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SITE UPDATE - November 22, 2020

In-Game Artwork: 85 new sets; 88 additional sets updated

What a year 2020 has been. Through it all, MAME has still kept plugging along, and it looks like we are going to start seeing regular updates on this site again after today, thanks to recent improvements in the artwork system in MAME, and to new outside contributors helping with artwork cleanup. Today's update is one of the largest updates we have ever done, so let's get started.

Big thanks to Vas Crabb and MAMEDev, as the artwork system in MAME has seen an overhaul over the last year and a half, culminating with the two most recent releases. And special thanks to hap and Vas for helping me understand how some of the input-related functions work within the LAY file.

IMPORTANT: the element attributes bezel, backdrop, overlay, marquee, cpanel have been deprecated with this new artwork system update. When using existing artwork files, you will see a warning message when running from the command line such as "Warning: layout view 'Upright_Artwork' contains deprecated bezel element." This is just a warning, and all existing files will still work today, but this support will be removed in about a year. All new artwork released, starting today, will be using the new code, and all files on this site will be updated within the next twelve months, if not sooner. Also note that you cannot mix new-style code with deprecated code; it needs to be all one or the other, otherwise, you will get an error similar to "Improperly formatted XML layout file 'default', ignoring." Vas has put together extensive documentation for LAY files on the MAMEDev website. A scaled-down tutorial page for this site will come later. With all that said, we wanted to show off many of the new features that are now available, so before we go into all of the actual artwork that was updated, here are some files you can start with if you want to learn how the new system works.

  • invaders, invaddlx, and invadpt2 have all been updated. These show the new way to apply blending modes for a backdrop or overlay.
  • gollygh has been updated. We do the blending different here, because we have multiple backdrop elements in play, so we list the backdrops first, then add the screen to the backdrop.
  • ddragon is a typical example of a normal arcade game; there is marquee, bezel, and control panel artwork, along with joysticks and buttons. We use the Group element with the cpo, joysticks, and buttons together to makes calculations simpler in the long run. The marquee and the control panel have each been added to a Collection element within the View, which you can turn on/off in the Video Options menu while in-game
  • Double Dragon also has fully animated 8-way joysticks and buttons on the Control Panel. This is accomplished by defining the state of each of the eight directions in the element for the joystick, then defining the attributes for inputtag, inputmask, and inputraw (for the joysticks) to the element in the View.
  • gorf has been updated to include both the 8-way joystick, and the lamp on the joystick, fully animated
  • New artwork for gmissile shows lamp effects behind the background, and the "Extra Life at x00 Points" area on the bezel changes, dependent on the current dipswitch setting on the game. This is also setup in invaders.
  • 4004clk has been updated to show a simple example of the repeat and parameter attributes.
  • The new cabinet artwork in tron shows how you can use collections to add optional effects to the artwork such as scratched glass or shadows, while still giving the end user the option to not have that turned on.
  • New artwork for hangon has multiple examples of animated analog controls
  • New artwork for nbajamte shows animated controls for all four players, where two joysticks are defined in a single input port
  • gameboy artwork shows how to add a "cropped" view using Collections, so that you don't need to define an extra View in the LAY file
  • gnw_ball is another example of how you can toggle on/off various artwork "extras" such as shadows, backgrounds and screen effects, so that the user can pick and choose which to use and which to turn off. Where the previous file had six separate Views to accomodate different variations, we are now down to two Views.
  • And finally, marquee artwork recently added to kangaroo, marble, and carnival is in SVG format, to show MAME's new support for vector-based artwork.

Lots of cool stuff, right? We've only just begun, though, as we've had a lot of additional outside help in the last year with artwork. Even with all of the new artwork added this update, there is still other artwork that has been completed, that I ran out of time to add today. We will see that work soon, two updates from now.

