everything was correct. Bad choice. Taito Crazy Climber had the wrong font for text. This has been corrected.
  • Centipede has always bugged me. (Ooooh, a pun, and I didn't even try). Until such time that the actual artwork is finished (which is now coming soon, I think), I adjusted the existing vector to at least be the same shape and colors as the original US bezel. Still far from correct, but a lot better than before.
  • Congo Bongo was another from CAG that was photoshopped "not so well." Compare the bottom right corner of the new one to the old one.
  • Added the real Make Trax instruction card for the bezel in Crush Roller, thanks to Vintage Arcade.
  • Cleaned up the gray part of the Darius bezel.
  • Made the overlay in Demon look more like the actual overlay, thanks to pics from ionpool
  • Though it can't be seen during gameplay, added in the missing serial number text to the Dig Dug bezel.
  • Fixed the colors in Food Fight, along with some errors in the instructions.
  • Re-did the Frogger upright bezel. The scan that I had (from Vintage Arcade) was kind of dirty, but I was able to use it, along with a control panel overlay, to recreate the bezel. So on this one, the gray pattern background doesn't exactly match the true upright bezel, but it's a lot better than before, and all other parts are correct.
  • Zorg vectored the Goindol bezel, to give it a nice "sharp image" ;-)
  • Got rid of the internal LED part of the LAY file for Golly Ghost (since the internal LEDs don't work for that game), and one of the files (which was meant to be the background not lit up). Fixed the lay file so that the dark background effect could still be accomplished.
  • Fixed the colors on the Gorf bezel. (Some sections that were white should have actually been gray. I probably had a faded source).
  • Cleaned up the middle folds in the Growl bezel.
  • Brightened up the instructions for the Golden Tee games to look more original, and adjusted the layout to look better (especially on a widescreen monitor).
  • Gregf found me a better photo of the internal bezel of a Gun Fight, so the upper text is now correct (still not sure about the correct font, though).
  • Corrected the overlay in Gypsy Juggler, based on the flyer from TAFA (and the fact that the original source was likely faded).
  • Cleaned up In the Hunt juuuuust a little bit.
  • Cleaned up the instruction card for Space Invaders Part II.
  • Cleaned up the bezel for Irritating Maze.
  • Fixed the blue in the proto version of the I, Robot instruction card.
  • When Kangaroo was first color-corrected, I did it wrong (I imported the file into Photoshop, and fixed the colors there; not the same quality). Re-did it in Illustrator, and it looks much better.
  • As nice a job as MAMu_ did on the Mario Bros. bezel, I hadn't noticed that it was based on photos rather than a scan until recently. After looking closer at a real bezel, the colors have been adjusted, and the left fireball replaced.
  • Mortal Kombat I and II didn't actually have bezels, just generic bezels with an instruction card and other stickers. Changed the artwork to both to be a marquee and an instruction card. (Anyone notice that on the actual instruction card, the dragon symbols aren't actually aligned; that is correct).
  • When I "fixed" the colors on the Ms. Pac-Man bezel, I didn't do it right either (apologies to Ad_Enuff). I think I got it right this time. On the cocktail artwork, a piece on one of the A's was missing (wrong layer order in uploaded AI file). Also matched the colors on the cocktail to those of the upright.
  • "Fixed" the Midway and Bally logo text on the Pac-Man cocktail to look more correct, and matched the colors to those of the upright. Note that this still needs to be done right. The source of this cocktail artwork was actually the marquee, not the real cocktail artwork (which is slightly different).
  • Fixed some errors on the UK Robotron, and matched the colors from the UK and cabaret version to those of the US version, originally color matched by Ad_Enuff.
  • Fixed color on blue Rockola bezel (original source was faded). Also added in the proper "One Quarter" sticker to all eight affected games.
  • Space Invaders Deluxe had a major makeover:
    • Corrected colors on bezel
    • Added in missing detail on right side of bezel
    • Fixed bezel proportions
    • Added missing detail from big spaceship near top (due to layer order in AI file)
    • Threw out the old crap backdrop
    • New backdrop has correct colors, based off of the original SI backdrop
    • New moon was vectored by zorg a long time ago; colors fixed thanks to a donation by PokeMAME
    • Verified that the current overlay is correct, also thanks to PokeMAME
  • Got a better picture of a Spiders bezel from Bobby Tribble, which jcroach vectored.
  • The Stargate bezel from the BYOAC/CAG artwork ended up being a better source than the prior version (sorry italie). This has been replaced.
  • Very minor cleanup to Toobin'
  • Found a better picture of an Up 'n' Down bezel from Bobby Tribble, and cleaned it up a bit, too.
  • Replaced the Wacko bezel with a real scan, courtesy of Vintage Arcade Superstore.

Phew! Still with me? OK, so the question everyone else is thinking now is "If there are only 81 new files, why did the other 541 have to change?" And the answer is... standardization, and clean code. I guess you can think of it in the terms of MAMEDev doing a major sub-system update: a decision was made to make a change that will make future updates easier, but every file has to be changed because of it, and the only "visible" benefit is for the programmers; the "user-base" won't even notice the difference.

First problem was that it's been almost two years since this project started, and I forget how many slightly different ways that LAY files have been done in all that time. Big difference number one was the way in which to lay stuff out; the old way was [left, right, top, bottom], which I think of "exact positioning;" the new way has been [x, y, width, height], which I think of as "relative positioning." Using the old way, I would have to continually change all four values in a layout; with the new way, I can move stuff around by just changing [x] and [y], which is easier and more practical. So you won't see anymore of the "old way" in the "View" section of a LAY file. It still exists in a few files for some "rect" elements where it makes sense to plot thing exactly, but that's it.

The second main issue was view names; I just pretty much made stuff up as I went along, without giving any thought to a standard format. So now there is a standard format. The most basic viewnames are:

  • Upright_Artwork
  • Cockpit_Artwork
  • Inst_Card
  • Cocktail_Artwork
  • Cocktail_Inst_Card

I made them fairly generic that way, to simply give you an idea of which type of cabinet that artwork came from. To give view names anything more specific just complicates things (including another item mentioned below). Where a game has more than one type of artwork for a specific view type, the more detailed description is appended on the right (e.g. Upright_Artwork_Pacman). Where a game has more than one "region" of a view type (e.g. instruction cards), I also standardized the abbreviations (US, JPN, UI, ESP, EUR, etc.). Again, there are always going to be exceptions where the name needs to be a bit more specific, so those are still there.

If you notice, none of the view names have spaces anymore, they all use underscores for spaces now. Originally, this was done to better support the "-view" option in MAME, and more recently in 0.126, also affects the option "-snapview." When running on a command line, you can't type "-view Upright Artwork" because the space is treated as though you are adding a second parameter. So, all spaces in viewnames were changed to underscores. Even though these are options most people will never use, and the support was already there to accept partial spellings, the fact remained that current view names made those options not work 100%, so they were fixed.

Other minor code cleanup included getting rid of extra spaces, line breaks, tabs, etc. Again, this didn't hurt anything, other than some things looked messy.

Lastly, on most all bezel artwork that is currently supported, the artwork file includes the full bezel. But on many cabinets, the full bezel isn't visible (as it has to slide into support slots). You can see this on many bezels that include excess blank space on the top or bottom of the bezel. On games where I knew (or approximately knew) the cutoff point, the view was changed to not display the part of the bezel that was not visible. The end result to the user is... larger screensize in that game. For some examples, check out Centipede, or some of the Williams games.

Well, that's pretty much it for today. Next update, the Other Artwork page will be updated with some more X-Box bezels, thanks to Retro27, and I should also hopefully have the Vector Artwork page done by then. Beyond that, I probably have enough artwork to double the amount of current available artwork, with the only constraint being time. For now, I'm going to take a break for a few days, as I can now rest easy that this artwork update is out and safe from a possible hard drive crash ;-)

SITE UPDATE - March 16, 2008

In-Game Artwork:

Quickie to fix the date on Bosconian bezel, to give me a reason to update the page, since it was all farked up.

NOTE: DAT file has NOT been updated for this. Real update is coming soon.

SITE UPDATE - February 12, 2008

In-Game Artwork:

For a quickie update, this one sure took awhile =P

  • The rest of the instruction cards from CPS2Shock are in now, for your Capcom playing pleasure. The only thing I'm unsure of is if the proportions of the cards. If you notice, they are all the same size, as if they were all resized to be the same. And if you compare a couple of the scans I got from Tormod to the same game from there, they don't match. So, if you have any CPS2 cards lying around, feel free to send a scan my way (or you can loan me the card for scanning, and I'll pay for return shipping). Oh, and that goes for any artwork, BTW =D
  • Taito F3 games had a fairly generic bezel and instruction cards and/or mini-marquees. Well, for now, here's the bezel, for 30+ games.
  • After reading a post by boliver10 on the messageboard, I took another look at Asteroids Deluxe, which looked I just rushed the bezel out the door. I showed it some love last night, so it looks a lot better now.
  • Fixed a minor typo in Gypsy Juggler; thanks to mtwitty.

I hear that a certain Englishman got a new computer, so cross your fingers all =D

SITE UPDATE - January 21, 2008

In-Game Artwork:

Somethin' strange in the neighborhood...

  • Kiltron is keeping busy. This week, he completed the bezel for The Real Ghostbusters. Contrary to popular opinion, I always loved this game at the local arcade way back when. This cardboard bezel arrived with lots of creases in it, so it had me a little worried at first. Fortunately, Kiltron was able to perform his magic again.
  • Zorg is back, and vectorized Bosconian, to make it look even sharper and crisper than ever.
  • I went back and revisited Q*Bert, as it's another of those that has bugged me for awhile; the colors were pretty off on the previous version. I found a real bezel and some good pics to compare too, so that I could fix the existing vector that is floating around; no gray, the same shade of each color throughout the whole bezel like it should be, and those black specks on Berty don't belong there (I'm guessing the original source was flaking a bit).
  • Fixed the LAY file for V-Five (thanks orfax). You can simply grab that and replace the one in your current ZIP, instead of having to grab the whole thing.
  • Had some older preview shots named wrong, causing bad links. Thanks to neoforma for finding them all =D

If I remember correctly, when Q*Bert first came out, there were a few complaints about it that were "written off," and I'd like to apologize for taking so long to fix it. I think part of it was attributed to the "want" to get as many existing artwork files moved over to the new format as fast as possible. Everybody back then was new to this, including myself, and some things were simply overlooked.

Well, it's now a year and a half later, and we've worked on hundreds of these things. So quality wise, things are always definitely getting better. But we are still open to legitimate critique, too. So, if you notice anything down the line where you think a mistake was made, either in a current release, or even something from many months back, come visit the MAME Artwork Message Board and drop us a line. As others will testify to, I'll be the first person to admit if I made a mistake. Here are just a few things that will be fixed later in future releases:

  • Mr. Do bezel - current version has incorrect tracing and completely wrong colors; zorg is currently working on this one - YAY!
  • Centipede bezel - I'm almost positive that the current version is based off of one of the Atari PC compilations - YUK! There are five different versions of this in the works coming soon: Upright, cabaret (two kinds), euro, and cocktail.
  • Spiders bezel - I have a correct cabinet picture of this one thanks to Bobby Tribble. This should be fixed soon.
  • Super Bug - the overlay for the car should actually be a "starburst" type shape, rather than just a circle. This is on the todo list.

