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SITE UPDATE - February 25, 2019

In-Game Artwork: 54 new sets; 11 sets updated

We have a whole bunch of different stuff tonight, so let us just get started:

Scanned by TrevEB and cleaned up by Comboman, we have Cheyenne and Side Track.

Also scanned by TrevEB and cleaned up by Comboman, we have Electric Yo-Yo and Star Cruiser. I followed up with some detail work on Yo-Yo, including the instruction card and fixing some colors, and also did some touch ups on Star Cruiser.

Again, scanned by TrevEB and cleaned up by Comboman, and some additional touch up by me, we have outer and inner artwork for Cops 'n' Robbers. This one is a little unique:

  • In the manual, on the parts page for the color overlay on the monitor, it states:
    • The playfield is to be adjusted smaller so that the two solid inside lines are just covered by the yellow strips.
  • And in the manual, is a picture of the overlay on the monitor.
  • It does not stretch across the whole monitor.
  • Which makes it seem like... the game is not supposed to be run at a normal 4:3 ratio; it is actually supposed to be squished.
  • After playing with some settings, I got this set to where I think it is supposed to be.
  • Coincidentally, the game screen now looks similar to the game screen shown on the arcade flyer.
  • Doing so also lines up the game screen pretty closely to the inside artwork (not perfect... I could not get it set to be exactly lined up). This also matches the flyer.

Comboman noticed that our existing bezel artwork for Gunfight was incomplete, so he fixed that, along with fixing some colors.

Comboman discovered there is a second color variation of Meadows Lanes, so he took the existing bezel, and added the color variation.

Comboman did an outstanding job cleaning up the bezel for Karnov, contributed by the BYOAC/CAG artwork. I did some additional cleanup, and also added in the marquee from the same group.

Steeltigers cleaned up artwork and added in lamps for Super Simon. This artwork is also clickable.

Duane Huseby submitted some very cool artwork for the PDP-1. You can now play the first video game, Space War, with some very realistic artwork of the system. For instructions to play the game, I have started a MAME Game Tips page on this site. Head on over there for instructions.

BLUEamnesiac over at DeviantArt gave us permission to use artwork he has created for the various Game Boy systems. Today, we have the original Game Boy, along with six of the color variants that it was released as. There is also a cropped view included to give you a larger playing area. You can check out his page here. We will release the other versions that he has created in the next update or two.

Lee Robson does not just do Game $amp; Watch artwork, he created artwork for a lot of the Tiger Handheld games also. This update includes tapollo13, tbatman, tbtoads, tbttf, tdummies, tgoldeye, tgoldnaxe, thalone2, thook, tjpark, tkarnov, tnmarebc, trobocop3, tsddragon, tsf2010, tsfight2, tshadow, tsharr2, tskelwarr, tstrider, ttransf2, and txmenpx. Also included is artwork for Thief in the Garden. And let us not forget thanks to Sean Riddle, hap, algestam, and ICEknight for getting these dumped and the backdrop artwork scanned in the first place. (And please, if I missed someone in this group, please let me know so that I can update this).

Lee also added Game & Watch artwork for Fire, Rain Shower, and Snoopy Tennis. Fire and Snoopy Tennis will not be supported in MAME until 0.207 comes out, but I am guessing that will be very soon, so now you will be ready ahead of time. He did recently update artwork for all of the other games, here and there, but I did not have time to add all of that to this update. Look for it next update.

We are getting closer on being able to retire the old MESS Artwork page. Today, we have added replacement artwork for pcw8256, oz750, mo5, mo5nr, mo6, and the available backdrop artwork for many of the current Konami handheld games.

Also replaced is the artwork for both versions of the Neo Geo Pocket (original and color), thanks to pics by Evan Amos.

With that, we are down to 26 titles we still need to convert from the old MESS page.

I noticed recently that MAME has a bunch of skeleton drivers for games that do not have a working driver, but the skeleton is there, so that there is a way to catalogue the game within MAME. With that done, the artwork that was previously listed on the Unemulated Artwork page has now been moved to the regular artwork. This includes Desert Patrol, Jet Fighter, and Monaco GP. I did not move Tank II over, and in fact deleted it from the other page also, as the cleanup job on it needs to be redone.

Over at the Hyperspin website is a very talented artist named krakerman. He has been creating widescreen artwork for use with MAME and Hyperspin for some years now. I asked, and he has given us permission to add some of his widescreen artwork here. For today, we have Widescreen artwork added for Green Beret (Rush 'n' Attack) and Battlezone. Click Here for his profile page to check out some of his work. And you can check the instructions in this thread to find out how to download all of his artwork.

I finally found good enough pics of an original Gaplus bezel, and the instruction cards, so I was able to recreate that for this release.

For some more Widescreen artwork, I found good pics of the Atari 2600 artwork for Journey and Phoenix, and made them into WS artwork.

Gamecom was updated to give credit to Evan Amos for the pick. I understand that the driver was updated for this, so the LAY file needs to be updated (thank you Robbbert), but I ran out of time for this release; it will be done in the next round.

In the if at first you don't succeed, try try again category, we have updates for Super Pac-Man, Popeye, and Donkey Kong Jr. For Super Pac-Man and Popeye, it was simply fixing the background color of the bezel. For Donkey Kong Jr., first it was fixing all of the colors. As I went in closer, though, I found multiple errors that we had not caught the first time around. Speckles everywhere, a few spots that were simply not cleaned up, and multiple stitching issues, where you could see in areas that the scans were not stitched together correctly. This should deliver a much better MAME experience for users (for now, until we finally add in the marquee and control panel). As I have said before, I am our biggest critic, and have no problem going back in and fixing something that was supposedly already finished over twelve years ago.

I think that about covers everything for this artwork release. I am also slowly updating outdated pages on this site. If you get a chance, head on over to our updated About MAME Artwork page, to get a better understanding of what this project is really about.