About a year ago, a fellow by the name of ArsInvictus started creating artwork in the style of Orionsangel, which is bezel artwork with cabinet/t-molding on the sides, and an arcade-themed background on the sides of that, to fill up a 16:9 display for games played in an emulator. At one point, he contacted me to borrow a few pieces to work on, and eventually, I set him up with access to my cloud drive. Over the course of the year, artwork has been pouring in, both on stuff that I already had, in addition to additional artwork he purchased on his own, or collaborated with others to borrow. He's also switched gears a bit, and is now specializing in creating artwork focused to vertical-HD displays. He's also working with three other talented individuals on his new project: PapaShine, Thoggo, and Briball. Thoggo has also setup a new website for their project: Vertical Arcade. At the end of the day, both projects benefit from our new collaboration.

Just for this update, we have the below new artwork from ArsInvictus:

  • Marquee for 19XX, supplied by ArsInvictus
  • Marquee for Aliens, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG, along with a custom bezel for the game
  • Marquee for Alien Syndrome, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • Marquee for Arabian, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • Marquee for Badlands, supplied by ArsInvictus
  • Bezel for Bionic Commando. The scan for this was generously donated by Doc Mack, owner of Galloping Ghost Arcade in Chicago.
    • If you are ever in the Chicago area, this is a must-see arcade, one of the largest in the world. Their current game list boasts almost 800 unique titles, and it does so well because it is owned an run by a guy that has a deep love and passion for arcade games. The last time I was in the area, they had just started out, and were barely half the size they are today; I can't wait to visit again.
  • Marquee for Buster Bros, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG. He also created the "Super" variant, after noticing that they were the same marquee, just with the extra "Super" burst on the marquee.
    • After more research, I noticed that the original marquee we had was cut off at the top by a good inch or two. I retraced the affected parts of the existing marquee, and adding in the missing features, replacing both versions.
  • Custom bezel for Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
  • Marquee for Caveman Ninja, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • Marquee for Colony 7, supplied by ArsInvictus
  • Marquee for Double Dragon, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
    • While I was at it, I took another shot at cleaning up the bezel. I'm literally ashamed of the previous version that I had put out so long ago. It looks much, much better now. Also added in the control panel, with working joysticks and buttons, as mentioned above. Source courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • Marquee for Dynamite Duke, supplied by ArsInvictus. He also recreated the Instruction Strip for the bezel.
  • Marquee and bezel for Elevator Action; marquee scanned by TrevEb, and the bezel was scanned by me, on loan from Gene at Vintage Arcade Superstore
  • Marquee for Final Star Force, supplied by ArsInvictus
  • Bezel and Marquee for Gemini Wing; ArsInvictus supplied the marquee, while I supplied the bezel. I also did a bit more touchup work on the bezel. And now mrclean/Gunsmoke Guy will be at peace
  • Marquee and bezel instruction card for Halley's Comet, supplied by ArsInvictus.
  • Marquee for Heated Barrel, supplied by ArsInvictus.
  • Bezel for In The Hunt, scanned by ShaunDBurch over at KLOV.
    • Excited!! This replaces one of the last "lower res" photographed bezels left over from the old site. I've also got a copy of this sitting here by my desk; hope to have it scanned sometime in the next few months, as parts of this current bezel are cut off.
  • Marquee for Inferno, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG.
    • The current bezel for this is based on a photograph. I spruced it up as well as I could, so it's better now, but a scan in the future would be nice at some point.
  • Bezel and marquee for Legendary Wings; bezel supplied by me, marquee courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • Marquee for Lode Runner, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG.
    • Added in the control panel by Nightvoice, with some additional touchups.
  • Marquee and instructon strips for Mace: The Dark Age, supplied by ArsInvictus.
  • Marquee for NBA Jam TE, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG. From here, I added in the bezel instruction cards and the control panel artwork, also courtesy of BYOAC/CAG.
  • The correct instruction cards for the original NFL Blitz, scanned by me, on loan from Gene at Vintage Arcade Superstore
    • I also added in the marquee, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • Marquee for Rastan, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG.
  • Custom bezel for the Punisher, based on Control Panel pics taken at Galloping Ghost.
  • Marquee for Qix, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG.
  • Instruction strip for Raiden, originally scanned by italie.
    • I added in and cleaned up the marquee, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • Marquee for Rastan, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG.
  • Marquee for Renegade, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG.
  • Instruction card for R-Type II, vectored based on photos
    • And I added in the marquee, courtesy of muddymusic
  • Custom marquee and instruction cards for R-Type Leo
  • Custom bezel for Robocop 2
  • Marquee for Scramble Spirits, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG.
  • Bezel and marquee for Shadow Force; ArsInvictus supplied the marquee, while I supplied the bezel.
  • Marquee for Sinistar, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG.
    • I hadn't previously noticed that the bezel for Sinistar we had here was missing so much detail. I started from scratch and cleaned up the bezel from the BYOAC/CAG artwork, and also added in the CPO
  • Marquee for Sky Soldiers, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG. Also thanks to PapaShine with the help in this restoration.
  • Bezel and marquee for Solar Warrior; bezel supplied by ArsInvictus, marquee courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • Bezel and Marquee for the Sega/Gremlin version of Space Firebird; bezel redrawn based on photos, and he supplied the marquee himself
    • Also added in the Nintendo version of the marquee, cleaned up by Etienne
  • Bezel and marquee for Tecmo Knight; bezel courtesy of BYOAC/CAG, while he supplied the marquee
  • Marquee and Instruction Card for Tokio; marquee supplied by ArsInvictus, instruction card supplied by R. Coltrane.
  • Marquee for Truxton, supplied by ArsInvictus.
  • Bezel for UN Squadron, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
    • The source for this scan was badly cut off on all four sides, especially the left and right. I did what I could to fill in the left and right sides of the bezel, so that it would look a bit more complete.
  • Marquee and Instruction Card for Volfied; marquee courtesy of BYOAC/CAG; instruction card recreated based on the manual for the game.
  • Marquee for Zero Team, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG:
    • I never knew Seibu did a fighting game. There are two "sequels" to this game, and I couldn't find any trace of artwork for them, so I made marquees for the both of them also, based on the original marquee.

