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Want to know what's going on in the world of MAME?
Check out these Work In Progress pages for some of the developers:
The official site of the MAME Development Team; you can also get the "u" updates here

Current MAME coordinator

Aaron Giles' Home Page
Previous MAME coordinator

Nicola's Blog
Nicola Salmoria's page; from the creator himself

The Guru's ROM Dump News
New Arcade boards being dumped; donated or purchased by the MAME Dumping Project

Dr. Decapitator
Chips under the microscope

Arbee's WIP Emporium
R. Belmont WIP page; also check here for updates on M1 and Zinc

Ville's Development Page
Ville Linde's WIP page

Dox Dev
Dox's WIP page

Pierpaolo Prazzoli WIP page

smf's Blog
smf WIP page

Philip Bennett WIP page

D's MAME Page
Derrick Renaud WIP page

MooglyGuy's Blaarggh
MooglyGuy WIP page

Charles McDonald Home Page
Charles McDonald WIP page

Notas de Andy
Andreas Naive WIP page English Translation
Dave Widel WIP page
Bryan McPhail WIP page

Avoid Spikes
Frank Palazzolo WIP page

Robiza's MAME Blog
Robiza WIP page English Translation

Luca's MAME Drivers
Luca Elia WIP Page

Tourniquet's MAME News
Paul Priest WIP page

Risen From My Grave
Roberto Fresca WIP page

Norbert's Emulators
Norbert WIP page

AJG's MAMEography
Andrew Gardner WIP page

PE+/S+ Emulation
Stolistic WIP page

Stroff's Game & Emulation WIP (archive)
Phil Stroffolino WIP page

David Haywood's Homepage
Haze WIP page

Past MAME WIP WIP archive