SITE UPDATE - January 13, 2008

In-Game Artwork:

Looks like we got a little busy for this update ;-)

  • First off, we have Crazy Kong. Aaron bought this one over a year ago. It was just really difficult to do, though, as it was one big plexi piece, with a 45-degree bend where it curves up. Well, Kiltron was up to the challenge, and this one came out REALLY nice in the end.
  • Next up...some more bezels from the BYOAC/CAG artwork: Final Fight, Final Blow, and Kageki
  • Then from Vintage Arcade, we have a bezel for XX Mission, the JPN instruction card for the aformentioned Final Blow, the instruction card for Ajax, and the instruction card set for Yie Ar Kung-Fu.
  • I finished off the rest of the instruction cards made available by Strider of Cybercade: Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel SH vs. SF, SF Alpha 3, SF EX2+, and Varth.
  • Thanks to Tom M. from Ionpool for scanning in cocktail instruction cards for Space Fury and Eliminator.
  • And I'm FINALLY getting to the rest of the instruction cards Tormod sent me about a year ago =P. First off, the rest of his CPS2 stuff: Battle Circuit, JPN version of Marvel SH vs. SF, SF Zero 2. Also, cards for Typhoon (a clone of Ajax with different gameplay), Daimakaimura (JPN version of Ghouls 'n Ghosts), Ghosts 'n Goblins, Polaris cocktail, and a missing card from V-Five.
  • To round out the above CPS2 games, the instruction cards for Marvel vs. Capcom (JPN), SFZero 2 Alpha, and SF Zero 3 from CPS2Shock were added. Next update, we should see the rest of the instruction cards from CPS2Shock.
  • And also from the BYOAC/CAG artwork, the Turbografx marquee for Blazing Lazers (When I first sent the board to Charles, we didn't know what game was included; I was soooo hoping it was Parasol Stars. Oh well, this was still cool, at least to find the legit PCB; now maybe some other ROM cards will turn up).

And now that the NeoGeo driver has been updated again, I need to go back through all those LAY files and adjust them (don't worry, all you'll need to download is new LAY files). Look for these next update, also.

SITE UPDATE - January 1, 2008

In-Game Artwork:

Happy New Year!!

  • Thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork, we have a much improved bezel for Solar Quest (plus I adjusted the color overlay, so that your ship doesn't turn half orange at the top of the screen).
  • Also finished up the bezel for Empire City.
  • Buggy Boy has been renamed to "buggybjr." You can re-download the file, or just grab the LAY file and rename your current file. (Thanks Phil!!)
  • The file "dcclubfd" has been deleted, as this game has now been assigned as a clone of "dcclub." (Thanks Dany69!!)

Big news of the day is Pi rewrote the table sorting code. So now, the table will default displayed in page mode, in game name order ascending. Just click on "Last Updated" to sort the table in descending date order, if you want to see the latest updates first.

SITE UPDATE - December 16, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

What's funny is that I have some artwork where I have no idea what game it belongs to. It's always fun to finally figure it out.

  • I already forget what site I was looking at, but I saw an original cabinet for Arctic's Mars. When I saw the bezel, I did one of those "Ohhhhhhh, THAT's what game it is" things. So here it is, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork.
  • Also finished up Thief this week. What's weird is it looked like it was moved during scanning, so it had this "jump" in it, that I didn't notice until late in the game.
  • Revisited Burgertime, fixing some colors and text, and adding back in some minor missing elements.
  • Finally, something I want to start doing is adding in marquees as part of the artwork. We've already had marquees for Chase HQ, plus the Neo Geo and Beatmania games, but they also had an alternate purpose to be there. So today is the first game that has a marquee "just because:" Gunsmoke.

Artwork.INI has also been re-structured. In MAMEUI, if you click on the main Artwork folder, you will see all games that support artwork. Games are now also broken up by artwork type (bezel, inst. card, etc.) in subfolders, so you can have it both ways. And now with it's recent update, EmuLoader also supports this type of INI file. NOTE: You will need to replace the Artwork.INI that comes with MAMEUI with the version from this site to get the additional features. (JohnIV, if you're reading this, feel free to bundle MAMEUI with my version).

And on that note, Gunsmoke reminds me to again mention something to those that have a copy of the CAG artwork that was purchased by members of BYOAC. Not all of the artwork from that collection is "arcade accurate." For reasons unbeknownst to myself or others, a number of the "restored" artworks, and even some of the files that look like they are raw scans, are simply the wrong color. Gunsmoke is a great example. There are three different files, all with different colors, and all wrong. Luckily, there are enough arcade collectors that have their own websites, that there's plenty of true reference material out there.

Don't get me wrong, now. It's a wonderful artwork collection with a number of pieces that we wouldn't have had access to, otherwise. But, for anyone that is restoring their own cab and using a piece of artwork from this collection as a basis, I just advise that you ensure your final product is as accurate as you want it to be.

Last note, in regards to Thief. Is the current sample of the cassette pretty good, or would we like to see a better version of it? 'Cause I think I can get one.

And one more note. The "Last Updated" filter still doesn't do things like I would like. If you click it right now, you will see nothing. Fix is still coming.

SITE UPDATE - November 26, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

PHP bug that wouldn't display all artwork in page mode is fixed. Thank you Pi for the quick fix, and thank you to slump for pointing that out =D

SITE UPDATE - November 25, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Let's calm things down a bit, and release some artwork, shall we.

  • Zorg has been busy again. First up, is Poolshark, graciously scanned by Andy from Andy's Arcade.
  • Zorg also gave the vector treatment to Super Rider. I also added in the instruction card, thanks to Mike's Arcade.
  • Gregf pointed out some pretty good Sea Wolf videos, so I've adjusted the overlay accordingly. You can simply grab the LAY file and put that in your current file.

The other big news this week is a bit of a site re-organization. I've made it a bit easier to navigate, and to update. The downloads for the various frontend pics have all been moved to one page. The various descriptions for each artwork have been moved to an "About" page. The download page for In-Game Artwork has been moved to a separate page. This page will now be main hub page for all MAME Artwork at this site; news updates for any of the various artworks will be posted here. All downloads are grouped in one section in the left menu now, and are also referenced at the bottom of this page.

By far the coolest part of this site update is the download page for the In-Game Artwork. Pi was kind enough to write up a very cool PHP script for this page. The best part for me is the page is ten times easier to update now, as it is all database driven. The best part for you, the user, is it's a lot more useful. It loads a TON faster, as it's no longer table based. You can view by pages, or all at once. There is now a column for filesize. And the old way of sorting the table is now out the window. Now, when you click on a column header for an artwork type, it will filter to show only those files of that artwork type. Click on the column header for "Last Updated," and you will only see the most recent updates.

Hopefully, you like things as much as I do. As always, I'm open for suggestions. And again, a big thumbs up to Pi, for putting in as much time as he did.

SITE UPDATE - November 7, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Not only do we want to add new games, we need to clean up some of the old stuff, too, so let's get to it...

  • The old Bigfoot Bonkers was based on a lo-res pic of the flyer for the game. Dan at The Arcade Flyer Archive was nice enough to send me a full-size scan of that flyer, so we were able to bump the quality of this one up a couple of notches.
  • The old artwork for Barrier was also based off of a lo-res flyer, so we got a good scan of that one, too. Only thing, though, is the photo on the flyer was of the cabinet straight on, and the artwork is at about a 45-degree angle, so the screen never really displayed correctly on it. It's been given a bump up in quality, and stretched to line up more accurately with the game screen. Not perfect, but about as good as we're going to get unless we find the real thing.
  • The artwork for Meadows Inferno always bugged me a bit, too, and I'm not even sure what the original source was. It's also gotten a bump up in quality, and the flames are now all aligned with the windows (as I assume they should have been).

Now a little status update. Let me see, where should I begin. Ah, yes...the recent two-week break I took. Well, I got tired, plain and simple. With all the recent messages and emails I've received regarding "when's the artwork for so and so going to come out," after the 1000+ hours of my own time and and 1000+ dollars I've invested into artwork, I actually let things get to me, which I said I would never do. So I took a couple steps back, cleared my head, and relaxed for a bit.

With that said, I'm gonna take back what I said a few weeks ago; I can't guarantee weekly updates anymore. When this project first started, there was two of us. Later on down the road, two more joined, and a lot of stuff got done in a short amount of time. Along with that, we had a few other people donate that donated there time and artwork when they could squeeze it in.

But things have slowed down lately. Over the last two months, it's pretty much been all me. I'm not complaining, I just got a little tired being all on my own. And it's not like I can force volunteers to work faster; that's the last thing I would do. I'm grateful for everything everyone has done over this past year; they're just taking a break, too. Real life syndrome, you know.

You see, I had these "delusions of grandeur" when all this started. I pictured volunteers coming from everywhere, arcade game owners more than willing to share what they have to help preserve history; the whole shebang. Since that time, my eyes have opened a little. I've met with disappointment after disappointment, of contacting game owners asking to borrow artwork. They all initially say yes to be polite, but when they realized I was serious, that's when the excuses come, or they just stop answering the emails. So far, only two of those leads ended up working out. Shame really. But I'm not even close to giving up, so don't worry about that. I'm meeting more people, learning a lot more, and it's only been a year.

So what's in the works right now? Well let's see:

  • Last we checked, Ad_Enuff had Berzerk and Moon Patrol about 98% done. But his main artwork computer took a dump awhile ago. ETA on getting it fixed and getting him back to work: currently unknown. Believe me, if I had enough, I'd pay for it to get him back; there are a few games that I would feel much better with him restoring the artwork than having me try.
  • Zorg is in the middle of vectoring a couple things right now, but is currently suffering "real life syndrome." He'll be back when he's back.
  • Same thing for JC. Damn these people with their real lives ;-)
  • Kiltron is working on a few things. Last we spoke, I had his guarantee that he always finishes what he starts.
  • Pi was kind enough to write up a VERY nice PHP script to make viewing and updating the artwork page a LOT easier than it is now. I just need to fix a couple things on my end, and it'll be ready to go.
  • And me? Still doing everything as much as time allows. Got a lot of stuff to work through. Need to also update the cabinet and control panel frontend pics. Need to get started on working marquees into the artwork next year. Lots and lots to do.

I can't guarantee weekly updates anymore, but I can guarantee that work on artwork is NOT going to die off anytime soon. I'm not planning on stopping until we're done, and that is a LONG way off.

SITE UPDATE - October 31, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Happy's Monster Bash.

SITE UPDATE - October 17, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Wow! Nine whole days without an update; my standards are dropping ;-)

Just a couple for this week. Awhile ago, Timothy from Outerworld Arcade sent me a scan of Amidar. I finally got to it last week, as I figured out how to do a few new things in Photoshop. Also, TheDriver from BYOAC acquired a much better scan of the map for upright Outrun.

SITE UPDATE - October 8, 2007 (Part II)

In-Game Artwork:

Mrclean had a nice suggestion: let's do a "theme" release like we did last October. So, in honor of the Yankees choking this year, along with a few other teams (*sigh*), we have Clutch Hitter, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork, and Champion Baseball, which I picked up some months ago. Play ball!

Also, Gyruss was released how many months ago? Did no one realize we were all playing it with the artwork upside down? Well, kelly did, thank goodness. If you already have the artwork, just grab the LAY file below and replace it in your current artwork file, and you're good to go.

SITE UPDATE - October 8, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Is it news when there's no news? Well, when you provide weekly updates for fifteen months, and people expect it to continue, then I guess it is ;-)

I'm determined to keep the weekly updates going, but don't expect them to always be on Sunday nights now; they may be anywhere between Saturday night and Monday night, depending on how my week went.