Elsewhere on the internet, Mr. Retrolust at the LauncBox forums is continuing work on his Lights Out project, where the goal is to create artwork as it would look if you were in a darkened arcade.

Completed artwork from Mr. Retrolust in today's release includes:

  • Bezel for Apache 3, based on photos
  • Bezel Instruction Card for Atari Arcade Classics
    • There are two cabs I know of that exist for this game. Originally, Mr. Retrolust used the version from Andy Welburn's cab, which are in black and white. I sent him pics I had taken of Scott Evans' cab at California Extreme, which are in color, but are missing some information that Andy's version included. The version here combines the two.
  • Bezel for Boot Hill, scanned by me, courtesy of Gene at Vintage Arcade Superstore
    • Also, the backdrop has been replaced with a much higher quality version that Gene loaned out, which I photographed similar to the baseball backdrops from the last release.
  • Bezel for Bloody Wolf, scanned by me
  • Instruction Card for Bombjack Twin, scanned by Smitdogg
  • Bezel for the upright version of Buck Rogers, recreated based on photos
  • Bezel for Cisco Heat, scanned by me
    • Also added in a high-quality generic gearshift for the game. Look for this to be added to more games soon.
  • Bezel for Combat, scanned by TrevEB
  • Bezel for Combatribes, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • Bezel for Crackdown, based on photos, and slightly adjusted by me
  • Bezel for Crime Fighters, scanned by R. Coltrane
  • Bezel for Desert Assault, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • The JPN Marquee for Elevator Action Returns, scanned by tormod
    • I added in a version of the Taito Egret II cabinet, based on various photos, to complete the look.
  • Bezel for Express Raider, based on photos
  • Bezel for Fighter's History, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • Bezel for G-Loc, based on photos
  • Bezel for Gang Wars, scanned by me, on loan from Gene at Vintage Arcade Superstore
  • Bezels for GP Rider, based on photos
  • Bezel for Legend of Kage, scanned by me
  • Bezel for Main Event, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
    • I also added in the marquee, also courtesy of BYOAC/CAG.
  • Bezel for MagMax, scanned by me
    • I also added in the marquee and cpo, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG.
  • Bezel for Mystic Marathon, scanned by me, on loan from Gene at Vintage Arcade Superstore
  • Bezel for Night Slasher, recreated based on photos
  • Bezel for New York New York, recreated based on photos
  • Bezel for Perfect Billiards, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • Bezel for P.O.W., courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
    • Also added in the marquee courtesy of BYOAC/CAG.
  • Bezel for Racing Hero, recreated based on photos

