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Webmasters please only link to these files

Link :- www.mameworld.info/highscore

Click To download the latest Hiscore.dat. Only works with official mame now.

Note :- this hiscore.dat will only work with mame versions From mame v0174 onwards (may 25th 2016 onwards).

Click to download mame version v0.133u3 with hiscore support. Note :- you need this file and the hiscore.dat file above to save hiscores. Also thanks to MKCHAMP for making this build of mame possible.
Click To download the old format hiscore.dat (pre mame v0174)
Click To download mame64 148.u2 (with hiscore support)
Click To view the unsupported games list

To use the hiscore .dat file just unzip the contents of the zip file into your plugins/hiscore folder (which should be in your main mame folder eg. mame/plugins/hiscore ). Overwrite the old hiscore.dat file if there is one in there.



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