With that said, you can probably expect something tonight =D

SITE UPDATE - September 30, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

A little late last week, so a little early this week =D

  • Some more stuff, thanks to Vintage Arcade Superstore:
    • A few months ago, jcroach finished up the vector job for a Dragon's Lair scoreboard. I wasn't in too big of a hurry to release it, as the games still aren't working yet; plus I didn't have a speaker cover for it yet. Well, I finally got the speaker cover, so here it is. The games still aren't working, but at least you'll have the artwork when it's ready. The scoreboard is used in Dragon's Lair, Thayer's Quest, and for cabinets that were converted to Space Ace. (Still looking for a dedicated Space Ace scoreboard, btw. Let me know if you find one. You can see one here) [Update - Got one!]. Also included in Thayer's Quest is a scan of the keyboard, so you know what you're doing. And thanks to Ad_Enuff for that nice little graphic to finish off the speakers =D
    • I brought home a Donkey Kong bezel, as that game has always bugged me a little. Once I had it sitting at home, I could see the difference between the old version and the real thing:
      • Richer browns, both the light and dark.
      • The brown on Jumpman's shirt in three of the four spots should be dark brown, not the light brown that matches the circle background. Oddly enough, which looks like a Nintendo printing error, the brown on the Jumpman in the upper-right corner actually is light brown.
      • The alignment on a few of the characters was slightly off.
      • It looks a lot nicer now.
    • Also completed Satan's Hollow and Bloxeed, which were also on loan.
  • To finish off the week, a couple prior purchases are finished: Cadash and Rampage. (Note: Cadash is almost 10MB; that's AFTER it was reduced from 22MB. It's very graphic intensive).

SITE UPDATE - September 27, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Mini-update. Grab the lay file below (since deleted) for Arkanoid Returns to fix that game (sheesh, I needed three reminders for this one).

SITE UPDATE - September 24, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Burned out? Of course not...I just fell asleep early last night ;-)

  • Some more instructions courtesy of tormod. Slowly but surely, I'm emptying out my "pending" instruction card directory:
    • Aero Fighters
    • Batsugun
    • Bee Storm - DoDonPachi II
    • Bomberman
    • Darius Gaiden
    • Desert War
    • Dragon World
    • F-1 Grand Prix
    • Game Tengoku - The Game Paradise
    • Guardian Force
    • Knights of the Round
    • King of Dragons, The
    • Stadium Hero 96 (note: game presently not working in MAME)
    • Vasara
    • Vasara 2

It's about that time again to clean up the LAY files again. As I go back and look at older stuff, I can see where I have strayed away from a "standard" way of doing things. Hopefully I'll finish that project up this week.

Oh, and I finally went out and got an xD card reader this morning, so I can finally get access to my Chicago trip shots. Look for Video Pinball and a review of Star Worlds arcade very soon =D

SITE UPDATE - September 16, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Itty bitty update today. I spent a lot of this week getting organized. If you'd like to get an idea of what is coming soon, you can click here (old post) to check the post at MAMEWorld.

  • Retro27 helped out some more this week and got a couple instruction card games ready for us: Speed Rumbler and Legendary Wings. Enjoy.

SITE UPDATE - September 9, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Due to the awesomeness that is Metroid Prime 3, not a whole lot got done on my end this week ;-)

Luckily, I finished it today, so I can get back to artwork. Anyone that says a Wii sucks or is just for kids hasn't played Twilight Princess, Resident Evil 4, or Metroid Prime 3 yet.

Somehow, I still managed to squeeze in some more instruction cards. (Superman is almost complete; will probably be ready next Sunday).

  • Faster than a speeding bullet, and juuuuust in under the wire, zorg has finished vectoring Superman. This one is outstanding folks. And I have a special place for this one, as it is one of my daughters favorite MAME games.
  • Some more instruction cards for more games courtesty of tormod:
    • Arkanoid Returns
    • Bomb Jack
    • Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
    • Cotton 2
    • Crazy Climber 2
    • Cyvern
    • Hatris
    • Tank Busters

SITE UPDATE - September 2, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

I need to learn Illustrator; the quality of some of these things when they are done is just amazing.

  • Pepper II is another of those games I hadn't played before. Gameplay is kind of like Amidar. This comes courtesy of Vintage Arcade Superstore and vectorization by jcroach.
  • Zorg came back from vacation and got right back to work. This week, he vectorized Eight Ball Action (a conversion game for a Donkey Kong cabinet) and Vanguard, which replaces the existing bezel. Very pretty.
  • Cleaned up the inner bezel for Kick, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork. Still looking for the outer bezel.
  • Picked up a Primal Rage a few weeks ago. An interesting bit of trivia: the original bezels were misprinted. If you check out this pic here, the button config for Diablo's Hot Foot move shows to hold the top right and bottom left button. The one I got had a little sticker placed over it, which shows the correct config.

SITE UPDATE - August 27, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Just a small fix; I had trvwzv named wrong. Grab the LAY file below, pop it into trvwz, and rename the ZIP to trvwzv, and you're good to go. The DAT file and Artwork.ini are also updated.

SITE UPDATE - August 26, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Got busy this week...

  • Thanks to the generosity of Star Worlds Arcade (and italie's scanner), Chase HQ has full artwork, including (mostly) working flashing lamps in the marquee. Thanks to R. Belmont and couriersud for working out the beginning of the lamp support in the driver, and to jcroach for vectoring the marquee, with color matching by Ad_Enuff. For those that simply need more screen real estate, I included two extra views, to include just the marquee or just the bezel, also.
  • Thanks to Gus for being persistent, I hammered out bezels for Goindol and Intrepid, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork.
  • Thanks to Dany69 for pointing out that the Trivia Whiz games changed names in 0.118u3, and a sixth game was added. I also cleaned up the artwork just a bit more, so go ahead and grab them all again.
  • Got a couple more done from the BYOAC/CAG artwork: Gain Ground and Crime City.
  • And waaaay back when anoid sent in the Bally/Midway bezel, it had instructions for Flicky on it, but I neglected to add them. This is now fixed.

SITE UPDATE - August 20, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Space Encounters at Mirror 1 updated and working.

SITE UPDATE - August 19, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Thank goodness this one is finally over with...

  • Let's play Space Encounters the way it was meant to be. To say this was complicated to put together is an understatement. A BIG thanks to Timothy from Outerworld Arcade for scanning and photographing everything, and even putting up a video of the game to see how it was supposed to look in the end. And another BIG thanks to Zsolt Vasvari to updating the driver a while ago, adding support for the tunnel effect and lamps. And though it's not listed below, I added a second "view type" using just the inner bezel and overlay, for those that are going to complain that the game screen is too small ;-) (NOTE: There are two more inside pieces to the game which we will get to at a later date. They still need to be restored for completion's sake, but wouldn't add much more to this point as they are almost completely hidden when viewing the game straight on).
  • Next, we have Renegade, which was graciously purchased by Trevor B. and shipped down here so that it could be supported in MAME. Thumbs up!!
  • Last week, tormod sent me an instruction card for Fighter and Attacker, all cleaned up and ready to go.
  • Lastly, while browsing more through the BYOAC/CAG artwork, I noticed the instrution card for Space Dungeon, so that game is complete now.

Grumble, grumble. Damn proprietary cables. I lost the USB cable for my good camera, which has all of the pics from Star Worlds Arcade on it, and I don't have an xD-card reader yet. I'll be picking one up this week, so that can finally be written. Oh, and Chase HQ will be released once MAME officially supports the lamps (plus, the bezel still needs to be completed).

NOTE: I'm having connection problems with TAFA right now, so you will need to grab Space Encounters from Mirror 2 for now (the other three uploaded fine to TAFA; just SE has problems).

SITE UPDATE - August 12, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

So every so often, work brings me out of town; last month brought me to Chicago again. I got to do two things that week. One, I got to finally meet italie of MAMEWorld fame. Two, I took a visit to Star Worlds Arcade after JC pointed it out to me. I brought italie back with me the following Saturday, and we got some work done. I'll have a full write-up in a week or two, but I had to mention it today, as we've already got some results out of it:

  • The first two that came out of the roadtrip are:
    • A Rad Mobile upright bezel, and the outer bezel to Red Baron, both vectored by jcroach, with color correction by Ad_Enuff
  • Not to be outdone, DaPlumber has also been hard at work, and cleaned up a couple pieces from the BYOAC/CAG artwork:
    • Castle of Dragon, and Gondomania

Also spent a lot of time scanning this week. No more glass/plexiglass in the house again (for now).

SITE UPDATE - August 5, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Year two; let's go...

  • After 53 weeks, I'm running out of adjectives. Let's just say "really nice looking" today:
    • Super Breakout, vectored by jcroach, with color correction by Ad_Enuff
    • Crater Raider, vectored by jcroach, with color correction by Ad_Enuff
    • Driving Force, vectored by zorg, with color correction by Ad_Enuff

Today I expanded the "How to Donate" part on the artwork page. There is now an option to donate via PayPal for those that wish to do so. All monies collected will strictly go toward the purchase of new artwork for inclusion in MAME. I've held back for the longest time, but people keep asking how they can help, so there you go.

SITE UPDATE - July 29, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

First, lets get to the good stuff...

  • Two wonderfully vectored pieces by zorg, with color correction by Ad_Enuff.
    • Operation Thunderbolt
    • Super Sprint
  • I had Blades of Steel set as a horizontal game instead of a vertical game (oops...thanks Tafoid), and missed some credit in the Donkey Kong 3 lay file. Simply grab both LAY files below (by clicking on the ROM name).
  • Battle Garegga was renamed from battleg to bgaregga. Rename your artwork file, and grab the LAY file from below. (Thanks to dany69)
  • The screenshots for the various Bally/Sente games are up now.

Well, Happy Anniversary!!! Tuesday will be the first anniversary of this page. Thanks to everyone who's contributed in the last year, here's an approximate tally of what we've accomplished this year:

  • 246 bezels
  • 172 instruction cards
  • 139 mini-marquees
  •   51 lamps
  •   32 backdrops
  •   13 marquees
  •   11 graphical overlays

This currently gives artwork to 1257 games, or about 19% of MAME's current game list. So what does that show? Well, we've accomplished a LOT, but we've got a LONG way to go still. There's already a ton of stuff in the pipeline, so I have no qualms in saying that this next year could easily be as big as the past year, if not bigger.

And a big thank you to all the users out there that are getting a kick out of everything. Even though I can safely say that we'd be doing this no matter what, it makes it that much more fun that as many people are enjoying the fruits of the hard work =D

SITE UPDATE - July 22, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Some site cleanup, and a few new ones:

  • First, we have a beautiful Mercs bezel, vectorized by zorg and color-corrected by Ad_Enuff
  • I updated the artwork in for the control panel LEDs. Thanks to Zsolt for correcting them. Still not sure things are the way they should be, though...the second-player credits never update, and I still don't know what the fifth LED is for. I need to find a real cabinet and play a few games. I'm not going to update the other NeoGeo files until I know 100% this is the way it's supposed to be.
  • I updated a bunch of LAY files where I was missing credit for some people. Simply click here (since updated) and use the DAT file to update your current artwork files. NOTE: I did not change the "last updated" date for any of these games, so please don't correct me on that =D
  • Since I was at it, I also updated the Bally SAC-1 artwork to cut the file size down about 85%, so I could list it below by game, instead of using that one group file (I hated that). All necessary files are already in the file above. While doing this, I realized the same artwork applied to three more games: Grudge, Rescue Raider, Shrike Avenger. (And no, I haven't updated the screenshots for the Bally/Sente games yet; that'll have to wait until next week).

BTW, if anyone is keeping track, next Monday is the one-year anniversary of the new artwork page =D

SITE UPDATE - July 17, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Mirror2 is back and running.

SITE UPDATE - July 16, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

I made a small change to Thunder and Lightning last week, but forgot to upload the file. It's there now. All you need to do is grab the LAY file.

SITE UPDATE - July 15, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Another big update. Here we go...