There are a bunch more Instruction Cards already completed, and a few more bezels done since I started finalizing this update. This will all be added two updates from now

If you hang out at MAMEWorld, you know him as RaspBear; in other places, you'll know him as UDb23. Either way, he continues to donate his time and effort to restoring more artwork.

Completed artwork from UDb23 in today's release includes:

  • Instruction Card for Air Buster, scanned by TheGuru
  • Marquee for Battle Balls, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • Bezel, marquee, and instruction card for E-Swat; marquee courtesy of BYOAC/CAG, instruction card scanned by TheGuru, and the bezel recreated based on photos
  • Marquee for In The Hunt, scanned by himself
  • Marquee for King and Balloon, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • Marquee for Make Trax, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG, and the LAI version of the instruction card, scanned by TheGuru
  • The Tehkan version of the bezel of Pleiads, scanned by me, and the Centuri version of the marquee, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
    • Fun trivia: the name on the artwork from both companies doesn't match the title screen of the game; Tehkan lists it as Pliades, Centuri lists it as Pleiades. Only the artwork from distributor Iresca actually matches the title screen of the game.
  • Marquee for Raiden II, scanned by himself
    • Also added in the instruction strip, scanned by italie.
  • Marquee for Robocop, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • The Stern version of cocktail artwork for Scramble, scanned by me, on loan from Gene at Vintage Arcade Superstore, and the Konami version of the cocktail instruction card, scanned by TheGuru
    • Also added in a simple version of an early 80s Konami cocktail table for the card.
  • The Centuri version of marquee for Time Pilot, courtesy of BYOAC
    • I LOVE this game, so I felt the need to cleanup and add the rest of the available artwork for it. All courtesy of BYOAC/CAG, this includes the cpo for the Centuri version, the marquee for the Konami version, and the marquee and cpo for the Atari version. Buttons and joysticks will be added later.
  • Marquee, bezel, and both the USA and JPN versions of the instruction card for Terra Force. Marquee courtesy of BYOAC/CAG, USA instruction card scanned by me, JPN instruction card from Retro Game Goods, and the bezel recreated based on photos.
  • Marquee for Thunder Fox, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • Marquee for Toki, scanned by himself
  • Marquee and instruction card for Trog; marquee courtesy of BYOAC/CAG, instruction card vectored based on photos, along with an assist by ArsInvictus
  • Marquee for Vanguard II, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG

Zaccaria started out as a pinball company in Italy in the 1970s, then later started licensing arcade games to distribute in Europe, which they created their own artwork for. And it is some beautiful artwork, which I have been meaning to add here for some time now. Dreamstate seems to have loved that artwork even more, and worked on cleaning up a few of these over the last few months. For all games listed below, scans are courtesy of Paul Swan, who probably has the most comprehensive Zaccaria websites out there.

