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May 23, 2015

 Progetto-SNAPS 0.161 Update Part 1 of 2 (MAME)

Ready the first 0.161 update of "progetto-SNAPS". Part 1 of 2 (MAME):

349 snaps plus 194 pictures, pdf and icons, downloadable here:

Snapshots: progetto-SNAPS Snapshots
Cabinets: progetto-SNAPS Cabinets
Control Panels: progetto-SNAPS Cabinets
Flyers: progetto-SNAPS Flyers
Icons (Extended Unofficial): progetto-SNAPS Icons Unofficial Page
Manuals: progetto-SNAPS Manuals
Marquees: progetto-SNAPS Marquees
PCB: progetto-SNAPS PCB

Here's the summary (10 packs, 10.2Mb):
Artwork Preview: 25 new (tot. 1,950 png) UPDATE PACK 1 pack, 2.54Mb
Bosses: 15 new (tot. 1,070 png) UPDATE PACK 1 pack, 512Kb
GameOver: 30 new (tot. 5,710 png) UPDATE PACK 1 pack, 429Kb
HowTo: 10 new (tot. 1,375 png) UPDATE PACK 1 pack, 242Kb
Logo: 25 new (tot. 1,375 png) UPDATE PACK 1 pack, 102Kb
Scores: 25 new (tot. 6,095 png) UPDATE PACK 1 pack, 450Kb
Select: 20 new (tot. 3,645 png) UPDATE PACK 1 pack, 428Kb
Snap: 95 new & 3 upd (tot. 31,001 png) UPDATE PACK 1 pack, 2.84Mb
Titles: 95 new & 1 upd (tot. 31,001 png) UPDATE PACK 1 pack, 2.64Mb
Versus: 5 new (tot. 990 png) UPDATE PACK 1 pack, 126Kb
Other resources (8 packs, 133Mb):
Cabinets: 10 new (tot. 3,360 png) UPDATE PACK 1 pack, 8.12Mb
Control Panels: 10 new (tot. 2,225 png) UPDATE PACK 1 pack, 1.25Mb
Flyers: 10 new & 3 upd (tot. 4,195 png) UPDATE PACK 1 pack, 27.8Mb
Icons Extended*: 61 new & 70 upd (tot. 24,946 ico) UPDATE PACK 1 pack, 808Kb
Manuals: 10 new (tot. 1,855 pdf) UPDATE PACKs 4 packs, 74.0Mb
Marquees: 10 new (tot. 2,820 png) UPDATE PACK 1 pack, 2.19Mb
PCB: 10 new (tot. 2,350 png) UPDATE PACK 1 pack, 19.4Mb

*: These icons are new! We need to expand the collection of MAMu_ with icons of working sets added in later versions. For these my biggest thanks goes to Janez for his indispensable help.

Have also been updated:
- The MAMEUI page: progetto-SNAPS MAMEUI Museum
- The MAME-Plus page: progetto-SNAPS MAME+ Museum
- renameSET.dat 0.161: progetto-SNAPS renameSET.dat (MAME/MESS)
- languages.ini 0.161: progetto-SNAPS languages.ini
- series.ini 0.161: progetto-SNAPS series.ini
- version.ini 0.161: progetto-SNAPS version.ini

If you want to support my work, you can make small donations via PayPal.

Posted by AntoPISA at 10:24 PM | Comments (1)

May 16, 2015

 MAME Changing Its License?

Why am I reading about this first on Slashdot instead of here?


Posted by Comboman at 06:36 PM | Comments (77)

May 12, 2015

 Supermodel 0.3 WIP SVN Revision 272 (Vs299 Works)

Edit from Smitdogg: Only use the Mega download link

Supermodel 0.3 WIP SVN revision 272

A more comprehensive Changelog:

Changes are (I'd call this revisión Vs2 COMPLETE hehe).
-Every Vs299 versions now work and are fully playable:
*Vs299, Vs299a, Vs299b and Vs2v991 no longer stuck when the first match is about to begin, so now they are fully playable. (Applied same security as Vs298).
-Vs29815 now boots and works (no longer black screen though some flickering). (Applied same patch as Vs215).
-Added Vs215o (Virtua Striker 2 Step 1.5 older), an earliest set already in MAME, maybe the original (first) version.