  • First, two lovely vectored pieces by jcroach: Looping, which replaces the current version, and Firetrap, which was a LOT of work, courtesy of the BYOAC/CAG artwork.
  • Next, we have a few more bezels courtesy of the BYOAC/CAG artwork>:
    • Astyanax, cleaned up nicely by DaPlumber
    • Captain America
    • Food Fight
    • Ikari Warriors - this version is more complete than the previous version
    • Ikari III
    • Mania Challenge
  • And on the Neo Geo front, we have 88 files to complete K-Z. Well, sort of. I have bottom instruction cards for some of these games that I still need to add in, but I wanted to get the hard part over with ;-) Thanks to the following for these:
    • crazykong
    • eldio
    • mattroid
    • oNyX
    • Paratech
    • tormod
    • Witchboard
  • Another note on the NeoGeo stuff. I know that some of these are "wide-release homebrew" but I don't know which, and I don't know who originally made them. If someone could get back to me with that info so I can correct who gets credit, I'd appreciate it.
  • Finally, I missed some credits in the puckman file. Download this lay file to bring your artwork current.

Also, it looks like I'm having FTP issues with Progettoemma right now, so only Mirror1 is working at the moment.

SITE UPDATE - July 8, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Can you say big update? Let's just get started, shall we...

  • Everyone say hi to Kiltron. For those that don't know him, he made some bezels back in the day for the old artwork system. He's caught the artwork bug again and is going to be helping for a bit:
    • First up is After Burner II. This includes both the cockpit and upright versions, thanks to Vintage Arcade Superstore. Both versions come complete with working lamps, with a special thanks to Zsolt Vasvari for hooking up the lamps in the MAME driver. (Note: Currently, the lamps only work ofr After Burner II, not Afterburner). (Note2: I've been wanting this one since the beginning of the project).
    • Kiltron also brings us Devil Zone. I'm finally happy to have this done, as it was the first bezel I both owned and scanned. This also covers the artwork for Magical Spot and Magical Spot 2.
    • And we also have bezels for Black Tiger and Willow, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork, and a re-creation of the inner bezel for Toobin'.
  • Zorg is also back in action, with a wonderful vector job for 280 Zzzap, courtesy of italie. This also includes the dashboard piece, also from italie, and the color overlay. All that's left for this one now is the backdrop and the car hood piece.
  • Zorg also gives us a beautiful conversion bezel for Escape From the Planet of Robot Monsters.
  • Retro27 sent me the instruction cards for Red Earth. These have been added to Warzard.
  • Thansk to ThePinnyParlour (and request by Gus), the instruction card for Thunder and Lightning.

In addition to all that, pay a visit to the Supplemental Artwork page for some nice snazzy icons by Ad_Enuff, and the Other Artwork page for some new X-Box bezels from Retro27.

Finally, I hooked in the WIP page to the rest of the site, so that people can actually find it now.

SITE UPDATE - July 1, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Sorry, long day, quick update.

  • Another outstanding vector job by Zorg for Barricade. Now, this particular bezel version had a red overlay. "But," I hear you say, "the flyer is green." So I included both.
  • Zorg also vectored Zzyzzyxx to add that extra bit of sharpness to it.

There would have been more today, but it's been a looooong weekend. My apologies to Retro27; I'll put up the new X-Box bezels next week, along with Addy's new dock icons.

And for 280ZZZap, it's done, but I need to verify a couple things with photos first.

SITE UPDATE - June 24, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Well, it's summertime!! Learn ths lesson: if you are fair-skinned, don't be a dumbass and fall asleep at the waterpark unless you're sitting in the shade, sunblock or not. Damn my legs hurt =P Anyway, on to today's releases:

  • Zorg did an outstanding vector job on a bootleg of Puckman. This one is pretty close to the original, but we still really, REALLY want the real thing. This will now be "view_2" in the file.
  • A LONG time ago, yaggy sent me pics of the backdrop for Sega Space Attack. I never implemented it because the backdrop is for the B&W version of the game, but the MAME version is in color. Well, it seems the game has an option in the UI menu called "Driver Configuration." Go in there, and change the monitor to B&W, and there you have it. Also added in the overlay, based on the same pics from yaggy.
  • Kiltron submitted a very cool looking bezel for Magic Sword.
  • T0M should be happy this week. One of the first bezels I purchased was for Gladiator. I finally got around to finishing that, along with a nice clean replacement for Galaga.
  • And I figured why not join the CPS3 hype-machine. Instruction cards for JoJo, SFIII:3, and Warzard, thanks to tormod and jeston. Looks really nice on a wide-screen monitor.

Dang, almost forgot. Need to update the artwork.ini file each week now. OK, it's updated.

Well, people keep asking for a WIP page. It's been what, almost a year now, so I guess it's about time to put one up. You can see what's going on by clicking here. It's just a separate page for now; I'll integrate it later, along with a "most wanted" page.

SITE UPDATE - June 17, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Happy Father's Day! At the time when kids bring dad a homemade card from school, here's a few bezels that were re-created based on some good photos (along with some other stuff):

  • Using various photos, re-created the upright and cocktail bezels for Domino Man
  • Same technique to create bezels for two of the Moppet games: Pirate Treasure and Leprechaun
  • Still going, added the cabaret version bezel to Ms. Pac-Man
  • Shoegazer of NonMAME fame went to an arcade a while ago and took some nice pics. For now, that gives us Crackshot (with a few more on the way).
  • The following games were renamed (details below for why). You can simply download the LAY file for each game and either let ClrMAME rebuild for you, or do it by hand.
    • Renamed stratovox to speakres
    • Renamed gradius to nemesis
    • Renamed sprint2 to sprint1
    • Renamed sngkace to samuraia

So the issue of an artwork.ini seems to pop up every so often. I first looked into doing it myself back in November, as I noticed it was part of MAME32 at that point, under "custom.ini." There were two things wrong here, though.

One, if a clone had an artwork file, but the parent didn't, the clone would show in the list under the wrong parent. This was easy enough to fix with the change I just noted above. For the most part, I've been keeping all of the artwork files named after parent sets, so that you can use any artwork for any clone of that same set. Today just fixes the last four that I never went back and corrected.

Two, the custom.ini that came bundled with MAME32 only showed the games named after the artwork files. No clones, and none of the DECO or Max-a-Flex games.

So I figured I should just spend the extra bit of time each week and do it myself. The file can be found below the link for the DAT file at the beginning of the table, and will be updated weekly. Simply place into your /folders folder for MAME32. Maybe other frontends can make use of it, too.

That's it for tonight. Off to bed now so I can have some birthday cake tomorrow =D

SITE UPDATE - June 10, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

This week was mainly a scanning week. I'm thinking I'll finally put up some type of WIP page soon, just so people can see what's in the pipeline.

I also keep getting inquiries every so often about putting up a PayPal link to donate money toward buying artwork. I'm still not sure about doing something like that (just kind of feels weird asking). For now, I think I'll keep things as they are: if you want to send me something, PM or email me. If you see something you want, you can buy it and send it to me, or let me buy it, and you can send me the funds. If my pocketbook starts feeling the pinch, maybe I'll change my mind.

SITE UPDATE - June 4, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

What? You mean all the 19xx games aren't vertical? (Oops...too many LAY files too quickly). You might want to grab the new LAY file for 1944 to fix that. (Just right-click on the filename).

Thanks to Retro27 for pointing it out =D

SITE UPDATE - June 3, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Is it summer yet?

  • The highlight of this week is Klax, vectored by jcroach. The upright version is thanks to Gene at Vintage Arcade Superstore, and the cabaret version is thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork.
  • Also started on some more instruction cards, courtesy of tormod (and one from Razoola). Today we have:
    • 1941
    • 1944
    • Blades of Steel
    • Cannon Dancer
    • Choplifter
    • Elevator Action Returns
    • Haunted Castle
    • Pac-Land
    • Space Firebird
    • Strider 2
    • Super Spacefortress Macross
    • Twin Bee Yahhoo!

SITE UPDATE - May 27, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Thanks to Aaron's recently finished Astrocade rewrite, Sea Wolf II is now a reality. If you'd like to read about my comedy-like effort to get thing in the first place, click here.

  • Sea Wolf II is done, complete with lamps. Thanks to jcroach for vectoring the periscope piece, and Mark B. from Surfside Music and Collectibles (dead link for old ebay store) for putting up with me and giving me the time to scan everything. The full periscope piece is on the Other Artwork page for prosperity purposes.
  • Armored Car is also done, thanks to Timothy at Outerworld Arcade.
  • And thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork, we have a bezel for Marvel vs. Super Heroes. Note that this version is cropped, though; the full bezel is bigger. I'd still like to find one if I can. Also added in the JPN instruction cards, snagged from CPS2Shock.
  • And a minor note: I left out some credit in Discs of Tron. You can download a replacement LAY file here.

I need to work on Space Encounters now; I've been stalling for too long =P

SITE UPDATE - May 20, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Oy! I feel like I spent all day on this today. (Well, I did).

  • We have the Neo Geo mini-marquees A-J, plus the generic MVS, which is 36 files for today. Each one includes two views: one with the marquee, and the second as an instruction card. Some games include multiple regions. The generic MVS will be an option in any Neo Geo game. Some games include bezel instruction cards; for those, the instruction cards are defined as "backdrops" in the lay file, so you can optionally turn them off if you want. Thanks to the following:
    • zorg for vectoring the main marquee, donated by ClassicArcadeGrafix
    • BYOAC/CAG artwork for breakers [US], burningf, gpilots
    • crazykong for 3countb, bstars, bstars2, crsword, ctomaday, cyberlip, doubledr, eightman, fatfury2, fightvev, garou
    • oNyX for 2020bb, alpham2, androdun, aodk, bjourney, blazstar, breakers [JPN], breakrev, fatfursp, fatfury3, fbfrenzy, flipshot, galaxyfg, ganryu, goalx3, gowcaizr, gururin, joyjoy
    • mattroid for aof3
    • Paratech for aof2 [JPN]
    • witchboard for aof, aof2, fatfury1

I'm MORE than happy to replace anything if you have a better scan of a mini than what I have included, and witchboard would be more than happy to host it for you. I'll be getting to K-Z in a few weeks.

And you'll notice the site's a little different, with the "quality ratings." I'll explain it more next time; it's time for bed =D

SITE UPDATE - May 13, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

In celebration of Mother's Day, we have artwork for games which feature helicopters shooting down everything in site, and guys beating the crap out of each other. Go figure ;-)

  • Thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork, we have releases for Bad Dudes, SF2:CE, Twin Eagle, and Twin Cobra (have fun Twisty).

Things are looking up for the future it seems. (But I still need/want Addy and Zorg back in action soon; four people can get work done a lot faster/better than two people). By next weekend, I also need to revamp the ratings system a bit (M-H-U just doesn't cut it anymore). Neo Geo is coming along; I'll release the A-G before I finish the rest of them. It's also time I cramped down and worked on clearing out the instruction card folder. And I haven't even mentioned some of the new stuff that's come in yet (who you gonna call?), or some of the 1970's stuff. Busy, busy, busy.

SITE UPDATE - May 6, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Taught myself a few new tricks which may help out in the future. And today's update takes our total game count over 300. Still got a LOOOONG way to go, though.

  • Another fine vectoring job by jcroach for the bezel and add'l instruction cards for Shinobi, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork
  • Finally finished up Strategy X, scanned awhile ago by Timothy at Outerworld Arcade
  • Cleaned up 1942 and the cabaret version of Omega Race, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork. The overlay for Omega Race was based on various photos and RGVAC discussions.
  • Added the "under bezel" instruction card for Donkey Kong, plus the cocktail instructions, thanks to MikesArcade
  • Based on the game manual and a few game photos, re-created the overlay for Subs. It actually makes the game more playable, now that you know where your borders are.