Completed artwork from Dreamstate in today's release includes:

  • Bezel artwork for Sea Scare
    • Marquee artwork originally vectored by Q*ris
  • Bezel, marquee, and control panel artwork for Super Cobra
    • Inner bezel artwork supplied by Belike
    • This makes me both very happy and very sad; happy, because we finally have artwork for Super Cobra; sad, because it reminds me that I have loaned out the Stern Super Cobra bezel three different times in the last twelve years to different individuals, who promised to restore it, only to never see anything come out of it. The good thing is I'm finally at the point where I think I can restore this one on my own, so maybe next year?
  • Bezel, marquee, and control panel artwork for Vanguard
  • Bezel, marquee, and control panel artwork for Zaxxon

These all came out amazing; got my fingers crossed he will come back with some more completed artwork in the future (I've already seen the Zaccaria Mr. Do version completed).

All of that new artwork listed above, and we've barely passed the half-way point. Here is some more artwork to look forward to:

  • Thanks to uman, we now have updated artwork for the Vectrex console.
    • I'm not positive on the original source of the scans here, but I'm guessing they came from Chris Parsons?
    • Credit to uman for the following games in this pack: Mine Storm, Bedlam, Berzerk, Blitz, Cosmic Chasm, Fortress of Narzod, Heads Up, Hyperchase, Polar Rescue, Pole Position, Rip Off, Scramble, Solar Quest, Space Wars, Spike, Spinball, Star Hawk, Star Ship, Star Trek, Web Warp, and Web Wars
    • uman's overlays include the the clips that hold the overlay in, along with the bezel window behind the overlay, all merged into one image. uman... if you are reading this... I can implement with the cabinet parts of the image separately in the new artwork system, and would prefer to do it that way... please send me PSDs if you've still got them
    • He was still missing a few games to complete the collection, though. I happened to stumble upon them last week, and again, I'm not sure who did the actual work on these, but this adds Armor Attack, Clean Sweep, Dark Tower, and Star Castle. This completes all overlays for official games released in the USA (though Star Castle is a bit inaccurate at this time, and needs to be replaced).
    • I've also got scans for Scramble Wars, Harmageddon, and Flipper Pinball, which would complete all of the official International releases also. These aren't ready at this time, and again, if I had the PSDs from the other files, these could be converted much easier (as they are similar to their US counterparts).
    • For the Vectrex cabinet itself, you have options to turn off just the Color Overlay blending, turn off the whole cabinet, so you are playing with only the screen and Color Overlay blending, or turn off just the cabinet, so you are only using the Overlay and the screen.
    • The default setting is for the USA version of the cabinet, distributed by GCE. Turn off that label to play the JPN version, distributed by Bandai. Turn off that label also to play the EUR version, distributed by Milton Bradley. Thank you to Leonardo Biagi at the AtariAge forums for the excellent images of the Bandai label.
  • More artwork from Comboman and Nightvoice this update (man... there's still artwork here and there that they posted at MAMEWorld from almost six years ago that I haven't gotten to yet; I'm trying guys, I'm trying).
    • Thanks to blinddog for supplying detailed photos and video of his cab, Comboman released artwork for Guided Missile some time ago and did an outstanding job cleaning up all of blinddogs photos, but I wanted to cleanup the bezel a bit more before going forward with it.
      • I vectored about seventy percent of the bezel, then used some bits from Comboman's version, and some from Krakerman's version to finish up this one.
      • The backdrop artwork cleanup and bulb effect are from Comboman. With the new artwork system, the black background of the explosion graphics does not need to be transparent anymore, so that was left as is, other than touching up some scratches here and there
