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SITE UPDATE - March 24, 2019

In-Game Artwork: 289 new sets

What happens in MAME, stays in MAME.

This is going to be a short news update, but a large set update, at the same time.

Back in June 2018, Divemaster started working on some nice bezel and button artwork for some casino games in MAME. Each game has a nice generic widescreen bezel, along with the different colored buttons for each game. All lamps are animated.

He started off with 12 games back then; thru March 2019, he has worked his way up to 444. Today's update contains 289 of those.

Many of his files already had clickable buttons already coded in, but that stopped at some point, so I have been going through and adding that in for the remaining games. I could add the other 155 sets today, but they would not have clickable artwork yet, so I will get to those as soon as I can. If you map the coin input to one of your mouse buttons, you can play all of these games using just your mouse, if desired.

How many games is 289 new sets? This now adds external artwork for the following casino games:

  • 3bagflvt, abnudge, ampoker2, amusco, anibonus, apple10, arcwins, autmoon, babydad, babypkr, baddog, bingo, bingowng, blckjack, blkrhino, bonuscrd, bottle10, brasil86, brasil87, brasil89, bsuerte, buttdeli, cgold2, chry10, chrygld, cmaster, cmv4, cmv801, coralr2, crystal, crystalc, draw88pkr, eforest, eforsta5, elephfam, falcnwld, fb2010, ffortune, fhunter, fvrpitch, gldnpkr, goldenc, goldnpkr, goldstar, gtroppo, kgbird, kkotnoli, lucky8, megadpkr, minemine, nc96, ncb3, nfb96, ns8lines, pebe0014, peip0028, peip0031, peip0041, peke1001, pekoc766, pekoc801, pekoc802, pekoc803, pekoc804, pekoc806, pekoc818, pekoc819, pekoc822, pekoc825, pepk1024, pepp0001, pepp0048, pepp0054, pepp0120, pepp0127, pepp0158, pepp0232, pepp0250, pepp0294, pepp0295, pepp0434, pepp0450, pepp0452, pepp0514, pepp0542, pepp0775, pepp0816, peps0014, peps0021, peps0042, peps0047, peps0090, peps0239, peps0280, peps0296, peps0308, peps0358, peps0366, peps0425, peps0470, peps0629, peps0708, peps0716, pex0002p, pex0006p, pex0040p, pex0042p, pex0045p, pex0046p, pex0053p, pex0054p, pex0055p, pex0057p, pex0060p, pex0124p, pex0150p, pex0158p, pex0171p, pex0188p, pex0190p, pex0197p, pex0203p, pex0224p, pex0225p, pex0242p, pex0265p, pex0291p, pex0417p, pex0426p, pex0430p, pex0434p, pex0447p, pex0449p, pex0451p, pex0452p, pex0454p, pex0455p, pex0458p, pex0459p, pex0508p, pex0514p, pex0515p, pex0516p, pex0536p, pex0537p, pex0550p, pex0557p, pex0568p, pex0578p, pex0581p, pex0588p, pex0725p, pex0726p, pex0727p, pex0763p, pex0764p, pex0838s, pex0998s, pex2002p, pex2010p, pex2016p, pex2017p, pex2018p, pex2021p, pex2024p, pex2025p, pex2026p, pex2027p, pex2028p, pex2029p, pex2031p, pex2033p, pex2034p, pex2035p, pex2036p, pex2037p, pex2038p, pex2039p, pex2040p, pex2042p, pex2043p, pex2044p, pex2045p, pex2066p, pex2067p, pex2068p, pex2069p, pex2070p, pex2111p, pex2121p, pex2127p, pex2134p, pex2143p, pex2149p, pex2150p, pex2152p, pex2172p, pex2173p, pex2178p, pex2179p, pex2180p, pex2211p, pex2236p, pex2240p, pex2241p, pex2244p, pex2245p, pex2247p, pex2250p, pex2251p, pex2252p, pex2270p, pex2272p, pex2275p, pex2276p, pex2279p, pex2283p, pex2284p, pex2287p, pex2297p, pex2302p, pex2303p, pex2306p, pex2307p, pex2308p, pex2309p, pex2310p, pex2312p, pex2314p, pex2315p, pex2374p, pex2376p, pex2377p, pex2386p, pex2412p, pex2419p, pex2420p, pex2421p, pex2440p, pex2461p, pex2478p, pex2479p, pex2480p, pex2485p, pexm001p, pexm004p, pexm005p, pexm007p, pexm008p, pexm009p, pexm013p, pexmp011, pexmp013, pexmp017, pexmp022, pexmp026, pexmp030, phantomp, phantpay, pokonl97, potgame, pottnpkr, rollfr_4, royale, roypok96, schery97, segajw, silverga, skill98, snookr10, swhr2, swhr2a, swtht2nz, topgear, tortufam, trpdlght, vegasslw, videopkr, videtron, wildone, witchcrd, witchgme, witchjol, wldangel, wldwitch, wstrike, wtchjack, wtigernz, wupndown.

If you have already downloaded any of these games from Divemaster's Google drive, you do not need to download them again here. You can simply download this file, which contains the updated LAY files for all of the above games, then use ClrMAMEpro to update your files. Also, many of these games need to be initialized is some way before the first time you run them in MAME. Again, Divemaster has you covered. Click here for a copy of starting NVRAM files for all of the games he currently has available, and extract to your \mame\nvram folder (this is for both the above games, and the ones we have not gotten to yet).

That is it for today. I am aware that there are additional Game and Watch games to add. Those will be in the next release, along with a bunch more new stuff.