Posted by ShengLong at 10:48 PM | Comments (11)

May 11, 2015

 Catlist 0.161

Catlist are updated to 0.161 !


Posted by Scuore at 06:18 PM | Comments (7)

 Hyperspin Released For Android

Hyperspin for Android is available on Google Play -- https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...dcade.hyperspin

Demo video -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Lm6-7C3fBA

Hyperspin works with existing themes and data directly from the Hyperspin community. It launches both Android games and Android emulators.

LIMITED ANDROID DEVICE SUPPORT -- currently limited to Android 4.4+ and devices with NVIDIA OpenGL drivers.

Support files, tutorials, and other information can be found at http://hyperspin-fe.com/

Posted by gwedige at 07:03 AM | Comments (1)

May 09, 2015

 MAME Now Includes MESS By Default

Starting from this git commit by Micko, MAME now officially includes MESS by default!


MAME now represent full build,
for building MESS drivers only use
make SUBTARGET=mess
for building only Arcades drivers only use:
make SUBTARGET=arcade
[Miodrag Milanovic]

I Love happy marriages like this

Also congrats go to Haze for the UME project -- most of the file folders saying "ume" were simply renamed to "mame".

For historians:
Haze publicly posited -- and built a working example of -- the idea of "Ultimate MAME" back in November 2011, which then became UME - the Universal Machine Emulator in April 2012, and UME was added to the official MAME source back in May 2012.

Congratulations again to all for this major milestone in MAME!

Posted by The tECHIDNA at 09:20 PM | Comments (52)

 Haze: Post Release Progress


Pretty pictures from Haze.


Posted by anoid at 04:39 AM | Comments (11)

May 08, 2015

 New HBMAME+MisfitMAME Repository

On my site (with the help of Robbbert) it is now online a new page that contains older versions of HBMAME and his predecessor MisfitMAME; if you find a bug or if you have not this material, please let here.

Link: http://www.progettosnaps.net/hbmame/

In future on this page you will find the mirror of next releases of Robbbert.

Posted by AntoPISA at 12:12 PM | Comments (4)

May 06, 2015

 MAMEUIFX 0.161.1

MAMEUIFX 0.161.1 released.

Updated to MAME 0.161

* Changelog from 0.161:

- Added support for Metal Slug 2 Turbo
- Updated to latest Jezze HLSL source code


Posted by MAMEsick at 08:09 PM | Comments (1)

May 03, 2015

 HBMAME 0.161


What's new in HBMAME

2015-05-03 r37536

Thanks to various sources of information:
Smitdogg, MAMEsick.

- Converted to MAME's Genie compiling system
- Fixed Charles Doty's Dec0 Chaos Demo.
- [pacmanp] (Fix for level 256 kill screen) - modified to include Pinky and Inky AI fixes [Don Hodges, Krick]
- UI build: various fixes and adjustments.

New Games
- [ketarr17] Ketsui Arrange 1.7 [by trap15]
- [mslug2t] Metal Slug 2 Turbo [by trap15]
- [pcmademo] Neogeo ADPCM-A Playback demo [by freem]

All bug reports, requests, compile issues, go here

Posted by Robbbert at 07:46 AM | Comments (3)

May 02, 2015

 MESSinfo 0.161

Update for 0.161 version, this is the web page for download: progetto-SNAPS MESSINFO.DAT.

Clean version with no additional files, can be found here: progetto-SNAPS Naked MESSINFO.DAT.

* 9.10 02/05/2015: Aligned files to 0.161 version. Updated this files: 'sourcechanges.txt', 'changelog.txt', 'alltimesMESS.txt', 'Drivers SVN...txt', 'supportedMEDIA.txt' and 'Index of Devices'. Updated the SVN until April 29, 2015 (r37458).
* 9.09 26/04/2015: Added many authors (83% right).
* 9.08 24/04/2015: Updated the SVN until April 24, 2015 (r37364).

Posted by AntoPISA at 11:54 PM | Comments (0)

May 01, 2015

 Series.ini 0.161

A new version (for MAME 0.160) available here: pS Series.ini Page.