      • As mentioned above, the "Keep Playing Score" is dynamic, depending on the dipswitch setting set for the game. This can be set at 500, 700, 1000, or 1300 points.
    • Some time ago, Comboman took photos of a TX-1 at Funspot and created artwork for the game. From his photos, I vectored the map, control panel, and gearshift background, added in new coin slots, and cleaned up the steering wheel some more that I had from Pole Postion. I'm going to have to play around with bgfx again later, and see if I can get that surround effect that he was going for in his original artwork
    • 280Zzzap was also fixed up some time ago by Comboman, with photos from Steve Taake to add in the backdrop and hood piece. I cleanded up the hood a bit more, fixed the colors on the bezel, and fixed the coordinates of the dash piece so that it is centered in the bezel, which is where it belongs. Added in the gearshift from Nightvoice. And the "Extra Time" info on the bezel is again controlled by the dipswitch setting.
    • Added custom bezel for Batman Forever from Nightvoice; will get to the marquee and control panel at a later date
    • Added custom bezel for Zaxxon from Nightvoice. I also cleaned up the marquees and control panel for both Zaxxon and Super Zaxxon.
    • Added custom bezel for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom from Nightvoice
  • manson976 has contributed artwork in other parts of the internet, and was kind enough to stop by here for a bit. For today, he has cleaned up the bezel for Battle Balls, scanned by me, and has let us use his prior artwork for Virtual Boy (setup to display one screen).
  • Mentioned above, PapaShine has been doing a lot of work with ArsInvictus on their Vertical Cabinet project. He also took some time out and cleaned up the bezel and marquee for Double Dragon 3, both courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • From nbla000, we have nine different variations of artwork for Sega's Hang On, complete with animation for all controls, including the analog steering.
    • By far, my favorite View in this one is the Default View, which is the Deluxe sit-down version of the cabinet. The way he setup the artwork, it kinda feels like you are rocking the machine back and forth.
    • Note that the images used for the analog controls are quite large for some of these views, and you may experience initial jittering when first loading the view. After changing View, but before starting a game, it is suggested to move each analog control to each extreme, so that MAME loads all the images in memory.
    • Options for "used screen" and "dirty screen" for each View have ben incorporated into Collections, so that they can be toggled on/off as desired
    • There is also artwork for Super Hang-On and Outrun. I ran out of time for this update, so those will be added in two updates from now
  • Orionsangel posts most of his artwork on his YouTube channel. He created a nice artwork for Ridge Racer some time ago, and I asked for permission to use it here. I modified it and touched it up a bit, and as the same cab was commonly converted to the next two games also, we have artwork for Ridge Racer, Ridge Racer 2, and Rave Racer.
  • muddymusic was kind enough to loan out a couple pieces he has worked on for Arcade Art Shop. In addition to the R-Type 2 marquee noted above, we also have the marquee for the original R-Type
  • DrVectrex over at Deviant Art has also dabbled in creating artwork for MAME. He took the already excellent Tron artwork last updated by Nightvoice, and added in the rest of the cabinet shroud. And while off by default, you can go into the Video Options menu and turn on the effects for cabinet/glass scratches and the reflection of the backdrop down on the screen window
  • Added G&W Ball, with the wonderful artwork by hydef. This also has an alternate color backdrop for the game, created by DarthMarino. The remaining Game and Watch games and other handhelds by hydef and DarthMarino will be added back in here during the next update, now that we have the ability to turn different layers of artwork on and off again. More info below at the end of this news article