SITE UPDATE - April 29, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Can't believe I forgot to put up DOT last week =P Can't believe all this time the backdrop has been flipped backwards =P

  • Discs of Tron now has outer artwork, thanks to BYOAC (for the inner) and to Mark B. from Surfside Music and Collectibles (dead link for old ebay store) (for the outer). Credit for vectoring both pieces to jcroach.
  • Added the bezel for Moonwalker, thanks to Vintage Arcade Superstore.
  • Added the instructions to the Qix bezel, thanks to BYOAC.

SITE UPDATE - April 23, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

I bonked up Tetris last night (damn late-night updates). If you already grabbed it, you can grab the updated LAY file here. DAT file also updated.

SITE UPDATE - April 22, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

JC continues to be on a roll. Two more for this week below. In other news, I finally tracked down a damn Frogger for scanning =D

  • Two more from the BYOAC purchase and vectored by jcroach: American Speedway and Tetris by Atari.

SITE UPDATE - April 15, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Still working on a lot of stuff; got a lot more scanning done this week. (Yay! More stuff I can take out of the house). I'm stuck as to what to do right now with a few completed raster bezels, as they are quite large in size, and Addy's "special software" is still not available. (For example, Robocop is 11.4 MB). We'll see what can be figured out.

  • jcroach did a nice vector job on Xenophobe
  • Using official sticker artwork from the game (thanks to the BYOAC group purchase), I made a bezel for Simpson's Bowling.

SITE UPDATE - April 8, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

It's late; I got nothin' clever to say tonight =P

  • jcroach finished up the vector on Lock 'n' Chase
  • Added the bezel for Narc
  • Cleaned up that dirt spot on Asterix

SITE UPDATE - April 1, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Been spending most of this week re-organizing all the stuff I have on my computer, so I can get some sort of semblance of what needs to be done. Also found a file cabinet full of instruction cards at the warehouse last week; ended up with about another 70+ of stuff I didn't already have. So for this week, we have just a few instruction card releases. Oh yeah, and this (dead ebay link - for Boothill backdrop) arrived safe and in one piece on Friday.

  • My favorite out of the bunch of stuff from Vintage Arcade Superstore was Namco Classic Collection Vol. 1; just need to find the second one now.
  • Now that I'm finally going through the bunch of instruction cards tormod sent me months ago, we have Die Hard Arcade and Asterix (btw, I think Die Hard has a second instruction card we need to find).

The thing about instruction cards is they have a LOT of detail, so they don't compress nearly as well as regular bezels. So if anyone is wondering why the file sizes on some of these "tiny" instruction cards are as large as they are, well, there you go. I've probably got another couple hundered or more of these that I need to sort through (and that's NOT counting Neo Geo or CPS-2).

SITE UPDATE - March 25, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Three more done for the week, while everyone is working hard on more new stuff:

  • Space Fury; thanks to the scan from Timothy at Outerworld Arcade
  • Thunder Jaws; thanks to the scan from anoid
  • Operation Wolf; thanks to the BYOAC group purchase

SITE UPDATE - March 18, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Just a few replacements this week, but it makes these three look so much brighter =P

  • Zorg went back and vectorized Kangaroo a few weeks ago. I finally got around to matching the colors today.
  • Thanks to the BYOAC Group Purchase, we have Hi-Res bezels for Terminator 2 and Jungle King.

Still more to come. This week, I finally finished scanning all of the glass and plexi pieces that have been sitting in my house for so long. Needless to say, the wife and kids were happy to see those things go =D. Zorg also picked up a scanner, so we may see some Euro versions of bezels pretty soon.

Also updated the Artwork Dimensions page with some more stuff that I picked up recently and some stuff from zorg; some scanned, some in the queue. Here's what was added: Arabian, Atari Football (CP Plexi), Cadash, Cal50, Champion Baseball, Centipede - Euro, Discs of Tron, Eliminator, Gang Wars, Great 1000 Mile Rally, Night Striker, Operation Thunderbolt, Puckman - Bell Fruit License, Sea Wolf II (Bezel and Periscope piece), Skins Game, Super Sprint, Superman, Thunder Fox, Turbo Outrun (Cabaret), Two Tigers (Inner and Outer Bezel), X-Men: COTA, Xenophobe

SITE UPDATE - March 11, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Yay!! Pac-Man is done! And here's a bunch of other good stuff, too =D

  • Lots of changes to the Puckman (Pac-Man file). First, the upright bezel was redone, based on an original scan on loan from Vintage Arcade Superstore, and vectored by jcroach. From the same two, we also have the cabaret version of the bezel. On the cocktail artwork, I made the black actually black instead of gray; I also added a white backdrop to the cocktail artwork so that you can still tell the shape of it. If you don't like it, you can turn off backdrops for that game. I also changed the default bezel to Pac-Man, since the included Puckman bezel isn't the original Namco version, and the majority of the clones are versions of Pac-Man anyway.
  • Adjusted the colors on the Ms. Pac-Man upright to match more of what I see everywhere I go. Also made the same adjustments to the cocktail as noted above.
  • Super Pac-Man has a new shiny and more accurate hi-res bezel, thanks to a new scan.
  • Something I missed a long time ago: Pac-Man Plus isn't a clone and needs it's own file. Done, now that we have a new upright bezel.
  • The cabaret version of Polaris is now available, thanks to VAS and jcroach.
  • Two additions to Space Invaders. First, we have the cabaret version, based on Polaris; the instructions and colors based on a photo contributed by btribble. The other is the Taito version of the bezel, contributed awhile ago by ClassicArcadeGrafix. I've been holding out on this because I had actually tracked down someone who had a full-size scan of the Taito moon. Things looked up at first, but it's been four months now, and emails haven't been returned for at least the last two months, so I grabbed the version from and put that in for now, until the full scan turns up later.
  • Addy should be back soon, but until then, I figured I'd step up and take care of some raster stuff that has been waiting for awhile. As Gyruss has always been in my top-ten list, I hit that one first. Let me know how you like it. Thank you to anoid for the scan.
  • And finally, I found a decent picture of a Locomotion bezel, which was simple enough in shape to vector. Thanks again to jcroach for the fine vectoring job.

SITE UPDATE - March 4, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

So what's the record for most consecutive weekly updates for something emulation related? ;-)

Seriously, though, it's been thirty weeks now, and we somehow manage to keep going. I hope everyone is having as much fun as we are.

SITE UPDATE - February 25, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Just a couple more for today. I'm going to see what I can do about cleaning up some of the easier non-vector that's sitting in the queue. Already started on Armored Car, Thunder Jaws, and Gyruss. Kangaroo and Thunderblade will be ready next week after color-matching.

  • A few months ago, rohan lent me a Tron bezel shroud. Now that I have a decent enough camera that can take pictures in RAW format, this has been added, along with the backdrop piece courtesy of the BYOAC purchase.
  • At the Other Artwork page, you can grab Pong, vectored by jcroach, on loan from Vintage Arcade Superstore

SITE UPDATE - February 18, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Today's potpourri day. A bunch of different things sprinkled here and there.

  • Zorg finished his vector of Tank Battalion
  • The cocktail tables for Asteroids and Space Duel were vectored by jcroach
  • Zorg's vector of the upright bezel for Pole Position is ready to go. I also included the graphics for the gearshift for Pole Position. Note that this won't work until the driver is updated. Also fixed the screen position on the cockpit bezel (finally got it, red!).
  • A bunch of William's updates:
    • We have Defender, thanks to the BYOAC group purchase
    • Fixed the instruction card for Joust
    • Fixed the colors and a couple missing elements on the Robotron Cabaret bezel
    • So as to no longer leave out our UK friends, there are now both US and UK options for Defender, Stargate, and Joust.
  • Added cocktail layout for Phoenix, thanks to the BYOAC group purchase
  • Added the missing "One Quarter" sticker to Star Castle, thanks to the BYOAC group purchase
  • Thanks to vectoring by Zorg, you can find Monaco GP at the Other Artwork page, which is compatible with MiSFiT MAME.
  • Added transparent crosshairs to the Artwork [Supplemental] page, for those people that would like crosshairs permanently turned off for all games.
  • Also on the Other Artwork page is a section for alternate layout files, for those things I see people request every so often. This first set of files will give alternate views for the Sega and Nintendo Dual-Vertical games, to maximize on-screen real-estate.

SITE UPDATE - February 12, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Woke up this morning and realized I forgot to do a couple things last night:

  • Forgot to upload the new LAY files: fixed
  • Mistakenly deleted Terminator 2 and Food Fight. I had updated these, but then realized I made a mistake, so I deleted them, but forgot to put back in the old version. DAT file updated.
  • Dates fixed on updated games.

SITE UPDATE - February 11, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

A few weeks ago, JoyMonkey and other members from BYOAC got together and purchased the artwork collection from ClassicArcadeGrafix. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to put money in as part of the group, as this happened the same time that my computer was down. But fortunately, they knew our intentions were good, and still provided us with a copy.

The main thing this does more than anything is save a LOT of time. Most of what is here we have or have access to, and others we would have eventually gotten to by trading. Some games have images that are clean and ready to go; some images are just raw scans that still need cleaning. Right now, there is just a lot of sorting out to do; but we were able to get a few things from it ready for this week:

  • First though, jcroach was nice enough to vector the border frame for an Asteroids cocktail picked up from Gene at Vintage Arcade Superstore. Nice thing is this can serve as a template for quite a few Atari cocktail tables. First one up this week is Asteroids Deluxe, thanks to additional graphics from the BYOAC purchase.
  • For bezels, we have Crossbow, Front Line, Galaxian, and FINALLY a truly correct Asteroids Deluxe (time to retire my hand-drawn one).
  • For instruction cards, we have Area 51, Golden Axe II, Lethal Enforcers, and Total Carnage.
  • Updated the LAY files for Space Invaders and Space Encounters, due to changes in the mw8080 driver in MAME. You don't need to download the whole thing again, you can just click on the filename in the second column to download the new LAY file and add it to your current artwork file. Space Encounters has a WHOLE LOT more coming; this is only a fix for the current file.

SITE UPDATE - February 4, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

It's been half a year (26 weeks) now, and we're still going. It may seem like things have slowed a little, but no worries. There's plenty more coming fairly soon.

This week brings us Rally X (and New Rally X) thanks to Vintage Arcade Superstore and vectorization by jcroach.

The "surprise" arrived last week, but more needs to be done with it still. Stay tuned.

SITE UPDATE - January 28, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Lot's of fun stuff this week.