Entries RENAMED: (area51t) to (area51ta), (fghthistua) to (fghthistub), (fghthistu) to (fghthistua), (pepp0542) to (pepp0542a), (rdftj) to (rdftja), (rdft) to (rdftj), (rdft2a2) to (rdft2aa), (rdft2j2) to (rdft2ja), (robocop2u) to (robocop2ua).
Series ADDED: Chuugokuryuu, Dinosaur King, Zoids.
Series UPDATED: Area 51, Berzerk, Breakout, Champion Baseball, DonPachi, Double Dragon, Fighter's History, Player's Edge, Raiden, RoboCop, Taiko no Tatsujin.


Posted by AntoPISA at 09:07 PM | Comments (0)

 Languages.ini 0.161

Ready the new version (0.43 for MAME 0.161) available here: pS Languages.ini Page.

* 0.43 0.161 01/05/2015: Added 0.161 sets and 15 renames.


Posted by AntoPISA at 07:46 PM | Comments (0)

 Flyer Fever Update

New flyers
Bijokko Yume Monogatari - Nichibutsu (1987) [alternate flyer]
House Mannequin Roppongi Live hen - Nichibutsu (1987)
Mahjong Night - Nichibutsu (1983) [Royal Denshi license]
Night Gal - Nichibutsu (1983)
Night Gal - Nichibutsu (1983) [alternate flyer]
Jantotsu - Sanritsu Denki (1983) [Kiwako license]
Mr. Jong - Sanritsu Denki (1983) [Kiwako license]
Nekketsu Mahjong Sengen! After 5 - Video System (1991)
Mahjong Senka - Visco Corporation (1986)
Telejan - Data East (1980) [This is the prequel to DS Telejan by Data East (1981)]

May 2015 Update

Upgraded flyers
Tokyo MIE Shinryoujo - Data East (1984)
Sel Feena - East Technology (1991)
Hacha Mecha Fighter - NMK (1991)

April 2015 Update 2

Posted by Flyer Fever at 03:05 PM | Comments (11)

April 30, 2015

 Category.ini And Version.ini 0.161

Available the packages containing the files:

- Version.ini (for MAME and MESS)
- Category.ini (for MESS)

aligned to the 0.161 version.

You can download inside the new renameSET.dat package, or separately at the same link.

Posted by AntoPISA at 07:03 PM | Comments (2)

 RenameSET.dat 0.161

Ready the new progetto-SNAPS renameSET.dat 0.161 for MAME and MESS.

* 3.38 2015/04/29: Added 0.161, update 'allMAMErenames.txt', 'renameSET.ini', 'addMAME' and 'addMESS', 'version.ini' and 'category.ini'.


Posted by AntoPISA at 07:02 PM | Comments (0)

April 29, 2015

 MEWUI 1.61 Released

MEWUI 1.61 (MAME / MESS / UME 0.161) released!


-= Release Notes =-

1.61 - 29.04.2015

- Added "Years - Publishers - Partial Supported" filters in softwares list.
- Fixed missing icons rendering in some circumstance.
- Many code fixes and optimizations.
- Updated to MAME / MESS / UME 0.161.


Posted by dankan1890 at 11:12 PM | Comments (0)

 NPlayers 0.161

NPlayers and NPlayers32 for MAME 0.161 are available here: http://nplayers.arcadebelgium.be/


Posted by Nomax at 10:17 PM | Comments (0)


MAMEUIFX 0.161 released

Updated to MAME 0.161

* Changelog from 0.160.1:

- Added ability to setup 3 different GLSL shaders directly from the Interface
- Added support for Jezze HLSL shaders and source code fixes
- Added support for CRT Geom GLSL shaders (u-man, Retroarch Forum)
- Added support for Ketsui Arrange 1.7
- Completely changed the layout of "About" and other Interface Dialogs
- M1FX 10.0 released: see the Forum for the full list of changes



Posted by MAMEsick at 07:05 PM | Comments (3)

 MAMEUI64 .161 And Snaps/Icons Released


Posted by John IV at 06:18 PM | Comments (24)

 Play Online Fruit Machines and UK Style Pub Slots!

You can now play online fruit machines and UK style pub slots online. These fruit machines are available at selected UK casinos.

Posted by josh01 at 12:00 PM | Comments (0)

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