If you've read all that so far, you can tell I went and got a little busy also with artwork cleanup. Here's some more stuff I worked on:

  • 005 and 1942 simply have updated LAY files to work with the new artwork system. I started off going in alphabetical order, then, as you can see, decided that was crazy after just two files.
  • 10-Yard Fight is actually the third one, but then I decided to also cleanup the marquee, provided by BYOAC/CAG.
  • As mentioned above, the Nixie Clock was updated just in the LAY file, to show how repeats and parameters work
  • Astron Belt and Galaxy Ranger were update, but I honestly forgot what I fixed in the artwork
  • Atari Football was updated, now that the fifth led was fixed in the driver earlier this year; also replaced the volcano button with the SteelTiger version
  • Added the marquee and control panel for Asteroids, provided by BYOAC/CAG. Also added in regular and volcano buttons.
  • Added the marquee and control panel for Asteroids Deluxe, provided by BYOAC/CAG. Also added in regular and volcano buttons, and a for fun backdrop from the Art of Atari book.
  • Added the marquee and control panel, along with buttons, for Space Duel; marquee courtesy of BYOAC/CAG, cpo courtesy of miguel(thedesigner)
  • Added in the same bezel from N.I.B. used in blitz above, to blitz2k and blitz99
  • The scoring panel from Golly Ghost was added to Bubble Trouble, as they share that same artwork, though it does not work yet, due to the driver needing to be updated to support it
  • Found a really cool Bubble Bobble poster, provided by rtw, scanned by GaijinPunch, and cleaned up by rtw and uncletom and added it in as for fun artwork
  • Added SVG version of the Carnival marquee, vectored by zorg
  • Fixed up the colors on the bezel for cosmica
  • Fixed up the colors on the bezel for cosmicg; also found that an alternate color version of the bezel exists, so I took the existing one and adjusted accordingly
  • As mentioned in the previous update, I found the correct person to credit for the Dark Planet artwork: thank you to Tim Lindquist for the excellent photo from, I think it's been two decades now?
  • Since Double Dragon and Double Dragon 3 were both updated, it only felt right to also add in the marquee for Double Dragon II, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG.
  • Though the rest of the artwork in the file is great, I just didn't like the buttons on the original Gameboy, so those have been fixed
  • Added multiple color variations of Game Boy Advance artwork. I started with the base version from BlueAmnesiac, but as in the previous Gameboy Color, Light, and Pocket artwork, the text for Start, Select, and the A/B buttons needed to be corrected. Also added in Gameboy Micro versions of the artwork, thanks to manson976.
  • As the Genesis Nomad has moved to its own system in the driver, that artwork is now in the file gen_nomd. Updated the genesis artwork to include the Trinitron / Evan Amos artwork. I've only included the USA version for now; I'll add the EUR and JPN Mega Drive versions next update
    • Also updated the other systems that use that similar base artwork. By default, the artwork on screen will be centered as a whole (so the game screen will be a bit off to the left), but I've added an option in the Video Options menu to center the artwork based on the TV instead.
  • Golly Ghost was updated to use the new artwork system
  • Gorf is hella more fun now; cleaned up the marquee from BYOAC/CAG, added in the cpo, vectored by zorg, along with some corrections to it. Added in the joystick by Nightvoice, and the overlay. Joystick moves in eight directions, and lights up when you fire.
    • Fun fact: the original vector on this has a misspelled word; the final version of the CPO in the BYOAC/CAG artwork is based on that vector and still has the word misspelled. Do an image search for "Gorf CPO," and find other people selling the misspelled version of the CPO.
  • Thanks to Gaming Alexandria for scanning a copy of Namco Masterpiece Game Collection, there was a very nice shot of what looks like the Hopping Mappy marquee. This game is a bit weird at first, but after playing it for a bit, I started getting into it.
  • Added SVG version of the Kangaroo marquee, vectored by zorg
  • Fixed the colors in Lady Bug. Again. For real, this time.
  • As the Lode Runner artwork was expanded on, I noticed there are three other Lode Runner games. As they all run on the same hardware, were all released within a two-year time frame, and I can't find ANY other info on them, I'm going to assume for now that these could have been conversion kits to the original, and would have the same artwork
  • Added SVG version of the Marble Madness marquee, vectored by zorg
  • Added in the background artwork from Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection to their appropriate games
  • Everyone's favorite cult classic MAME game Ninja Baseball Batman has bezel artwork now. I probably spent more time on this one than anything else this year. Got my fingers crossed for getting the marquee in the future.
  • Nitroball is a game that I hadn't heard of until this year; it's kind of a cross between Smash TV and pinball. I cleaned up the marquee for it, provided by BYOAC/CAG.
  • Since I updated the Atari wheel for TX-1, I also added it in to Pole Position and Pole Position II
  • Added in the background artwork from Raiden Legacy to their appropriate games
  • I had never played Volified before adding in the artwork for it, and never noticed that Qix had a sequel. There is also Super Qix, so I cleaned up the marquee for that, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • invaders, invadpt2, invaddlx, and invad2ct have all been updated to the new artwork system. Additionally:
    • Where applicable, the artwork for extra life score and players per credit will update when dipswitches are updated
    • Control panels have been added to all three invaders uprights and invaddlx, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
    • In Space Invaders Part II news, finally found a copy of the Taito JPN artwork. The bezel and cpo were vectored by Ramakers, and I cleaned up some good photos of the moon taken by Steptoe, and color-corrected the existing invaders backdrop. This now completes all versions of upright artwork for the first two Space Invaders games (I think?)
    • I also found a vectored bezel of the Midway version of Space Invaders by Aioros, that looks like it was based off of the version we currently had here. The final result of this one was much better than our current version, so that has been replaced
    • Added a for fun artwork for Space Invaders, based on the artwork in the Art of Atari book
  • Fixed the colors in the Superman bezel, and added the marquee and cpo, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG
  • While I was on my Time Pilot kick mentioned above, I cleaned up the marquee for Time Pilot '84, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG. I also found a much improved version of the bezel sticker for the game, so that has been updated also
  • Added the base Truxton bezel to Truxton 2; got the instruction cards from the arcade flyer
  • Updated the artwork for the Nintendo Red Tent cocktail; it looks much nicer. For now, I just updated Vs. Gradius; remaining games will be improved in the update after the next one
  • Added the marquee to Xevious, courtesy of BYOAC/CAG. And to see how it would look on-screen, I added in the sideart also, vectored by zorg. For this game, I think it works, though I prefer the aesthetic of the sideart flipped to the other sides
  • Zig Zag is a fun clone of Dig Dug, with the introduction of the pick axe in the game. Added in the instruction card, scanned by TheGuru
  • And last but not least, added the Brix marquee and control panel to Zzyzzyxx

