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May 06, 2016

 Flyer Fever Update

Berenstain Bears In Big Paw's Cave - Enter-Tech, Ltd. (1983) [Intrepid Marketing, King Features Syndicate, Moppet Video Series]
Dommy - Roller Tron Corporation (1983) [Licensed by Technos Japan]
Funny Mouse - Chuo L.H. Co., Ltd. (1982)
Looper - Orca Corporation (1982)
Pioneer Balloon - SNK (1982)
Scion - Sigma Enterprises (1984) [Licensed by Seibu Denshi]
Super Locomotive - Sega (1982)
Tugboat - Enter-Tech, Ltd. (1982) [Intrepid Marketing, Moppet Video Series, alt flyer]
Yellow Cab - Data East DECO (1984)
Zaviga - Data East DECO (1984)

Posted by Flyer Fever at 02:15 PM | Comments (4)

May 05, 2016

 GameInit.dat 0.173

Online the new updated version of GameInit.dat 0.173.
Download here: http://www.progettosnaps.net/gameinit/

* 0.09 0.173 05/05/2016: 24 new entries added.

Posted by AntoPISA at 10:40 PM | Comments (0)

 DU: Cinco De Buggy Pit Fight

When are bugs good? I would argue that in some ridiculous fighting games litte bugs could add charm like Tattoo Assassins and Pit Fighter. We just got the oldest version of Pit Fighter found so far - Rev 2. We have most of the revisions in MAME already through Rev 9. If you find stupid bugs after it's added to MAME, let us know. Thanks to R. Coltrane, Lord Nightmare and Sean Sutton. I scanned the marquee and stickers as well.

download scans

Posted by Smitdogg at 08:02 PM | Comments (2)

May 04, 2016

 DU News: May The Fourth Be With You

Rockman dumped Mercenario, a Spanish bootleg of Commando. caius dumped a German version of Street Fight. ShouTime dumped UFO Robo Dangar (Japan). Niko sent us a dump of Battle Fantasia (Taito TypeX2).


Posted by Smitdogg at 08:03 PM | Comments (5)

May 02, 2016

 Emu Loader v8.1.2 Released

Fixes, fixes, fixes. Software lists bug this time.
Thanks JayLinx for the bug report.

Go to http://emuloader.mameworld.info for more info.

Posted by CiroConsentino at 04:40 PM | Comments (0)

 Series.ini 0.173

A new version (for MAME Arcade 0.173) available here: pS Series.ini Page.

Whatsnews 0.173 (27.04.2016):
* Entries RENAMED: (dsaber) to (dsabera), (majest12) to (majest12j) and (wangmd2b) to (wangmid2).
* Entries REMOVED: (tv1943), (tvaburn), (tvbomber), (tvdrgnst), (tvopwolf), (tvpaclnd), (tvpdrift), (tvraiden), (tvrs2), (tvrtype2), (tvshnobi), (tvslmndr), (tvsson2), (tvtcrst2) and (tvxvious).
* Series ADDED: -
* Series UPDATED: Beast Busters, DonPachi, ESP Ra.De., Galaxian, Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi, Major Title, Mortal Kombat, Operation Wolf, Print Club, Raiden, Space Invaders and Wonder Boy.


Posted by AntoPISA at 01:21 PM | Comments (0)

 Progetto-SNAPS INI Files 0.173 Update

Online here: http://www.progettosnaps.net/renameset/
the updated version of:

- category.ini
- screenless.ini
- version.ini

here: http://www.progettosnaps.net/languages/

- languages.ini

and here: http://www.progettosnaps.net/series/

- series.ini

Posted by AntoPISA at 12:18 PM | Comments (3)

 Languages.ini 0.173

Ready and online the new version (0.56 for MAME 0.173) available here: pS Languages.ini Page.

* 2016/05/01 0.56: Added 0.173 sets.


Posted by AntoPISA at 11:09 AM | Comments (0)

May 01, 2016

 MAME WIP: We're JAMming

you probably have already heard about MAME support for 10 players in Saturn Bomberman, but you hardly know about the fix I've been searching for ages about NBA Jam records saving on the MegaDrive/Genesis drivers


soon ready to be played correctly in MAME

Posted by etabeta at 05:57 PM | Comments (6)

 DU News May 1, 2016

rtw dumped King of Fighters Sky Stage. Corrado Tomaselli dumped an original Gigas board. Fabrice Arzeno dumped Extermination (US Romstar version).