  • Big news for today is full lamps in Sea Wolf. Big thanks goes to Zsolt for updating the driver to support them, Gene at Vintage Arcade Superstore for letting me tear apart the cab, and jcroach for vectoring the two explosion lamps used. (Oh, and I did the rest). Some notes:
    • The full pieces of both the explosion-lamps and the periscope piece can't actually be used as they are, so they have been added to the Other Artwork page.
    • Currently, MAME supports custom cursors, but not per game, and they are scaled down. For this reason, we currently can't recreate the full periscope sight. For now, I created a crosshair that matches it which you can download from the (newly renamed) Supplemental Artwork page. Simply extract the file to your artwork directory. Note that if you do this, it will replace the default crosshair in MAME for ALL games that use a crosshair. Also, it appears blue in-game because of the blue overlay used in the game.
    • On the explosion-lamp piece, there are sixteen different lamps, which use two distinct designs, which are in the artwork file. If you take a look at the full piece, you'll notice that there are ever-so-slight variances between two lamps with the same design. So why didn't we re-create all sixteen individual lamps "in the name of accuracy?" One, because the details are so small you can't really tell the difference while playing in-game. Two, that's why I include the full piece on the Other Artwork page.
    • You'll also notice that on the full piece, the lamps aren't lined up straight, but they are in the LAY file. I'm "concjecturing" that because of the way the screen is viewed in the real game (shined onto the glass, which is viewed through the periscope), they end up lined up in the player's point of view.
    • There are two views: Periscope View and Outside Bezel View. The default view is now without the bezel, because this is how the player would have actually viewed the game while playing. The Outside View is how it would have looked to a spectator watching. In reality, you would not be able to see the torpedo lamps this way, but they have been included anyway for playability. The lamps are set as a backdrop in this view, so if you would rather play in this view "more realistically", simply turn off backdrops for that view.
  • Also added some stuff to the Other Artwork page in addition to the full Seawolf pieces.
    • Addy cleaned up Desert Patrol for gregf.
    • Retro27 grabbed screenshots from the XBox live versions of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and Rally-X, and converted those into bezels. They look pretty cool, especially on a wide-screen monitor. They are each named after clones of those three games so that you don't accidentally overwrite your current artwork files. You can also rename the files to any other ROM name, as the LAY files are named using the DEFAULT.LAY format (you don't need to touch the files inside the ZIP, just rename the ZIP itself).
  • I changed the font page to a Supplemental Artwork page. In addition to the fonts, I've also included the effect files that Twisty has been compiling on the MAME Chat messageboard (which are also included with MAME32, but not command-line MAME). Also, in addition to the Seawolf crosshair, I made a few more crosshairs just for fun, based on a few popular games, along with the old MAME crosshair (for those sentimental folks). Each one (except Seawolf) includes crosshairs for both Player 1 (blue) and Player 2 (red). Download whichever one you wish, and unzip it to your current artwork directory. Note that if you do so, you will replace the built-in MAME crosshair for ALL games.

I'm also expecting a very valuable package next week. Cross your fingers and watch the messageboard =D

Also of note: in additon to Seawolf, Zsolt also hooked up the lamps for Space Encounters, Midway Bowling Alley, and Midway 8080 games. I already have the lamps working in the LAY file for Space Encounters; just waiting on the necessary pics and scans. I also have some nice reference material for Midway Bowling. Busy, busy, busy.

SITE UPDATE - January 21, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Today's more of a maintenance release more than anything else.

  • Thanks to the loan by Vintage Arcade Superstore and vectorization by jcroach, we finally have a completely accurate Missile Command bezel. I put two views in this one: actual arcade, and a second to maximize the artwork to the screen.
  • I bonked on the colors on Frenzy two weeks ago; Ad_Enuff kindly corrected this.
  • Same thing on Helifire. I based the colors on the eBay auction photos I saw, which were faded. Thanks go to Juergen R. for submitting the corrections.

I also updated the Artwork Dimensions page, if you want to see some more hints on what's coming soon ;-)

SITE UPDATE - January 14, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

A few more new ones this week. I think we're all finally over the holidays now, so we should see more soon.

  • Thanks to the loan by Vintage Arcade Superstore and cleanup by Ad_Enuff, we have a shiny new Pac-Mania and bootleg Ghosts 'n Goblins bezel.
  • Greg pointed me out to the game Helifire, which ended up simply being Radarscope with different hues. Five to ten minutes of color adjustment, and we have another bezel.

SITE UPDATE - January 7, 2007

In-Game Artwork:

Happy (Belated) New Year !

My apologies to anyone who downloaded last week's DAT file from Roman then came here and couldn't find Bubbles. Last week's update was made at the MAME Artwork Board from work since my system was down at home.

Computer's almost ready to go. I made a mistake and chose the wrong shipping method for my power supply and hard drive, so it won't be here until early next week. In the meantime, I went and bought another temporary power supply and hooked up the current hard drives. In the meantime, I've gotten some worthwhile hours in on Twilight Princess and nailed Free Bird on Guitar Hero II.

  • Again, just one update this week (it has been the holidays, you know). Thanks to the loan by Vintage Arcade Superstore and vectorization by zorg, we have Frenzy (and yes, Berzerk is in the cue, once the computer is up and running full speed).
  • Also, added Bubbles to the page finally =P

SITE UPDATE - December 31, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

*** Originally posted at the MAME Artwork Board ***

If you hadn't seen already, I'm without a computer right now:

I'm not sure if I'll be up and running before Sunday, so I figured I'd better do something today while I still have access to an internet connection. I'm determined to continue to update weekly, no matter how small.

Only one this week, but it's a beauty: Bubbles, thanks to an outstanding vectoring job by jcroach and the bezel loan from Vintage Arcade Superstore.

NOTE: Yes, "crums" is spelled that way on the real machine.

You can find the artwork file attached to this post. Screenshot and updated DAT file are in the replies below. Enjoy !

SITE UPDATE - December 24, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

M E R R Y     C H R I S T M A S ! ! !

  • Thanks to the loan by Vintage Arcade Superstore and top-of-the-line restoration by Addy, we have:
    • Mouse Trap
    • Pengo
  • Thanks to a scan by anoid for one, and to the loan by Vintage Arcade Superstore for the other, we have both of the generic Bally/Midway bezels for the following games (sharply vectored by zorg):
    • Bullfight
    • Flicky
    • Mister Viking
    • SWAT
    • Up'n Down
    • Water Match
  • Thanks to the loan by Vintage Arcade Superstore and vectorization by zorg, we have:
    • Alpine Ski
    • Space Dungeon
    • Wild Western
  • Make Trax is a little shinier thanks to lots of toe tracing by zorg.
  • Thanks to anoid, we have the instruction card for Lightning Fighters.
  • Thanks to Timothy from OuterWorld Arcade for pointing out that I had Targ and Spectar incorrectly setup as vertical games instead of horizontal like they should be. You can simply grab the new LAY files below and replace the ones in your current files; no need to download the whole file again.

SITE UPDATE - December 17, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Just a smallish update this week. Looks like everyone's taken a breather this week =D

  • Thanks to the loan by Vintage Arcade Superstore, we have a scan of the generic Rockola bezel, which zorg vectored quite nicely. For now, I added in a blank red instruction card until we get the real thing. This gives us a bezel for the following games:
    • Eyes
    • Fantasy
    • Jump Bug
    • Levers
    • Nibbler
    • Pioneer Balloon
    • Survival
    • Warp Warp

Also, not sure if I mentioned it in enough detail last week, but there is now an added a page for Other Arcade Artwork page (renamed from "unofficial"). This will be for artwork we have that doesn't have a home anywhere else, including both unofficial artwork suitable for MAME, and unMAMEd artwork.

Right now, the page includes a few 3-D artwork files for MAME, plus a fun Pac-Man "burned-in monitor" version, Tank II, which is unemulated, and the full Space Invaders Midway backdrop, as the current version in MAME is masked. Basically, it's a place to hold "everything else." We should see some Desert Patrol and Monaco GP artwork on this page in the coming weeks =D

I know I said I would have the MESS page up this week. Well, that'll be the last time I commit myself to a deadline =P

I just barely started playing with MESS today; I must say that I've been missing out. There's a couple things I want to adjust in the current submitted artwork, and then I'll have it posted.

SITE UPDATE - December 10, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

This is just too much good stuff for one week. Thirteen new games; one from 1989, one from 1984, and the other eleven are from 1982 or earlier, including the oldest game in MAME. Woohoo!!!

  • The following new files are thanks to the loan by Vintage Arcade Superstore:
    • Carnival, cleaned up by Ad_Enuff
    • The oldest game in MAME, Gunfight, was vectorized by Zorg. The actual game has text on the inner bezel above the monitor, though I can't find a clear pick to tell the exact text or font, so for now, this is based on blurry pics and the manual. If anyone has a good pic of an actual cab, please let me know.
    • Kozmik Kroozr, cleaned up by Ad_Enuff. I was able to recreate the backdrop, complete with the spaceship. However, at this time, there is no way to make the ship change position (though I do have the pics to do it). Maybe some special sole will be able to add something to the driver.
    • Root Beer Tapper, vectorized by Zorg
    • Robby Roto, cleaned up by Ad_Enuff
    • Shark Attack, cleaned up by Ad_Enuff
    • Zoo Keeper, cleaned up by Ad_Enuff
  • The following updated files are thanks to the loan by Vintage Arcade Superstore:
    • Armor Attack now has a bezel, cleaned up by Addy
    • Gorf is now sharper than ever, thanks to a fine vector job by Zorg
    • Jungle Hunt has been added to the Jungle King file; vectorization by Zorg
    • Ms. Pac-Man is finally, FINALLY, brought to justice, thanks to cleanup by Addy.
  • Thanks to ClassicArcadeGrafix, we have a new bezel for Plotting.
  • And the best for last, Midway Space Invaders actually looks like Space Invaders now. We got the bezel from VAS, and the moon and backdrop from CAG, all cleaned up by Addy. It's shinier than it's ever been. Where's Taito? He made it back to Kansas, but the wizard is still out looking for Dorothy, so it's taking a little while longer =D

Also, added a page for Unofficial Artwork. MESS page should be up next week.

SITE UPDATE - December 3, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Today's instruction card day. I finally got around to finishing everything from TheSheep's World of Arcades, plus a few more things that tormod sent me on the first round. Now I need to get to the next 300+ that I just asked him to send me. Plus the ones I have from the old oNyX museum. Plus the stuff Smitdogg just sent me. Plus everything from CPS2Shock. Plus the 80+ bezels I have sitting here waiting to be scanned. Sigh...Happy Holidays ;-)

  • CADWeazle did an outstanding job on the two DECO Cassette bezels. All you need to grab is the one file, and these will work for ALL games on that system.
  • Spy Hunter is done (again), along with minor adjustments to Star Trek and Qix.
  • Thanks to TheSheep's wonderful website and more stuff from tormod, we have the following instruction cards (along with original submitters):
    • From Hoppmann79:
      • Battle Bakraid
      • Strikers 1945 II
      • Sengoku Ace
    • From jeston:
      • Gokujyou Parodius
    • From TheSheep
      • Battle Garegga
      • Brave Blade
    • From Tobias:
      • Dragon Blaze [JPN]
    • And from tormod himself:
      • Akkanbeder (Space Invaders '95)
      • Bubble Symphony (Bubble Bobble 2)
      • Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom
      • Gradius III [US]
      • Mazinger Z
      • Mercs
      • Phantasm (Avenging Spirit)
      • Puzzle Uo Poko
      • Shippu Mahou Daisakusen
      • V-Five
  • I went back and revisited the "Instruction Only" games. For any game that has both a right and/or left card plus a bottom card, the bottom card has now been defined as a backdrop in the layout file, so you can optionally choose to hide the bottom card while leaving the right/left cards, giving you a little more screen real-estate. I also took out the extra view for vertical games that had left/right cards (the view of both cards on one side). This alternate view gives you extra screen real-estate for horizontal games on some monitors, but does absolutely nothing for vertical games. You can grab those new layout files by clicking here (since updated).

SITE UPDATE - November 27, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

As promised, Spy Hunter is now up =D

SITE UPDATE - November 26, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Sometimes I wonder which is more fun: releasing brand new artwork, or releasing "night-and-day" updates to previous artwork. Today we have some of each. Unfortunately, Spy Hunter still has one minor thing that needs to be fixed on it; otherwise it is ready to go, including the lamps. Once Addy gets it back to me, I'll put it up; I won't wait until next Sunday.

