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California Extreme 2004

Imagine this... a hall of 436 arcade and pinball games from different eras in the industry, all set on freeplay. I had a blast. My son, too. He came along for the ride, and even beat me in a race once on Rush 2049. For my first time going to the event, it was VERY cool.

My old page had a ton of pics from that day, but I must have messed up somewhere at some point, and I cannot find any of the old pictures. If/when I do, I will update this page with more stuff.

I also met Aaron Giles of MAME fame. Nice guy. He has his priorities in order, though I still think he is a coding genius. (BTW, do not think he is short, I am just really tall [6'5"]).

I got a cool t-shirt, too.