Posted by Smitdogg at 05:54 PM | Comments (1)

 DU News April 29, 2016


Posted by Smitdogg at 01:05 AM | Comments (11)

 DU Secret File #2 - Chiprefs

Collection of romref/promref/soundref, useful for dumpers


Posted by Smitdogg at 01:04 AM | Comments (0)

 DU Secret File #1 - How To Handle Surface Mount Roms


Posted by Smitdogg at 01:02 AM | Comments (0)

April 30, 2016

 Galaxian3 'Project Dragoon' LD Footage

Just uploaded the Galaxian3 "Project Dragoon" native laserdisc arcade footage, reassembled left + right pictures.
So if some dev guys plan to work on the emulation, I'll gladly provide raw footage / better quality without watermarks =)
For now, it's here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fecUoBnABB0

Also available here now : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x47yvfo

Posted by DarthNuno at 04:41 PM | Comments (10)

 Capcom CPS2 Announcement


Posted by Eduardo Cruz at 15:00 - 30th April 2016

Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce a very important milestone in arcade conservation, the successful reverse engineering of Capcom's CPS2 security programming. A major development giving full hardware control of this popular platform over to the community, and helping preservation by enabling the clean desuicide and restoration of any dead games without hardware modifications.

This achievement has been made possible thanks to the help, support and collaboration of many dedicated individuals who just like you have an altruistic passion about arcade games, their hardware, history and legacy. All the discoveries and results generated by this project will be soon shared publicly, free of charge.

Over the coming days the project will see a limited release to selected testers to help ensure maturity before the public disclosure happens.

Stay tuned to further details.

The ArcadeHacker project

CPS2 project credit goes to: Artemio Urbina, Ian Court and Eduardo Cruz, with the key collaboration of Digshadow, Ougun, Brizzo, Rockman, Tayoken, and the valuable donations by Juan Felix, Alberto Fuentes, Alex Cmaylo, Bill de Leo, Alexander Schütz, François Lefebvre, Tormod Tjaberg, Felix Vazquez and Pau Oliva.

Posted by grog at 03:24 PM | Comments (2)

April 29, 2016

 Emu Loader v8.1.1 Released

Systems other than MAME and HBMAME were not showing up in the games list.
go to http://emuloader.mameworld.info for more.

Posted by CiroConsentino at 07:52 PM | Comments (4)

 New MAME 0.173 Games Video

Hi all, I've been uploading videos for every new version showing the new working (original) games added to MAME.

Here's for 0.173:

Posted by DarkMoe at 07:20 PM | Comments (2)

 Catver Ini 0.173 Released

and to prove that we are really back in business with our good old official catver here we are, announcing the new release of catver INIs



Posted by etabeta at 10:59 AM | Comments (1)

 Arbee: What's New For Apple II?


Posted by B2K24 at 08:15 AM | Comments (2)

April 28, 2016

 RenameSET.dat 0.173

It's ready the new progetto-SNAPS renameSET.dat 0.173 for MAME.

* 3.57 2016/04/28: Added 0.173 infos, update 'allMAMErenamed.txt', 'allMAMEremoved.txt', 'renameSET.ini' and 'addMAME'.
* 3.56 2016/04/25: Added real numbers of all MAME releases. Fixed others more information in 0.57, 0.59, 0.69, 0.76u1, 0.79u1, 0.89, 0.94u3, 0.123u1, 0.131u3 and 0.133u1 versions.
* 3.55 2016/04/16: Fixed some information in 0.169, 0.165, 0.162, 0.146u4, 0.144u2, 0.141u3, 0.141u2, 0.125u7, 0.105u5, 0.103u5, 0.79u4, 0.71u2, 0.65, 0.037b13, 0.036rc1, 0.035b12 and 0.034b1 versions (thanks to motoschifo for 'ADB Tool'). Added file 'allMAMEremoved.txt'.


Posted by AntoPISA at 11:53 PM | Comments (1)

 Play Online Fruit Machines and UK Style Pub Slots!

You can now play online fruit machines and UK style pub slots online. These fruit machines are available at selected UK casinos.

Posted by josh01 at 12:00 PM | Comments (0)

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