  • Thanks to Aaron and Addy, we have a nice full bezel for Skydiver now. It's neat to see how the cloud overlay fits in nicely with the bezel. Oh yeah, the lamps work real nice, too =D
  • We also have Star Trek, thanks to a scan by Aaron, on loan from Tim at and cleanup by Ad_Enuff. Later down the road, we'll add in the extra piece for the cockpit version. What's nice with this bezel is you now know what those three meters are in the top left of your screen.
  • The following are thanks to the loan by Vintage Arcade Superstore:
    • Seawolf, thanks to cleanup by Addy, blows the old .ART version out of the water. Other parts of the artwork (gunsight, torpedo lamps) to come later.
    • The current Jr. Pac-Man and the US Robotron have been replaced, thanks to fine vectorizations by zorg.
    • We also have Space Zap, vectorized by zorg. This game is seriously fun, if you've never tried it before.
  • I created full artwork with lamps for the Beatmania games; which makes them a little more tolerable. Some other things on this:
    • To hide the top marquee, turn off the backdrop
    • This will be redone again next year, once I get a better camera, and find a machine in better condition.
    • None of the marquees are the actual marquee. If someone has good pics of these, drop me a line please.
    • The game really does take 3-4 minutes to boot up; be patient.

I redid the table below a bit. I added a new classification, LP, for games that have lamps/LEDs supported in the artwork file. Also, you can now click on the filename to view/download just the LAY file for each game. Handy for you if you just want to read the notes for that game; handy for me if I simply do a LAY update for a game.

SITE UPDATE - November 19, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Wiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Between last night and this morning, I spent 16 hours in line to make sure I would have my kids would have their nice shiny new Chrismtas present. I was seriously considering not updating today, but this was too important of an update. The things I do for you people =D

Spy Hunter and Skydiver are going to need to wait until next week so that I can do the lights for them. I want to make sure I do them right; I don't want to work on them in the condition I'm in right now =P

  • Avalanche has a nice, shiny, new frame, thanks Aaron and Ad_Enuff
  • The following are thanks to the loan by Vintage Arcade Superstore and cleanup by Ad_Enuff:
    • Donkey Kong Jr.
    • Pole Position Upright
    • Radarscope (NOTE: This completes the bezel artwork for the five games in the Nintendo Donkey Kong series of cabs.
  • Super Hang-On has been "optimized" by Ad_Enuff
  • Updated the layout files for Max-a-Flex (thank you Stephh) and Street Fighter II (thank you tormod). You can grab those here (since updated).

SITE UPDATE - November 12, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Pffft! If Addy can clean them up as fast as I can scan and stitch them, then I can DAMN well turn right around and update the page. You want new artwork? You got it; come and get it =D

(Side note: this throws us over 200 now; 205 to be exact)

  • Frogs is now MUCH more acceptable, thanks to the beautiful photos from yaggy, and extra clean-up by Ad_Enuff
  • Karate Champ is ready to go now, thanks to the scan by Aaron and vectorizing by Zorg
  • The following are thanks to scans by Aaron Giles and cleanup by Ad_Enuff:
    • Crazy Climber (bootleg)
    • Great Guns
    • Ikari Warriors (still need to get the full bezel)
    • Kaos
  • The following are thanks to scans by Aaron Giles, on loan from Tim at and cleanup by Ad_Enuff:
    • Lazarian
    • Max-a-Flex (this includes working lamps and LEDs)
  • The following are thanks to the loan by Vintage Arcade Superstore and cleanup by Ad_Enuff:
    • Bosconian
    • Make Trax
    • Super Rider
    • Zzyzzyxx
  • The following are thanks to a cooperative effort with ClassicArcadeGrafix, with additional cleanup by Ad_Enuff:
    • Crazy Climber (Taito Version)
    • Growl
    • Nato Defense
    • Space Panic
    • Side Arms - Hyper Dyne
    • The Tin Star
    • Warrior (now has bezel artwork)
  • Thanks to photographs from Bobby Tribble and cleanup by Ad_Enuff, we have a Bezel for Turkey Shoot, and Inst Card for Rad Mobile.
  • Thanks to tormod for the Instruction Card for Shinobi
  • The following artwork has been "optimized" by Ad_Enuff; much smaller file size (up to 80%) with no loss in quality
    • Bubble Bobble
    • Congo Bongo
    • Donkey Kong 3
    • Elevator Action
    • Golden Axe
    • Omega Race
    • Stratovox

SITE UPDATE - November 5, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Karate Champ still has a bit to go; minor font problem. Crazy Climber bootleg will be out when we also get the Taito version (hopefully next week), so that you don't have to download the file two more times.

  • Added Roc'n Rope and Trivia Whiz, thanks to Ad_Enuff and Aaron; Trivia Whiz is for five different games.
  • Added Krull thanks to Ad_Enuff and Vintage Arcade Superstore
  • Ad_Enuff adjusted Qix with a more correct black; and optimized Spiderman and Kung Fu Master

SITE UPDATE - October 31, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Yeah, it's cheesy; big deal. Happy Halloween!!!

  • Added Ghosts'n Goblins and Ghouls'n Ghosts, thanks to VAS, CAG, and quick work by Addy.

SITE UPDATE - October 29, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Thanks to Gene at Vintage Arcade Superstore, the Artwork library is going to get bigger and bigger. If you haven't checked it already, I put up a page for artwork dimensions of any artwork that has been scanned, or is in our hands for scanning. If you notice, a lot of that stuff hasn't been released yet; that can be considered the "coming soon" list, just in case you're curious.

On my first warehouse raid, I grabbed 40 bezels from Gene, all of which have been scanned and returned. Now it's time to put the puzzle pieces together and send them out for cleanup. On my return trip, I grabbed another 75, plus the inner bezel for Rip Off. And if you can believe it, there will be still more after that (the thought of scanning that Afterburner cockpit bezel both excites and frightens me).

Anyway, on with the releases:

  • Zorg vectorized the two bezels for the Bally/Sente SAC-1 system. Please view the README included in the file for this one.
  • Zorg vectorized Qix. This is the first of many bezels courtesy of Gene at Vintage Arcade.
  • Courtesy of ClassicArcadeGrafix, added Kung Fu Master and Spiderman. I need to revisit Kung Fu later, though, as one thing still needs to be fixed on it.

SITE UPDATE - October 23, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

I seriously considered letting this wait a few more days. I just spent the whole weekend scanning 37 bezels plus 3 other backdrop pieces. My eyes are glazed over now.

  • Ad_Enuff finished a nice old piece: Canyon Bomber
  • Ad_Enuff finished up Mat Mania; scanned in by anoid
  • Ad_Enuff finished up Meadows Lanes and Rock Climber; scanned in by Aaron Giles. Rock Climber was on loan thanks to Tim at
  • Also added in instructions for Dynamic Country Club; scanned by Aaron; donated by Tim.
  • I added a page which includes the dimensions for all the artwork we are scanning in. This is only for artwork that has been scanned in for the artwork project, whether it's been released, or is coming soon (hint, hint).
  • I was going to add the "Other Artwork" page today, for stuff that is unMAMEd, older, or unofficial, but like I said, my eyes are glazed over ;-) Maybe next week.

SITE UPDATE - October 16, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Wow! For 10 weeks now, this thing's been updated at least weekly. And the hits just keep on coming...

  • Added an outstanding Joust bezel by Zorg and Ad_Enuff.
  • Through a co-operative effort with ClassicArcadeGrafix, I will able to occasionally borrow art for adding. This week, we have Congo Bongo and Lady Bug.
  • Ad_Enuff added Speed Buggy from Aaron, who in turn borrowed it from Tim at
  • Zorg had previously scanned the bezel decals for Out Run and Turbo Outrun; added those.
  • Bobby Tribble sent me a BUNCH of photographs. I worked on the easy ones first:
    • Fire Truck
    • Fast Freddie
    • Galaxy Wars
    • Inferno (by Williams)
    • Irritating Maze
    • Spectar
    • Targ
    • Wacko (yes, it's supposed to look like that)
  • More Instruction Cards added:
    • DonPachi and DoDonpachi by zlk
    • ESP Ra.De. by TheSheep
  • Forgot to update sspeedr with the new LEDs; fixed (thanks stephh).

SITE UPDATE - October 8, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Aaron and Ad_Enuff have been running full steam ahead this week; major props to them both. And, I've finally been able to start getting to some of the instruction cards from The Sheep's World of Arcades. Thank you to tormod for pointing me in that direction, and sending me a bunch of other stuff that I still haven't gotten to yet.

  • Ad_Enuff finished vectorizing his work of love: Popeye.
  • Aaron Giles has also been purchasing and scanning stuff, that Ad_Enuff cleans up and converts for MAME. This week, we have:
    • Airwolf
    • Crazy Climber (Nichibitsu version)
    • Gorf (I also added in the light effects)
    • Kangaroo
    • Naughty Boy
    • Rastan
    • Rip Off
    • Star Castle
  • Added the sit-down version of Super Hang-On, thanks to pics from TheGuru
  • Added a bunch of instruction cards from TheSheep:
    • Armed Police Batrider
    • Dangun Feveron
    • Dimahoo
    • Dragon Blaze
    • Gunbird
    • Mahou Daisakusen
    • Progear
    • Sol Divide
    • Soukyugurentai
  • Added the instruction sticker for Street Fighter II, thanks to tormod.
  • I was missing a line in invaddlx, causing it not to work recently. Also, it seems I forgot how to spell "cocktail" last week, so I fixed the spelling in the files for invaders and invadpt2. Also, changed the designation of Lunar Lander to Control Panel. You can grab this file here (since updated) and add the lay files to your exisiting artwork files.
  • Optimized the instruction cards for Sexy Parodius.

SITE UPDATE - October 2, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Mini update. More behind-the-scenes work this week than anything else.

EDIT: Boot Hill has been fixed (forgot to crop the outsides of the bezel).

  • Replaced Boot Hill, thanks to better pics by Bobby Tribble. Now also has a bezel
  • Forgot to add Golden Tee Classic last week with the rest of the GT games. Now added.
  • Updated Turbo, Buck Rogers, and Subroc-3D for 0.109. Note one digit isn't currently working, due to a MAME bug.
  • NOTE: Super Speed Racer does not work, and the internal LEDs for Golly Ghost do not work.

SITE UPDATE - October 1, 2006

Clearing my computer so I know where I'm at again. Enjoy!


44 images this release:

  • 19 new images
  • 25 replacement images
Grand Total of 1883 images


153 images this release:

  • 146 new images
  • 7 replacement images
Grand Total of 977 images

marquees_14, marquees_15

273 images this release:

  • 265 new images
  • 8 replacement images
Grand Total of 1540 images

SITE UPDATE - September 25, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

I'd have updated a little more, but Lego Star Wars II has me sucked in right now =D

  • Added Golden Axe bezel, thanks to Aaron for the scan and Ad_Enuff for the sprucing up. Also added the instruction cards, thanks to tormod
  • Added instruction cards for the Golden Tee games and Eagle Shot Golf. Thanks to Brian Troha for sending them to me for scanning (they'll be back in the mail this week Brian).
  • Added bezel for Pocket Racer. Good thing I had the cabinet for awhile =D
  • Added bezel for Asteroids Deluxe, recreated from photographs.
  • Added medium-res bezel for Space Invaders, recreated by Retro27 (I'd still eventually like to get a scan of it, though). Various photographs we have found so two versions (?), one light blue, one dark. I also added the color overlay for the SI cocktail, based on other various photographs, and added the instruction cards for JPN and USA, thanks to bottleknife and antny.
  • While going through TAFA, I noticed that Jumping Jack and Space Raider use the same bezel as Mr. Do. Both were added.
  • Added instruction cards for SI Part II cocktail and Sexy Parodius, thanks to ThePinnyParlour and jeston, respectively.

