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Artwork that is "ready to go," but the game for it is not yet emulated by MAME.

Last Updated November 30, 2018

Discrete Logic Games Artwork

  • Before Gun Fight, arcade games did not use CPUs, they used circuits, tubes, etc.
  • MAME does not currently emulate all of these types of games, but many of these games still had some nice artwork.
  • Until such time that a program comes out and emulates these games, and their artwork, we will keep some of it stored here.
  • Monaco GP is currently simulated in HBMAME; the file below is setup with a LAY file for use in HBMAME.
Game Filename Updated Preview
Desert Patrol desert_patrol 2007-02-18 n/a
Jet Fighter jet_fighter 2008-02-17 n/a
Monaco GP monaco 2014-11-07 view
Tank II tankii 2006-12-10 n/a