If you haven't figured out by now, this is the largest update we've seen here in quite a while, if ever. Going forward, I'm going to make the effort of doing monthly releases again. I know it's been almost two years since that has happened, but I think after over fourteen years on this project, I've finally gotten my second wind, and am more excited than ever to keep it going. Plus, it's always a bit more fun when you've got other people helping along the way, so thank you to everyone above for getting me motivated again.

Now that the artwork system has been updated recently, the next update will be dedicated to adding in all of the wonderful Game and Watch and other handheld artwork from hydef and DarthMarino.

Next update after that will be adding in all of the artwork from the individuals above that has been completed since the time I started putting this update together.

Then after that, we'll hopefully have a bunch of new cool stuff coming in 2021, including updating all remaining files here to the new artwork system.

Hope all of you enjoy the update. Stay safe, and we'll see you soon.

Folder for the November 2020 MAME Artwork update: Google Drive - Artwork Update

SITE UPDATE - December 28, 2019

Google Drive — Hydef Handheld Artwork

DAT File — Hydef Handheld Artwork

NOTE: The below is only temporary.

Over these past months in 2019, hydef has released a number of artwork files for handheld games, including all currently emulated Game & Watch games.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to keep up with his updates on my end, due to the multiple revisions he has released over the year, compounded by the fact that he does not format the LAY files same as I do, and I am kind of picky about that (tab stops, line breaks, etc.)

This is not a knock on him, rather, it is a compliment to his commitment to making this artwork as accurate and good looking as possible.

So as to not confuse people by having an older version of the artwork here, and the updated version on his Google Drive, all artwork files for games he has completed has been temporarily removed from this site.

Linked above is a DAT file for ClrMAME, so you can ensure you have the most recent and correct copies of his artwork, also linked above.

Also note that for many of these files, hydef has used features of the new artwork system, which means you must be running at least MAME 0.212 to be able to use them.

This news post will stay on the front page until such time that I know he is done making changes to them. I will also keep the DAT file up to date as he continues to add additional artwork during that time.