SITE UPDATE - September 18, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

I think I finally found a webpage color I'll be happy with for awhile =P

  • Added a new artwork classification: Control Panel. Changed the .lay file for Atari Football for this, which you can grab here (since updated)
  • Added the cockpit version of Turbo thanks to Aaron and Ad_Enuff. Aaron also added outputs for the RPM gauge, so that I could re-create the speed/rpm gauge, using the operators manual
  • Added the backdrop for Solar Fox, thanks to anoid; the bezel should hopefully be coming soon
  • Added Street Fighter II, thanks to Terry R.
  • Added Looping, thanks to jcroach
  • Removed the effects files from the DAT file

SITE UPDATE - September 10, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

What good is a documentation project if you don't document it correctly and consistently, right? I had mentioned on the messageboard about how I was making sure to document how each piece was created. Then I thought about it, and realized that we did so much so fast in the beginning, that I missed the mark on a few things, and what was there was noted pretty hapharzardly. So, to set things right, I figured I'd better fix it all now, before it becomes to big to fix later. Each lay file now documents the following:

  • What type of artwork the file represents
  • How the original source was captured, and by who
  • Who converted the artwork for MAME, and whether or not it was vectorized
  • If the artwork was re-created, what facts it was based on
  • Any other people who worked on the artwork (purchased/donated, additional adjustments, etc.)
  • Who wrote the .lay file

Yeah, it was boring to do, but at least now everything is standardized, and we have a standard template going forward. You can grab the set of .lay files for everything updated through today and add them in by hand or use ClrMAME Pro to rebuild: (since updated).

With that, here's the rest of the updates:

  • Added a beautiful Turbo bezel thanks to italie and Ad_Enuff
  • Added the gunsight overlay to Subroc-3D thanks to dfrance and others
  • Used the Turbo bezel to upgrade the score panel in Buck Rogers, as it does match the real thing (would still like the full version though)
  • Added instruction card for Radikal Bikers, thanks to contribution by Stephen Herman
  • Added instruction card for Konek-Gorbunok, thanks to sev
  • Added instruction cards for Rampage World Tour and Bubble Bobble
  • Converted existing artwork for Gypsy Juggler and In the Hunt
  • I must've been asleep when I updated Terminator 2. I added the inner window graphics from the mask file by mistake =P That's been fixed

And these remaining updates can be acquired by simply downloading the layout update above. You don't need to download the whole artwork file again.

  • Updated the .lay file for Super Speed Race and Golly Ghost due to the change in the LED system
  • Added color overlay to Superbug thanks to MW messageboard feedback and the operators manual
  • Added color overlay to wotw, based on excellent eBay auction pics
  • Was also asleep when I did Twinbee; that's been fixed

SITE UPDATE - September 3, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

  • Ad_Enuff optimized 1943, Commando, Double Dragon II, Elevator Action, and Sinistar. File sizes are now half of what they were (with no loss in quality).
  • Ad_Enuff vectorized Mappy. Thanks to Aaron for the artwork.
  • Added vectorized version of Pole Position (Atari Cockpit) by Ad_Enuff.
  • Added instruction cards for Arkanoid.
  • Added instruction cards for Detana Twinbee, Gradius II, Gradius III, Salamander II.
  • Fixed Vanguard to no longer play like the Atari 5200 version =P

NOTE: As of 0.108u2, Aaron changed the built-in LED system again. This breaks "View_1" for Turbo, Buck Rogers, and Subroc 3-D. I'm not going to update these until 0.109. (Plus, we have a real Turbo Bezel coming soon).

Also, I've started buying and acquiring some bezels - some were my money, and some were generous donations. Keep watching, as I'm determined to make this project grow and grow.

SITE UPDATE - August 26, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

  • Ad_Enuff optimized 1943, Commando, Double Dragon II, Elevator Action, and Sinistar. File sizes are now half of what they were (with no loss in quality).
  • Ad_Enuff vectorized Mappy. Thanks to Aaron for the artwork.
  • Added vectorized version of Pole Position (Atari Cockpit) by Ad_Enuff.
  • Added instruction cards for Arkanoid.
  • Added instruction cards for Detana Twinbee, Gradius II, Gradius III, Salamander II.
  • Fixed Vanguard to no longer play like the Atari 5200 version =P

NOTE: As of 0.108u2, Aaron changed the built-in LED system again. This breaks "View_1" for Turbo, Buck Rogers, and Subroc 3-D. I'm not going to update these until 0.109. (Plus, we have a real Turbo Bezel coming soon).

Also, I've started buying and acquiring some bezels - some were my money, and some were generous donations. Keep watching, as I'm determined to make this project grow and grow.

SITE UPDATE - August 25, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

  • Ad_Enuff redid Stargate
  • Updated Omega Race with a new scan from Eric at TAFA, which now includes the speaker grill above the bezel
  • Added instruction cards for Gradius and Salamander (thanks to Gamestone at Gradius Home World)

SITE UPDATE - August 24, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

  • Added a BEAUTIFUL version of Stargate, thanks to italie and Ad_Enuff (redone again)
  • Added Pacman and Ms. Pacman cocktail
  • Added I, Robot
  • Thanks to Dan at TAFA, we have a second Primary mirror

SITE UPDATE - August 20, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

  • Added a mini FAQ page.
  • Added Super Bug (still need to do the overlay)
  • Converted Buck Rogers, Golly Ghost, Subroc-3D, Super Speed Race, and Turbo to use the new built-in LEDs in 0.107u4. If you already have the artwork, you just need new .lay files, which you can grab here (since updated). (Left the old ones in for now to give people time to upgrade to 0.108.)
  • Fixed the font in Missile Command

SITE UPDATE - August 17, 2006

Page only update. I added a small script so that you can now sort each column in the table to your liking (helpful if you just want to see the latest updates, or all the Backdrop games together, etc.).

We also have our own forum at MAMEWorld now (thanks Twisty). WIP work will be posted here. The main reason, though, is for feedback from the users (that's you). If you have something you can contribute (artwork, opinion, etc.), feel free.

Finally, u4 is out today. The new LEDs look nice. I'll re-do those games to support the new LEDs in a few days.

SITE UPDATE - August 15, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Subroc-3D is no longer "Smurflike." I re-did Missile Command from scratch (the bezel is text only), and cleaned up Atari Football. Also added Omega Race and Space Encounters. This concludes converting the "Backdrops/Overlays" section of Please note that the following will not be converted: Destroyer (need better quality), Gunfight (only the word "Shots;" I'd rather have the whole bezel), Portraits (fake artwork), Space Invaders Part II (LQ bezel, plus an incorrect overlay), SITV (uses the same backdrop as Space Invaders; .net version is from a PC version of the game). Video Pinball is being re-scanned in by someone, so that will wait, too. Clowns and Amazing Maze are non-artwork .lay files, and have been submitted as a source update. There are still some bezels from there that are decent quality which I'll get to next. Plus some other stuff is in the works =D

New artwork

  • Atari Football
  • Buck Rogers
  • Missile Command
  • Omega Race
  • Space Encounters
  • Subroc-3D (Re-done Aug. 15)

SITE UPDATE - August 14, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

I finally decided to tackle the two games I was avoiding: Buck Rogers and Subroc-3D. Those are the last two hard ones. Get them below.

EDIT: DATfile really, REALLY fixed. No, I don't know yet how to make it so that it doesn't try to put the scanlines/apertures in subfolders. We'll have to wait for Roman to get back from vacation (unless someone else knows). Buck Rogers also re-replaced, with correct aspect ratio (the downside of always updating at 3am).

SITE UPDATE - August 13, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Mini-update. I didn't do Armor Attack or Demon completely correct. Grab the new files below (try Mirror 1 for now, until the other mirrors update). Also, I neglected to include the scanlines and aperture artwork in the previous DAT, so those probably were deleted from your artwork directory. You can grab those here. If you still need the new .lay file for Galaga, grab it here (since updated).

SITE UPDATE - August 12, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Still keeping busy. I learned a few more new tricks in the artwork system. Most notably how to crop the viewing area without touching the artwork, and using multiple views for one game. If you notice below, I've changed the table (again), and some games show view_2 or more. With the new system, we are no longer limited to one piece of art per game, or one view with that piece of art. For examples, check out Centipede (one piece of art; two different views), and Puckman (two pieces of art; either one is available for both the parent and all clones). For the games that have multiple views, you can choose which one to use from the Video Options selection in the [TAB] menu. This works for both MAME and MAME32, and settings are saved in the gamename.cfg file.

EDIT: Looks like I fixed Galaga, but forgot to upload it. The DAT file is correct; the file on Mirror 1 is now correct. Also, you'll notice the old Omega Race in the DAT. I updated it, but my computer had a hiccup that night, and I lost the file. I didn't notice 'til this morning. The file on Mirror 1 is now correct. If you grabbed it recently, just grab this .lay file (since updated) and replace the one in your current file.

SITE UPDATE - August 9, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Thanks to Eldio, the fourth mirror is up now. That should spread the bandwidth around enough to keep things going for a long time to come.

Coming next:

  • The rest of the "acceptable" artwork at
  • A few adjustments to a couple of the existing artwork, including Battlezone, Asteroids Deluxe, Warlords.
  • Thanks to Trigg, I realized that one game can have more than one view, including more than one type of artwork in the file. (Well, Aaron explained it, but I guess it went woosh over my head the first time). This will be good for a great deal of games. First ones will be Frogger and Centipede (full and cropped bezel), Robotron (three different bezels), and Puckman (puckman and pacman combined in the same file, so you can choose which bezel you want for the different clone games).
  • And finally, a .lay file tutorial, so everyone understands what is going on.

SITE UPDATE - August 7, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Thanks to s_bastian, TAFA, and MAMu_, the artwork page is back in business. A fourth mirror is also in the works.

Battlezone is done, and a newer Ultra Hi-Res version of Galaga courtesy of Ad_Enuff.

Oh, and I thought I'd put up some MAME UI fonts, too =D

SITE UPDATE - August 5, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

ALL LINKS ARE TEMPORARILY DOWN. The artwork is so popular right now, we just about took the server down. The cool thing about working in a community setting, though, is the community always comes through. We should have hosting for the files in a day or two, along with at least one mirror.

SITE UPDATE - August 4, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

OK, where shall we start:

  • All artwork is now either 3:4 or 4:3. There is a layout-only file you can grab there to update your current files.
  • Ad_Enuff cropped the Centipede Bezel; changed this one to centiped, and made the other one centipd2.
  • Added Sinistar, Galaga, and Frogger from below, and also a cropped version of Frogger.
  • Fixed the mrdo and doscastle bezel (it was bugging me that it was off center). Addy may fix this one even better later.
  • When fixing Warlords, I also corrected for the backdrop and overlay. Castles now touching backdrop castle walls. Your shield no longer turns half-yellow when going around the center part of your castle.
  • Converted some more stuff from Attack, Asteroids Deluxe, Barrier, Frogs, Warrior.

That's enough for today...time for sleep.

SITE UPDATE - August 3, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

NOTE: I'll be verifying all .lay files later today. At that point, I will add a file for just .lay files for anybody that has previously downloaded anything from here. At that point, I'll also add Sinistar, Frogger, and Galaga (and anything else that Addy throws in today). I'll probably find time to update Armor Attack, too.

SITE UPDATE - July 30, 2006

In-Game Artwork:

Let's put all this artwork in one place...

Damn, Addy, you're on a roll. Thought you'd like a showcase =D

Fixed credit for MAMu_ on mario
Changed .lay for mario (from RF)
Added Warlords
Added "Other" Section for other .lay conversion's from AG's site.